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  1. Nice! That reminds me that I still have three Nashorns and a Tiger that I was planning on making a diorama out of. Too busy with building stuff for work, though.
  2. Shpaget

    For some reason, everybody wants my accounts

    That is NOT a proof that the emails were official. Spoofing (faking) the email sender is trivial. Check any link (hover over it and take a look at lower left corner, browsers usually display full link address there) in those emails to see if they lead to proper sites or not. If the links are not leading to proper sites and you used them to log in or change password, your accounts have been compromised.
  3. It's clear that aliens are shutting down our capabilities as a start for an invasion. After all, isn't the next end of the world about to happen? There are so many of them I keep losing track. Alternatively, IIRC Hubble is about 30, and Chandra almost 20 years old. Hardware breaks down. With so many observatories and space related hardware around, I'd be surprised if no coincidental timing was ever recorded.
  4. Shpaget

    Shower thoughts

    If it's big enough, you don't even need the binoculars and everybody can tell time. No more strangers stopping you on the street to ask you. Now we just need to iron out the details. What timezone will the clock show? Or do we launch one clock for each timezone and have them labeled for ease of usage.
  5. Shpaget

    Shower thoughts

    So... Who's going to Photoshop an "Action Fern! Made with real Devonian ferns!" collectible?
  6. Shpaget

    Shower thoughts

    As usual, xkcd to the rescue. Also, this:
  7. Shpaget

    Testing my knife

    Dull tools are more dangerous than sharp ones. When a tool is dull you use more force which leads to worse control and accidents. Of course, you don't need a straight razor to butter a toast, but in principle you want stuff that is supposed to be sharp to actually be sharp.
  8. It's a matter of whether you are paid or have to pay to be in the spaceship.
  9. Shpaget

    Will YOU be on the first BFR manned moon flyby ?

    Are we there yet?
  10. Shpaget

    Will YOU be on the first BFR manned moon flyby ?

    In a heartbeat. I too am reluctant to take on risky stuff, but not because I'm afraid of dieing. I'm afraid of ending up in a wheelchair. A mishap during a rocket launch, slamming into the surface of the Moon, or Earths atmosphere is not likely to end up with me in a wheelchair, so I'll start to pack my carry-on. When do we leave?
  11. Shpaget

    Boring company

    Does anybody know how these boring bricks are held together? I don't mean with each other, but one brick in itself. Do they mix in cement to bind the excavated material, or is it just pressed and formed? I saw the video of them being formed, but didn't see the material preparation. Do we have any test regarding durability of these bricks? If they don't use cement or some other binder, will they just melt away if soaked? Another concern I have is, since the bricks are made from excavated material, the bricks will not be consistent. The material will change as the TBM passes through various soil/rock types.
  12. Ugh. Do they really think that they could charge enough to make any difference? It costs about a hundred million $ to launch anything, what would a few tens of thousands actually do? On a similar note, I find it obnoxious when I see ads on business websites. I mean, I understand and can see justification when a news site, personal blog or similar has ads, but when a small (or worse, a big) specialized business slaps on ads on their site it just reeks cheap.
  13. Shpaget

    Video Editing

    I had quite a few stability issues with it when used it last time (about six months ago). It does appear to have had a few updates in the meantime. Save often.
  14. Shpaget

    Is this a cloud formation?

    Looks like the Wall at the south pole. Behind it is the edge of the world. If you try to get near the Wall, black helicopters scoop you up.
  15. Shpaget

    Video Editing

    Have you tried playing with different formats and codecs? Try rendering into something lossless and then pull it through HandBrake.