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  1. Shpaget

    Supersonic reusable microsat LV

    But why even go supersonic? Benefit from reduced dv for rocket stage is not significant, but there is a whole list of issues that is attached to supersonic flight. Separation, as mentioned by magnemoe (hey dude, how do you pronounce that?) Design limitations (shape, materials, engine) Operational limitations (flying supersonic above populated areas is frowned upon. People tend to complain) Three hour turnaround? I'm sure ATC will be delighted to clear the skies for you every couple of hours.
  2. Shpaget

    Supersonic reusable microsat LV

    Does it come with green LEDs? Honestly, if not, it's a deal-breaker for me.
  3. Sure I can. A rover does just good enoug job to justify a next mission, which starts another multi-year cycle of R&D and mission planning, but not more. Planned obsolescence is omnipresent in everyday life. Why would you assume it's nonexistant in aerospace? Those people and companies too want to have a job after they finish that one assignment. Why would they build something to last beyond mission parameters if just meeting them is enough?
  4. Which begs the question, why is such complex and expensive hardware expected to last only a few months, while the total mission time from concept and design to data analysis takes many years. I think that both Spirit and Opportunity showed us that there is plenty of science to be done well past the designed lifetime. Somehow I believe that such expensive projects should be built with as many safeguards as possible for indefinite extension of operation. This existing approach stinks of planned obsolescence.
  5. Shpaget

    Shower thoughts

    I never believed cats liked the taste of mice. It seems catching mice is more of a game for cats and they don't eat them if they have other options. Case in point, cats will enthusiastically try to catch a strand of grass blowing in the breeze or being manipulated by their humans. It's about the chase, not the catch.
  6. Shpaget

    Hastile experiance with Comunity fourms?

    Nope. People here are fantastic. I don't use FB, so can't comment on that, but as a general advice (not strictly tied to games), if you're not comfortable with people in a certain place (virtual or physical) just leave.
  7. Shpaget

    First Man

    Is it a Michael Bay movie?
  8. Shpaget

    How to rep "farm".

    Or you can not chase the likes and they just happen to come. Although, you seem to give too much of importance to a virtual high five...
  9. Thank you for your kind words, however, I can't take the credit for the video, as I'm not the one who made the contraption.
  10. Shpaget

    Leave a Legacy

    Actually I'm well ahead of you. I already have the time machine set up and I'm ready to jump. I have the project in mind. It will be an orrery as well as a device to calculate long term solar and lunar eclipses as well as moon phases. The deployment is rather tricky, though. I need to fetch a specific ship that will sink on a specific day and its wreck found thousands of years later. So, I'm basically ready to go, I'm just waiting for that Chris guy to show me how to build the darned thing.
  11. Shpaget

    Just Cause discount

    Just as a friendly FYI, at the moment of writing this, there is a significant discount on most (all??) Just Cause titles on Steam. Thought you may want to know...
  12. When, in the history of human kind, did ethics stand in the way of profit? Ferengi Rule of Acquisition no. 101: Profit trumps emotion.
  13. About $200 - $220 billion, or roughly one third of the yearly US DoD budget.
  14. Shpaget

    Solo: A Star Wars Story Discussion thread

    Then there's the fairly substantial investment of buying the franchise ($4 billion) that needs to be paid off.
  15. Shpaget

    Fixing a multi meter?

    I have Brymen BM235, the EEVblog branded version (well, three actually), and a UNI-T UT58D. The Brymens are quite impressive I like them a lot. UNI-T is fine. Additionally I have UNI-T UT81B Scopemeter (painfully slow, but sometimes the battery powered oscilloscope feature is exceptionally useful, unfortunately it has only one channel) and a proper entry level bench oscilloscope (RIGOL DS1054Z) which has 4 channels. There is a tool for every job, and the ones I have are probably too expensive for a very occasional tinkerer that doesn't work on mains, but everybody that does electronics should have at least two multimeters, one of which should be a proper device and not something you get for free at Lild/Horror Fright.