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  1. It's already in your hands. Your pull requests will be much appreciated.
  2. RoboRay

    Flat-Bottom Shuttle Systems

    Very nice looking!
  3. Stock parts were deliberately gimped by Squad, because parts with realistic masses and performance characteristics would make the toy-sized stock solar system so trivially easy that the game wouldn't be fun. Any craft built using stock parts (or mod parts balanced with stock parts) will have the same unrealistically poor performance. In a realistic, full-sized solar system like RSS, you can either use the Realism Overhaul mod to give the parts accurate real-world masses and performance, or use something like the SMURFF mod to rebalance the stock parts to have more realistic characteristics.
  4. Taerobee has some stuff that you will use early in the career (like V-2 rocket and X-1 plane parts). Vostok Continued has early manned Soviet craft. SSTU has lots of versatile tanks and and engines plus parts for mid-game to late-game manned American craft.
  5. But you're only implementing the capsule itself. Trying to include the service module features into the capsule would imbalance the DLC Gemini capsule compared to the mod Gemini capsules. It would also be unrealistic, since the Gemini capsule doesn't have sufficient volume to make room for all that equipment and storage containers. Your best bet is to simply implement the capsule config for what the capsule actually provided (using the FASA Gemini as a reference), and assume that the service module features will be provided by an attached service module.
  6. RoboRay

    [1.3.1] Simple Procedural Engines

    I haven't tested it yet, but this fills a big hole in the "everything is procedural" approach to craft design. Thank you! I'm really interested in pursing non-US/non-Soviet entries in the space race, and this will make it a lot easier to not be limited by the design impacts of using historical US or Soviet engines.
  7. I would look at the RO configs for FASA Gemini and work with those numbers. They should be pretty solid.
  8. Definitely need to keep dV in KER... The KER UI offers a much better presentation, whether you prefer a comprehensive or a minimalist approach.
  9. Definitely concur on the need for a new thread. Even without the inability to edit the OP, the changes in RP1 are so significant that keeping the info for RP0 in the same thread as RP1 is just going to confuse and mislead the unicorns who actually try to read previous posts and figure things out for themselves instead of just asking questions first.
  10. RoboRay

    [1.5] Real Fuels v12.7.3

    The PEG algorithms are the ones actually developed by NASA for guiding the space shuttle ascent, so it's absolutely tuned for RSS and not stock KSP. I really doubt it would be useful on launches from Kerbin.
  11. RoboRay

    Engine has negative mass

    Tweakscale causes most negative mass issues.
  12. If you have the same floating tiles thing that most people have, it only seems to happen on reentry from suborbital flights. If you quicksave then quickload at apogee, it shouldn't happen.
  13. If you have data (theoretical or even just plausible data is fine) supporting realistic alternative history, modern or futuristic engines, feel free to implement them. RO is community-driven, so you are one of the people in a development role for RO. The person who has an idea is usually among the best people to implement it... they understand the issue and have motivation to resolve it.
  14. RoboRay

    [1.5.x, 1.6.x] Radar Altitude

    Having the toggle tied to an action group would be nice... for example, to switch to AGL when you extend the landing gear.