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  1. Hi all, answers to a few questions I've received.
    Am I back?   Tricky question, although  having just viewed and edited around 960 cfg's and patches, all without flying into a ksp induced rage, is likely a very good sign. Mainly addressing tweakscale, MM and general cfg issues, further work is still required to prevent issues going forward.

    Will SM mods be back soon? (and all the associated questions, no links etc.)   Its looking promising for some of the mods to return for 1.8.x, I doubt 1.8 is going to last long enough for me to get where I want to be, and knowing you lot, eager to make the jump I don't see any point in rushing out maintenance  releases for 1.7.3

    As it stands today what happens for KSP 2 depends entirely on what KSP 2 will require in the way of changes.
    There are many things that it's easy to do, and many things that are neither easy or particularly fun to do, on the way to updating a mod, and should the changes require far too much of the latter and not enough of the former  ( for example the idea of retexturing several hundred parts for pbr is nasty just thinking about it)I feel that they'll stay as KSP 1 mods.  
    That's not to say that there wouldn't be KSP 2 mods from SMI, because if the rumors are true our stuff could finally get some proper use :ph34r:

    Cheers 0/

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    2. Azimech


      I feel ya. But even my manager told me to pursue my ideas because he was impressed with my KSP stuff. And he doesn't want to lose me.

      The way I see it: you are a beacon of creativity. And I really thank you ... and feel humble ... for all you've meant for the community.

      Hey ... maybe we could do some stuff together in KSP2.


    3. SpannerMonkey(smce)


      Lols, behave yourself, compared to you I'm a creative noob. Thanks though :)

      Curious to see what KSP2 brings, regardless, it'd be nice to not know where all the limits are.

      I very rarely say no to an interesting project :wink:

    4. YoloT47


      Glad to see that you're back, buddy! :D