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  1. Heart, human or otherwise, is not designed for any particular function or mode of operation. Evolution does not work with a goal in mind. It just happens, and if it works better than the previous version, it tends to stick around.
  2. If you have torchip tech, you don't need heatshield. Just slow down until your structure can take it.
  3. Isn't 301 stainless non magnetic?
  4. 1U cubesat!* *May violate mass guidelines. Four years to build the big yeeter? Good luck, I suppose.
  5. Oh, I parsed "text" as "sequence of written letters as opposed to voice", and not "SMS". In that case, apparently you can send SMS through email: https://www.digitaltrends.com/mobile/how-to-send-a-text-from-your-email-account/ So the above would still do the job, it would only be a matter of inputting their phone numbers instead of email address. I'm not in USofA, so can't test.
  6. So we just need to send an atmospheric probe to the nearest exoplanet and calibrate the models. They should get on to it, if they want to reach the destination before Webb runs out of propellant. /jk, ofc On a serious note, I find it mind boggling that they manage to capture any data whatsoever regarding atmosphere on planets so far away.
  7. At work we have [email protected] address that forwards the email to everybody in the list (BCC to hide individual addresses). Perhaps something along those lines?
  8. Yeah, I'm gonna say you don't really understand what energy density means. What's with the engine melting fixation? Magnets are, despite what some may say, in fact, not magic.
  9. Are we talking about lifting gas or actual fuel? Why would the answer be any different than for any other aircraft? Jet A-1.
  10. Orbital period at Earth surface is about one and a half hours. You can safely ignore it.
  11. Such a planet can not form naturally, so your handwavium shell would need to be built before the spin up. In any case, if you match your spacecraft speed so it's zero relative to the surface, and fly on a tangential path with periapsis at the height of the docking port, you're good to go. Then again, a civilization that can shrink wrap a planet in unobtanium and spin it up, probably won't have much trouble just brute forcing the approach. For the curious visitors who don't have such capability, landing on the poles would be much easier.
  12. A Mars cycler could be significantly bigger than bare bones, simce you only need to push it once. Once it's cycling you shuttle people and cargo on minimal crafts, but the cycler itself could be massive.
  13. Science, recreation, communication (directional antennas), and, of course, docking.
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