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  1. Shpaget

    A380 production to be cancelled

    That's because airlines make most of their money on non-economy seats. Economy class tickets provide marginal profit, or even a loss in some cases, but serves a much more important role - generating large traveling population, and keeping the service and industry up and running. The profit comes from those relatively few individuals that are willing to pay much higher prices for the trip. If airlines could reliably fill and sell entire plane with first class premium seats, they would make much more money, despite transporting just a fraction of passengers they currently do. They don't do that because there isn't enough demand for such configuration, but there is demand for low cost tickets, and most people are willing to suffer transatlantic flights in crammed seats if it means they don't need to sell a kidney to get over the pond. The math is nicely displayed here:
  2. Shpaget

    What have you been playing recently? (Other than KSP)

    So, I've just launched the rocket on my Lazy guy run: The base is a horrible spaghetti mess: woops, posted without being done, here's the continuation: Quite frankly, I'm happy I'm done with the map. I artificially restricted myself relatively early on inside the walled in area and didn't want to expand, so the base is quite small and crammed. Mining outposts are on the left, off the screen, top left are boilers (I'm 100% steam powered), the structured area in top middle are smelters. I died three time, once to biters. I was trying to kite them towards my turrets, but the car got stuck on something and I got eaten. The other two times a train proved to be a bit too fast to dodge.
  3. Shpaget

    Thread to complain bout stuff

    I may not be a firearms specialist, but isn't plonking a gun barrel into sand a bit of a no no? Also, the rifle doesn't have a magazine, which provides another entry point for sand. I guess the recruits don't get functional guns in whatever this exercise is?
  4. Shpaget

    Today I Made...

    Yeah, I ordered once from them and the cost, including shipping, is below just the material cost of blank copper clad I can buy locally. Decent quality too. Certainly not worse than my home brewed stuff. As for chemicals, you don't need much. If you can get your hands on peroxide of decent purity (20+%) you're golden. I have a source of 30%, but it's not readily available here. Apparently, it's controlled substance and you can only buy <5% in pharmacy. I use hydrochloric acid which, over here, can be bought in a supermarket. If it's an entry into CNC world, then by all means, go ahead. It sure is a nice project. Do try to make it 3D. Soon you'll want to mill something bigger and 2,5 D won't be able to do it.
  5. Shpaget

    Photography Showcase Thread!

    If only you waited 3 more seconds and moved beyond that darker spot. The woman in black would be gone, you'd have that yellow pole out of your frame and the one way sign would be invisible in B/W (or can be edited out). I like the photo anyway!
  6. Shpaget

    Today I Made...

    Yeah, not me. That is a nice looking piece, though I'm not sure about the aluminium shank. He also has aluminium QCTP. Mine is steel of similar dimensions and far from rock solid. I'm certainly not a machinist, but in the last year I've used the lathe (on practically daily basis) I've learned that in machining rigidity of the machine is probably the most important thing. It's and interesting design decision. I suppose if he doesn't do heavy cuts or use just for grinding, it's fine. I'd like to use mine for some (light) milling as well, which probably brings the project to another level of requirements. I feel like I have a deja vu, but haven't I asked you this already? Why are you building a PCB mill? What's wrong with etching? It's faster, cheaper, more accurate and doesn't produce nasty fiberglass dust that will eventually abrade linear bearings on the mill. The only advantage of CNC milling I see is easy hole drilling, but going the SMD route can drastically reduce the number of holes you need to drill.
  7. Shpaget

    What does everyone think of my wood computer?

    Nah don't worry, HDDs are not susceptible to any sort of sane magnetic fields, and quite resistant to some insane levels. The magnetic heads of HDDs actually have extremely powerful fields, but on tiny scales, so unless your woofer has a magnet like in this vid, you're safe.
  8. Shpaget

    Thread to complain bout stuff

    Planned obsolescence. Something has to fail so you can buy a bigger, better, faster and shinier next gen doodad.
  9. Shpaget

    Today I Made...

    Just by the fact that you've decided to tackle that I deem you qualified. As for the weather, it's 7°C and overcast. A small disclaimer, unless you move down the street from us, we can't afford to cover your commuting expenses. Anyway, one candidate decided the pay was too low, another lives 70+ km away, one was a no-show (perhaps for the best, since his CV states he has IQ of 166, as measured by an internet quiz), another one already has a full time job (and we definitely can't compete with his pay). One more for today.
  10. Shpaget

    Today I Made...

    Well, we are hiring (and in fact I'm writing this between two job interviews), so hop over. That's great to hear. Progress is good, and everything in this hobby takes longer then expected. Yesterday I finished (at least I think I did) the elevator. The plan for this last part was for it to take 2 weeks. It took more than 4.
  11. Shpaget

    Today I Made...

    The thing on the left side of the Dremel is a little something that screws on the Dremel and provides an attachment point for the tool holder on the quick change tool post on my lathe. The big block is aluminium, boread and threaded for the thread on the Dremel and a piece of an old and broken lathe tool serves as a shank. With this I can mount the Dremel and do some grinding, off center drilling, and some very light milling in softer materials (brass, aluminium, plastics, wood). I haven't tried steel, since it would probably be just a waste of time. The widget works fine, but the Dremel itself is causing some problems. First of all it's not nearly as rigid as I'd like it to be. The plastic housing twists when more than lightest of touches is applied, which leads to tool chatter. Entire lathe is tiny, and QCTP is not the most rigid thing in the world itself. Furthermore, the slowest speed the Dremel will turn is already too fast for most applications. So, now I'm looking into buying a dedicated motor for this application. I'm eyeballing this. I already have one such on a dedicated PCB drill press and it appears to be better suited for the job. It's not bank breaking expensive either, but will require some work to make it work. I don't have a mill, so some jobs are a bit difficult and require out of the box thinking.
  12. Shpaget

    Today I Made...

    Oh yes. Both when making it and using it. It looks great and the cat seems to like it, which is the most important part.
  13. Shpaget

    Today I Made...

    Apparently there are quite a bit of us here that have hobbies other than space rockets, so let's start a new thread to show what we've been up to and what we've made. I've noticed we have 3D printers, paper crafters, crotcheters , wood turners, and more. It can be anything that you're proud of or not and would like to ask for help. (Of course, the "Today" part of the title is not meant to be restrictive.) To get the thread off the ground, I'll start small. It's a screwdriver for model railway track placement in hard to reach places where regular sized screwdriver just doesn't fit. Couple of months ago I was struggling to reach something and the regular screwdriver was hitting a level above so I went to my shop and made this little thing. It's fairly wide to give more torque and knurled for grip. The bit is pretty much permanently pressed into the handle. I like making custom tools for those specific little jobs you encounter every now and then.
  14. Shpaget

    Nerdiest Spreadsheet You've Made

    That's the problem with random. Sometimes it produces results that don't look random. There was an ccasion where I had a randomly generated list that just felt wrong so I manually shuffled it a bit to look better. Anyway, we're derailing the thread. Maybe it is time for a dedicated thread.
  15. Shpaget

    What funny/interesting thing happened in your life today?

    You know, I am very much against animal cruelty and senseless killings, but in my book roaches get no sympathy. They outnumber us something like 10 000 to 1 and have wings. As far as I'm concerned, I'm not tolerating them in my house.