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  1. Oh yeah, there are many lessons to be learned from all of this.
  2. Unfortunately, tooling up for injection molding is fairly slow process. It can be sped up if you're willing to sacrifice surface finish and the item is simple, but complex features require multipart molds that take a while to manufacture. Fortunately this is the case where those compromises can be taken, so yeah, that should be done, but I don't thing there are many toy manufacturers outside of China.
  3. It's not every day we see the barge video. Also, old gridfins clanking into position, and then glowing hot... good old times.
  4. That was published March 27. Things could have changed, bu I haven't seen anything to indicate that.
  6. What's the alternative for those that can't breathe on their own? The only thing that I can think of is iron lungs, but those are all but extinct, not to mention not practical when doctors need access to the patient.
  7. What configuration are you thinking about? Magnets aren't magic, you know?
  8. Comparing space elevator to an orbital ring is like comparing this: to this: They both are used for transporting goods, but one is slightly bigger. Orbital ring is placed in low earth orbit, not geostationary.
  9. Sooner or later they would emerge from their isolation from the Universe, and then casually, whimsically decide that "It has to go." Something to do with cricket...
  10. That would depend on available power, maximum charge rate of capacitor bank, projectile loading rate and, of course, doctrine. Perhaps the system can fire continuously at max rate on both guns, using only one capacitor bank, but two are installed for redundancy. Efficiency is a hazy metric when it comes to military.
  11. They posted an update. Unfortunately, the half an hour video contains only one new piece of information - they changed the name.
  12. For what kind of fire are they supposed to provide escape route? They don't look nearly fast enough to escape the fires we usually see when rockets start burning at the wrong end. Is this more of a feel good system than one that's actually supposed to help?
  13. So, when are we going to able to read some of your work?
  14. Hmm, 1,5 cm^3, or 1,14 cm edge. That's entirely reasonably small cube. Don't give it to your kids, though. It might be a choking hazard.