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  1. Hey hi it's not dead but not active. As Mad Rocket Scientist pointed out I'm working on a different space game right now, although I definitely want to get back to SotS someday. I've learned so very much working on other things since I last touched SotS, and have had a long time to think about what I want it to be, and I think I will be able to make it a far better game that it could ever have been before.
  2. Oh yeah, I forgot to opine directly on the model. Look at me - being on the internet and not lobbing my opinions everywhere. Anyway, I think it looks alright. I don't mind it being two nozzle (I would support a rename to the Twin Poodle perhaps), although I agree that because it IS two-nozzle it should bring roll control. A lot of traditionally laid out rockets with, say, liquid boosters and gimballed engines on them naturally have roll control on the first stage, then you get to the second stage and rolling becomes very difficult unless you've packed in powerful RCS or reaction wheels. S
  3. Oh yeah, I didn't mean change the yellow color. The yellow is fine - darkening the trefoil by making it either black or dark yellow, surrounded by the original light yellow, is what I meant
  4. It actually wasn't, originally. I'm fairly sure it used to just be "Rockomax Poodle" or somesuch
  5. No it wasn't. It was based off a simplified diagram I had found of rocket engine operation - for some reason, they had drawn it as a huge spherical combustion chamber with a small nozzle attached, and I found it endearing, and the poodle ended up based on it. I don't remember specifically what the idea for the internals was at the time (there was not a lot of rocket science knowledge to go around on the team back then, so there probably wasn't much of an idea), but at least now I picture the internals being like the cross section GregroxMun showed, with the bell hidden inside a
  6. Ooh... I really love it. [insert official seal of approval sticker] My ONLY complaint would be the trefoil on the NTR - grey on yellow just isn't a very nice look IMO. It goes... mushy, at even moderate distances; there's not enough contrast to make it distinguishable. Either black ,or perhaps a darker yellow would be best.
  7. Ah it was just placeholder names for bodies, before the final ones were decided collectively across the team.
  8. False - it was intended for one of Kerbin's lagrange points - L4 or L5. Its texture later evolved into Tylo (old Tylo - the current one no longer has such a lineage)
  9. Please don't start some sort of crusade... One should always consider the phenomenon of convergent evolution - completely independent arrivals at the same basic solution for the same problem. It is, however, very disingenuous of the author to have labelled the videos as KSP. That's something to get a mild bap on the head for. And it definitely is arguable that it's taking a bit too much inspiration in certain places - the UI, etc. But calling it "reskinned" is patently absurd. You don't just "reskin" a Unity game. Even with KSP's mod system it would involve vast amounts of custom code loa
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