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  1. Dat Flag bro xD I will post my missions too someday...too early on the career mode need sources of science >.<
  2. Please Deletethese! the Delete buton does not work!!
  3. Help my space port name is the same and i ended up with multiple DL's cuz the Upload button got bugged (Error). Then Suddenly I get many of the same craft. I want to keep this: http://kerbalspaceprogram.com/uksc-odst-hev-drop-pod-2/please delete all the other duplicates >.< arghh this is embarrassing.....
  4. sorry do we have spoiler buttons on??? EDIT: Sorry been long time....didnt know how to put spoilers on
  5. It used a drogue chute back in its early version. But I needed a sudden boost in braking at 50m so the XL chute worked xD And I think I can land it w/o the chute
  6. Download Link http://kerbalspaceprogram.com/uksc-odst-hev-drop-pod-2/*INCOMING NEW HEV DP-2/EP-1 (Drop Pod/ Escape Pod)* Aftermath Pics Close-Up shots (in orbit) Re-entry Braking Chute opens at 50m Touch-down Opening up the "egg" Success! It can can survive direct impacts at 180m/s & below. The problem is getting a kerbal in xD MISSION 2: Mission 2 Objectives: better delay in the deployment of braking systems. ONly Braking at the last moments. Previous record: 42km: 427m/s, 36km: 584m/s, 27km: 828m/s, 17km: 865m/s Then I begin braking steps at drouge chutes at
  7. Cuz it got "possessed" get it?? possessed? BAHAHAHA! Impressive work btw
  8. Help pleaase! Ive tried moving it using the kerbtown thing... but it instead made two silos!
  9. bro help fix pleas! mine appears to be working but is a couple of meters hidden underground! I cant see the bunker from above and cant click the launch door!
  10. My Small new station carrying its own parts (power modules) and then assembled in orbit. I think I should name it the PIONEER KSS. (I cant believe I circularized with a small engine xD) Pre-assembly... Power Module assembly...... SUCCESS!
  11. hey does anyone have tips on building stuff with this mod on? I get stalls and stuff
  12. how did you make the tail section and engine placement??
  13. Is this thread dead?? I am planning to return to making stuff.... plx dont die >.<
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