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  1. It works for me (on Opera), using AltGr (the right one). Alt (the left one) never worked in any program, as far as I remember. ~ˇ^˘°˛`˙˙´\|€÷×ß><§ See? They work.
  2. How (and why) would this conversion offer superior performance and different capabilities than regular permanent or electromagnets?
  3. Really? Not for me. I do have tabs though, so I don't get lost.
  4. 2020 shows its ugly face yet again. James Randi (92), magician, sceptic, debunker (or as he prefered to say, investigator) of all things relating to pseudoscience, and all around a great guy died on 20th of October, due to "age related causes". His Educational Foundation lives on.
  5. Nah, he's well known to us only because he has the camera man, the sound guy, the lighting van etc follow him around wherever he goes. His targets don't realize he's a spy. They think he's just some contestant from Big Brother or Love Island, Kardashian second cousin twice removed or a frontman of a K-Pop band, and the media is constantly pestering him. Of course, they all are preoccupied with world domination so they don't have time to watch TV, therefore they miss all the James Bond reality TV. It's perfectly reasonable.
  6. They shelled out an enormous amount of cash for that IP, now they need to justify that purchase, and with all the Win10 stuff, I don't see how much more I can bare my derriere to them than I already have.
  7. I welcome the gray change. I shall accept it as a sign of good faith and a first step on a long journey to getting this in order.
  8. MOAR white space! On a more serious note, I'd expect people in charge of doing these things to test them on an offline installation before pushing it to live website with 200k users. That being said, until they get their color picker tools in order, I installed a Dark Mode extension for Opera. It's not perfect, but at least I'm only one click away from not burning my eyes out (pro tip, in settings change the mode to something that shows where individual posts begin and end, it's difficult to see that in the default one).
  9. Layout is broken, colors are atrocious. Revert, plox.
  10. How big is this spaceship? Is it advertising its presence with some sort of radio signal? How fast is it approaching? Is it burning a rocket engine to slow down? If we happen to look in the right direction, we can see some really small stuff and it would likely glow in IR (hotter than background), but consider Chelyabinsk meteor. Even though it was big enough, and certainly close enough to detect, we failed to do so because it came crashing in from a direction where we did not expect an asteroid to come from. Not only that, but even if we wanted to look in that direction we would probably
  11. Not really a question, but here it goes anyway. You guys know about the Red Dwarf uncrop CSI shenanigans? Well, it's happening for real. That's some real wizardry.
  12. Only if this immortality happens suddenly. If it happens gradually over multiple generations, then birth rates would drop and compensate, just the way we see happen in western world over the last 100 or so years. Why would anybody rush to have kids in their 20s when they can just as easily have them in their 2000s, by which time there is a better than even chance that they meet an untimely demise due to slipping in the shower and cracking their head open, or something. This site lists chances of death due to injury for various causes, with total chance of dying due to external causes over
  13. You heard it here first, folks! sauce Anyway, that runout doesn't look too bad. Certainly better than I expected. What I don't understand is: Why? Drums of that size should be available as off the shelf parts.
  14. I did read what you posted. By the time Russia make this thing work, Starship is likely to be operational. As for F9, it is a stepping stone until Starship/SH is ready. Once that is done and flying (and assuming they can hit the cost goal) F9 is going to get retired because there will be no sense in using it any more. As remarkable and industry leading as F9 is, it is going to become obsolete the moment SH becomes operational.
  15. Making stuff is harder than you probably imagine. Making stuff cheaper than mass produced stuff is certainly not possible, unless you are willing to also go the mass production way, but (cost of that setup aside) what are you going to do with tens of thousands of toothbrushes you make each day? Sell them? I'd have thousand and one better things to waste my immortality on, than accounting. Hard pass. Making toothbrushes for my personal use? I can order a years' worth of them online and they come to my doorstep for less than the equivalent of my time's worth which would take me to walk to t
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