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  1. NovaSilisko

    What does this wiki line mean?

    Ah it was just placeholder names for bodies, before the final ones were decided collectively across the team.
  2. False - it was intended for one of Kerbin's lagrange points - L4 or L5. Its texture later evolved into Tylo (old Tylo - the current one no longer has such a lineage)
  3. Please don't start some sort of crusade... One should always consider the phenomenon of convergent evolution - completely independent arrivals at the same basic solution for the same problem. It is, however, very disingenuous of the author to have labelled the videos as KSP. That's something to get a mild bap on the head for. And it definitely is arguable that it's taking a bit too much inspiration in certain places - the UI, etc. But calling it "reskinned" is patently absurd. You don't just "reskin" a Unity game. Even with KSP's mod system it would involve vast amounts of custom code loaded in via the plugin system to effectively delete the base game, massive amounts of custom parts, etc, by which point you might as well be making your own game already. Faking everything, in part using KSP, to give the appearance of a more complete game than is there, is equally absurd, especially because actual downloads are being offered by the author upon request for an invite, and a charade like that would be broken the moment the first tester ran the game. And in my own opinion, if a game comes along and does what KSP tries to do, but better, then it deserves recognition. Time will tell how this turns out. I would hope for the author's sake that there isn't any funny business going on. Oh, and lastly, to everyone calling it ugly - this is what KSP looked like a few years ago: Edit: Lastly pt. 2: DoctorDavinci, maybe you shouldn't flaunt your screenshots that plainly show your torrent site bookmarks
  4. Ah, that's great then. That will help substantially.
  5. I might've missed something in the localization posts. Has anything been mentioned about whether or not the game's strings will be available in files in the game directory? For instance, many games, to handle localization, just include one file for each language listing a bunch of game string IDs, with the translations set in next to them. This framework lets people very easily make their own translations, which could later be included in the game. If it's just hardcoded, that's...unfortunate.
  6. Yeah, exactly this. Making an announcement saying "Important announcement on March 2!" a week in advance gives people an impression of something more substantial than an update we already knew was happening, and a contest... I want to get off Mr Bones' wild ride
  7. Perhaps it's linguistics. Ker = "that", bol = "stupid bright annoying thing that hurts to look at", bal = "individual", bin = "large expanse of dirt". Or whatever. (I do not endorse any K-names beyond "Kerbin" "Kerbal" "Kerman" and, begrudgingly, "Kerbol". All others deserve fire)
  8. NovaSilisko

    "We Were The First"

    This has nothing to do with That, and also see this
  9. NovaSilisko

    "We Were The First"

    Nah. That's why It's in fanworks.
  10. NovaSilisko

    "We Were The First"

    Just messing around. If you don't know what the Duna Signal is, this is probably a spoiler...
  11. NovaSilisko

    KSP Weekly: From publisher to a comet's name

    Or, in more formal designation 1P/Kerman 2P/Kerman 3P/Kerman 4P/Kerman 5P/Kerman...
  12. NovaSilisko

    SSTV Signal Pyramid in the Duna (THEORY)

    "Scrapped" gives the implication that it was begun - the Duna SSTV doesn't really count as a beginning because that was put in before the idea of connecting things existed in any meaningful way. That writeup was practically spur of the moment when it was posted. It was the first summary of a lot of vague ideas I had had floating around in my head at the time.
  13. NovaSilisko

    SSTV Signal Pyramid in the Duna (THEORY)

    Oh hell, not that stupid pastebin thing again... as for the secret of the Duna SSTV... I wish I could find my original untarnished copy of the signal/source image, although I don't know how okay it would be to release it...
  14. NovaSilisko

    KSP Weekly: From publisher to a comet's name

    [flips table and storms off]
  15. NovaSilisko

    KSP Weekly: From publisher to a comet's name

    Anything but that name.