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  1. Tesla (Renamed)(Tesla semi/Roadster)

    Emergency as in case you get stuck in the wilderness? It would be cheaper to call for help and get towed than to wait for a few weeks to get enough energy drive for a few hours. There is is huge battery under the bonnet. Other than the main power train, there is no energy consumer worth mentioning. All the lights, heating and AC don't even compare to the energy requirements of driving. If you're stuck on a closed road due to snow and run your heater to stay warm, you are spending some 500 W or perhaps 1000 W (that would make the cabin quite toasty quickly, I'd say). But compare that to driving that takes about 300 000 W on average. You can run your heater for 25 days and consume as much energy as one hour worth of driving. Now, compare that to the expense of hauling an extra half a ton of solar panels every day (and having your maximum cargo mass being lower by that amount).
  2. Tesla (Renamed)(Tesla semi/Roadster)

    Without going into too much legalese and localization, with maximum truck length of roughly 18 meters and width of 2,6 m, we get to the roof area of about 45 square meters. With maximum power production of solar panels of around 200 W/m^2, we can expect no more than 9 kW in perfect conditions. Compared to engines of several hundred kW we usually find in semi trucks, we can safely conclude that this would be rather pointless.
  3. Underwater weapons

    Probably worth mentioning are the supercavitating torpedoes (basically underwater rockets).
  4. What funny/interesting thing happened in your life today?

    I don't remember ever cleaning the mirror on my camera, probably because it doesn't matter if it's spotless. Unless it's a fairly large speck stuck on the mirror, it's not visible since it's not focused, and even if it is visible through the viewfinder, it's not visible in the final image. I did clean the focusing screen, though. That's another very delicate device, that is hard to clean, but easy to catch dirt. As long as you're in good company....
  5. Orbital velocity

    Sure, it's just a matter of finding the right thrust vector.
  6. Electric Airplanes, contra-rotating propellers

    As with any other electric mode of transportation, except trains, the stumbling block is still the battery. Even in applications where mass of the battery pack is of secondary importance, such as cars, the manufacturers are struggling to reach a meaningful autonomy, with customers needing to live with the need to remember to charge their car every night so they can get to work tomorrow. I have no idea how this system could possibly work on an airliner that needs to be in air as much as possible to be profitable, and not sitting on tarmac for hours waiting to be recharged for the next flight. "Good afternoon, this is your Captain speaking with just a little bit of information. On your left we can see the servicemen just plugging in the charging cable, which means that we should be on our way rather soonish; an hour or two perhaps. If you could please refrain from using the onboard outlets for charging your own mobile devices, it would speed up the whole process. Thank you for waiting with Spark Airlines." This is not happening without a revolution in battery tech.
  7. Star Wars - Machete Order - Where Does Rogue One Fit In?

    Exactly! They are sitting in their huge skyscraper, have a galaxy wide influence, a huge academy, a licence to kill and saying "Move along, Jedi business." is enough to clear out the room; and they want a balance with their arch enemies that are (in the Episode 1) relegated to the history books and stories for scaring kids with. Last thing I would want is balance.
  8. Star Wars - Machete Order - Where Does Rogue One Fit In?

    Was that scene filmed and later decided to be cut out of the final movie release? Ever since I've first seen SW, that was the balance I saw. Too many Jedi, not enough Sith, Anakin whoops some butt, equals out the playing field.
  9. Googling Moon Art

    I suppose there's a reason the proverb "Beauty is in the eye of beholder." exists. I find images you shared to be kitchy.
  10. Lovin' The Orville

    Minor spoiler from episode 6 (Krill) Loved that part.
  11. On an extremely serious note, do not remain silent!

    I guess I can think of only one situation I witnessed that could have gone somewhat south. I was with some friends at the night club and we were already leaving and standing outside when some guy that wasn't part of our group approached a girl from my class that got a bit separated and was alone at that moment some 15-20 meters away. She stood about 5 meters from the night club bouncer that just stood there by the entrance. The girl was retreating from the guy and clearly wasn't interested in whatever he was telling her, but he wasn't letting her go. I watched for about 5 seconds to make sure what the situation was and approached them. Asking the girl "Everything OK?" and standing close to her while watching the guy was enough for him to get lost. I guess being a head taller than him (or more) was intimidating. While I don't think he would have assaulted her, she clearly was uncomfortable. I still don't know why the bouncer didn't intervene when he had the entire situation going on in front of him and was not otherwise occupied. Thinking back to that moment, there are many aspects to it. First of all, I knew the girl and knew that the guy was not part of our group, so it was likely she didn't know him. If that was some random girl, would I have done the same? I don't know. In that case I wouldn't know if they knew each other, even though I could possibly have seen the girl wasn't interested. The bystander effect is a real thing.
  12. So, why did the gravitational wave come to Earth 2 seconds before the X-rays?
  13. SpaceX Discussion Thread

    The sparks were kind of unusual, weren't they? As for the grid fin glow, you have to take into account that cameras are not nearly as good as human eye when it comes to dynamic range (the ability to properly render both dark and light areas in a frame), so glowing grid fins and a pitch black background are hard to film properly (and realistically), especially when you use cameras with small sensors and then butcher and mangle the data to fit the bandwidth for live transmission. What I'm trying to say, the grid fins may not have been a whole lot hotter than the ones we saw glowing in broad daylight. What surprises me, though, is that they still are using aluminium ones. Didn't they say they were going to replace them all for titanium? Am I remembering something that did not happen?
  14. Is it considered a clickbait if they deliver?
  15. Well, there's your problem! Switch to metric and that pretty A4 stuff. All your problems will go away and you may even find cure for cancer.