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  1. I got back to playing KSP and, boy have I been gone long. So, it's still an early game and I go on my first Mun mission. Of course, I'm about 500 m/s of dv short to return and end up getting stuck Jeb and Bob in high Kerbin orbit. I quickly mount a rescue op with Valentina and Bill meeting them up there. I want to save all that precious science so I try to push the first rocket back to Kerbin, but without the grabber it's not easy. Plus I realize that I don't have enough dv to deorbit both vessels. Now I have two crews stuck there (well, I could deorbit Valentina and Bill, but they had their chance and blew it) and no pilots back home. There is only Erwlin who is a stray scientist I rescued from LKO. No piloting skills. Anyway, I whisk up a new ship with the reentry module and to fetch Jeb and Bob. I realize I can take the science from the goo and thermometers, so I don't really need the ship. Great! I rendezvous, transfer science and crew, fire retrograde to aerobrake at about 45 km. Mid aerobrake I realize I don't have any parachutes. Turn around and fire prograde to reestablish orbit. Manage to do it with not much fuel to spare. Now Valentina and Bill need to go back because Jeb, Bob and Erwlin are stuck in LKO, right? No. I'm still mad at them. I build another rocket, with reentry ball and a probe core and fetch the trio. All in all, 510 science got back. That should give me some new toys to go back to Mun and Minmuns and bring more, but boy did it turn out to be overcomplicated. Oh, I need to build a comnet as well.
  2. Servo needs a bit more than an on/off switch to be of any use. Why don't you read the documentation? It will tell you what it can do. What it can not do is directly connect with a motor. There has to be some sort of driver that will translate serial protocol to something that the motor can understand. It all depends on what kind of motor you have in mind. Hobby servo motors for RC planes and cars usually use pulse phase modulation. There are some that can accept pulse width modulation (which may look and sound similar but is not). Industrial servos could use a variety of protocols. For example, the ones I used in one of my projects could be controlled by a PC via USB, or with quite a few methods using several pins on the built in interface. Since I was replacing some steppers, the easiest way was to use one pin for direction, and pulse another one for each step. Of course that relies on the driver, in this case it was built in, so the hard work was already done, I just had to make sure that the software keeps track of numbers. Of course, you can look for servos that have serial port. If you find some that are suitable for you, you're set. But all this brings us back to several months ago when I told you that you should really figure out what hardware you're going to use before you write the software. It's much easier to fit software to hardware than the other way around.
  3. PySerial is for comunication between two devices, so you can run some python on a pc and have arduino send some data to be processed by that python.
  4. Do you have a good reason why you want to send stuff between two devices?
  5. Arduino is certainly a way. It's designed to interface with and control physical objects. Also, there are some monstrously powerful Arduino compatible boards, capable of some heavy duty math. Finally, there are libraries for pretty much anything you can imagine.
  6. Python itself can not make a servo move, since it's software. You need some hardware capable of doing it. Have you decided on that? Once you decide on what hardware you'll run your stuff, you can start looking at what code and libraries to include.
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    If it makes bubbles, it's good enough.
  8. A drillpress is a very versatile tool. Everyone should have one.
  9. They did a free flight test. The rocket reached the height of 300 m and then landed back where it started. The flight lasted 50 seconds. Well done! Is it me or does it seem that the initial acceleration is rather low? The rocket also seems to hover for a long time before touching down.
  10. I was browsing ice cream section and I see some with "brown muffin" and "yellow muffin" flavor. What could those taste like? And don't say brown and yellow muffins. I settled for hazelnut and pistachio.
  11. While mine does not, I would not be particularly mad if it did. That being said, I have on occasion contemplated moving my bed to the workshop.
  12. I believe that in this situation you are legally required to talk like a pirate.
  13. Well, today didn't start of well. I washed something like $150 in my contact lenses down the drain, literally. I just got off the phone with my optician, and apparently I had them for 9 years, so I suppose it was time to replace them anyway. I just wish it was on my terms. I do have a backup pair, so I can still navigate the world around me.