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  1. FR4 isa pain in the butt to cut. It's very abrasive and will dull pretty much everything. I've found only a handful of viable solutions. My go to method is a tablesaw with carbide blade. It's fast and cuts clean. The blade does last for a while, but even with decent vacuum I have on the saw, it still kicks up some dust that can't possibly be healthy. Gotta die from something, might as well be pulmonary fibrosis. A dremel tool with diamond blade. Cuts slow and getting straight cuts is difficult (unless you have some freakishly steady hands; I know I don't). Not practical for bigger c
  2. As usual, xkcd has a word on the topic: https://what-if.xkcd.com/145/
  3. The red thing is supposed to be a part of a machine for soul sucking procedure in Babylon 5. Funnily enough, that thing actually is a sucking device, but how on Earth do prop masters jump from solder to soul? Do they have a huge warehouse of random junk and just pick whatever item?
  4. In desert climates where relative humidity of air is low, dew point can easily drop below freezing even without freezing air temperatures.
  5. Even if "a few hours at most" is ElonTimeTM it's still at least an order of magnitude faster than I'd expect. I keep getting amazed by their pace.
  6. Really interested in seeing how long it takes to swap out the engines and relight the candle. Any wagers?
  7. Jeesh, let them come inside the house. Anyway, I got a new job offer. Starting on Monday. I've spent more than quite a few years at my current job and I was getting a bit tired of it, changes in the work life, etc. Decided to pull the trigger and send out some CVs. Got an invitation for some talks over the last couple of months and finalized the deal yesterday.
  8. I'm no musician by any means, but I'd guess it's pretty much irrelevant what we think. You should read the crowd and play what they react to, so you'd probably be wise to scout out the location beforehand to see what type of patrons they get. I may be showing my prejudice here and stereotype a bit, but some of these songs I'd expect in Texas. Are Las Vegans (is that what you guys call yourselves?) county lovers? That being said, those are nice songs.
  9. Oh that sucks. Some sort of inflamation? Everybody, type on this side so Delay can't hear us.
  10. There is this awesome game you could try out where you can perform rendezvous with all sorts of different orbits. It simulates the "slow down to speed up" mechanics very well and is very intuitive in what maneuvers cause what changes in orbital parameters. It's called Kerbal Space Program, check it out, it's awesome.
  11. Some are smaller than others, but there are some fairly big species. Regardless, a large enough colony will eat you whole in matter of hours. That is unless they're into agriculture. In that case they'll use you as fertilizer for their mushroom gardens.
  12. 360 s sounds a bit high for steam rocket. In Earth orbit. In main belt they'll provide only about 10% of that.
  13. Update: They plan to test a truss building machine, which will build a 40% scale version of something (I seem to not be capable of following all their terminology). Anyway, it should be a football field sized ring. February is their goal. They haven't addressed the biggest problem I see - the lottery system of financing, but they did put a big emphasis on this being a USA thing, which is in contrast to their earlier dreams of worldwide lottery.
  14. Update: Unfortunately, the death toll is increasing. Seven are reported to have lost their lives, thousands injured. Humanitarian aid is being organized, people are offering their houses to accept the ones that lost their homes, food and temporary shelter is being delivered, people are queuing up and waiting in lines to donate blood. It is assumed that there are still people trapped in the collapsed buildings. Parts of the affected region are still without power. There were several quakes during the night, thankfully no additional damage (4.8 magnitude the strongest one).
  15. Another series of earthquakes shook us. Several foreshocks and a main (at least I hope it was the main event) of 6.4 magnitude brought quite severe damage in a nearby town Petrinja (about 50 km from my location). At least three fatalities are reported and multiple injuries. Structural damage in epicenter is severe and widespread. Dozens of aftershocks are recorded. Here in Zagreb, the damage is not as severe, but there is debris on the streets, public transportation is down, (some) hospitals are being evacuated. It's a mess. My house faired well with no obvious damage. I'm still waiting for my
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