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  1. The AAMS, CFA44A, CVN003, CVN004, CVN21, FRADAR, H20A, NH80, RGBB, SAAM, and the UCAVs. I love the drone designs, but the lack of cockpit internals means that I modified the remaining vessels to act like drones. It makes the one-piece ships easier to utilize.
  2. Mekan1k

    [1.4.x] Nice MKseries Body [NMB] [V2.2] [2018.5.19]

    The Type 22's bomb bay had a little offser issue with it's rear connection node. It's maybe 1/5th too low.
  3. Since I love this mod, and I play with a LOT of mods, I recommend two things: - Set up more folders, especially in the Parts folder. If you have multiple types of single-piece vessels, you might want to group them by type in folders. So, in the Parts folder, you would have 'Ships', with a subfolder 'Carriers', or in 'Planes', you could have a sub-folder 'Drones'. That way, people who want to use only specific parts of the pack can pick-and-choose exactly what they need. - Second, contact other modders for help with doing things like running multiple animations, or having control surfaces that actually do something. @TheKurgan is really good at adapting various types of parts and components for other animations.
  4. Your Mod looks amazing! 2 little things though- First, the aircraft have amazingly efficient and powerful engines. The UCAV's can go into solar obit from the runway in two passes holding a heading of 90 degrees and 5 degrees inclination, and a few of the aircraft seem to think they need to use LH2 in their engines. It's a little strange, and I checked- the CFA44A, the H20A and H20B all have this issue. The UCAV's don't have a problem (other than the fact that they don't run out of electricity, can operate with 100% efficiency until 36km, and won't explode when engulfed in plasma). and neither does the NH80 (although I would make it just a little less indestructible). TBH, I stripped out most of the ships (and parts) other than the carriers, a few select guns that I thought were neat, and the planes. I'm going to try and see if I can fix the fuel issue for my configs, but for the invulnerability and impossible ISP curves, I would contact blackheart612. For the folding wings I would contact linuxgurugamer for assistance in using his mod to effect wing surfaces, as being able to fly like a plane (somewhat) with folded wings, while cool, is just a TAD weird.
  5. I hate to ask this, but is there a way to increase the antimatter generation rate? Because otherwise I am going to have to find a place where the scoops can siphon a TON of antimatter in deep space, and build all my vehicles out there. Hmmmmm....
  6. Nertea, you can't see it, but I am dancing right now. ALL THE DANCING. EDIT: Less dancing now- the antimatter doesn't work for some reason. I fill up the tank in the VAB, and then.. NO ANTIMATTER! This wouldn't usually be an issue, but in my last stage of the burn, I was trying to use the Mun to slingshot out of orbit, and ended up slamming into the Mun face-first because I didn't have any antimatter. Where is it all?
  7. Since I have been watching your githhub, Nearta, I must ask, is 0.2.0 working for 1.3? As it is, I still love your part designs, and I cannot overstate this.
  8. Actually, I just downloaded the most recent version off the gitHub, and now it won't load past fusionfuel-25-1. Why are there titles starting with '#LOC_FFT_'? Does that cause any issues? Mainly because when I try to load it, Modulemanager gets stuck on fusionfuel-25-1. Anyone else have this issue, or know a fix?
  9. Mekan1k

    Superluminal - WIP Video Update #2

    The best of parts... MORE! HAHAHAHA! Seriously though, I would love to play with any parts.
  10. My drool just shorted out a keyboard. DAMN these look fine~
  11. My only question: are there internals? Because I LOVE internals!
  12. Damn... Keep it up Nertea! Your work is brilliant.
  13. Mekan1k

    Superluminal - WIP Video Update #2

    This... This is glorious! Please tell me there is an alpha download? Any testing? I have a beast of a computer and I can find conflicts very, very quickly if they arise.
  14. Mekan1k

    IXS Warpship Original Series

    I love this mod, but I was wondering if there were any other mods with similar cockpits. I want some variety in my warpships! Whoo!
  15. So... Since's Planet Overhaul (Stockalike Planet Pack) was released, is there a config to make the bases fit the kerbin? (I am asking because I am HOPELESS at the whole modding thing.)