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  1. Ah, that's great then. That will help substantially.
  2. I might've missed something in the localization posts. Has anything been mentioned about whether or not the game's strings will be available in files in the game directory? For instance, many games, to handle localization, just include one file for each language listing a bunch of game string IDs, with the translations set in next to them. This framework lets people very easily make their own translations, which could later be included in the game. If it's just hardcoded, that's...unfortunate.
  3. Yeah, exactly this. Making an announcement saying "Important announcement on March 2!" a week in advance gives people an impression of something more substantial than an update we already knew was happening, and a contest... I want to get off Mr Bones' wild ride
  4. Perhaps it's linguistics. Ker = "that", bol = "stupid bright annoying thing that hurts to look at", bal = "individual", bin = "large expanse of dirt". Or whatever. (I do not endorse any K-names beyond "Kerbin" "Kerbal" "Kerman" and, begrudgingly, "Kerbol". All others deserve fire)
  5. "We Were The First"

    This has nothing to do with That, and also see this
  6. "We Were The First"

    Nah. That's why It's in fanworks.
  7. "We Were The First"

    Just messing around. If you don't know what the Duna Signal is, this is probably a spoiler...
  8. KSP Weekly: From publisher to a comet's name

    Or, in more formal designation 1P/Kerman 2P/Kerman 3P/Kerman 4P/Kerman 5P/Kerman...
  9. SSTV Signal Pyramid in the Duna (THEORY)

    "Scrapped" gives the implication that it was begun - the Duna SSTV doesn't really count as a beginning because that was put in before the idea of connecting things existed in any meaningful way. That writeup was practically spur of the moment when it was posted. It was the first summary of a lot of vague ideas I had had floating around in my head at the time.
  10. SSTV Signal Pyramid in the Duna (THEORY)

    Oh hell, not that stupid pastebin thing again... as for the secret of the Duna SSTV... I wish I could find my original untarnished copy of the signal/source image, although I don't know how okay it would be to release it...
  11. KSP Weekly: From publisher to a comet's name

    [flips table and storms off]
  12. KSP Weekly: From publisher to a comet's name

    Anything but that name.
  13. Making a rocket to beat all other rockets

    Stop confusing KSP and real life.
  14. Science fiction authors of the KSP forums, UNITE!

    Maybe someday I'll finish one of the stories I'm working on. There are a solid dozen ideas in the same universe, and the furthest along is at T+ 1 year but only 15,700 words...
  15. Otherwordly Fanart: Beuty!

    Hrm. Can you really count screenshots of the game as fanart?