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  1. I'd like to point out that rbray's 2 major mods have a bit of a naming scheme, A.T.M. and E.V.E. Adam and Eve.
  2. It's the Scatterer mod over in the add-ons development board.
  3. What's more amazing is he hasn't had to stir the conversation for the last 6 pages...
  4. Fantastic looking design! How does she handle?
  5. I've been playing for 3 years now, so my interest is finally waning. I suppose that's good news for my back-catalog of other games for now...
  6. Ahh, that's a shame. I might try something like it next, or perhaps something like a "stealthy" fighter. Thanks for sharing! Thanks! This is actually what I was going off of:
  7. Thanks for the compliments! This design originally looked like your first one (like a Eurofigter or the VECTOR), but I couldn't get it balanced. I really like your last bird, would you mind pointing me to a .craft file download?
  8. Thank you! It turned out a bit better than I expected. Gracias, have you had a chance to try it out?
  9. The performance sounds appealing, but the number of wings seems excessive. With the one you're currently building, are you trying to simplify it at all? It just seems...busy. How many tries did it take you to land upsidedown?
  10. The Y-5 PRISM (Post Resolved Induced-Stall Maneuvering) After trying to recreate the X-31, and failing, in a FAR-modded KSP, I decided to see if the Rockwell SNAKE design might be better inspiration. After a little bit of tweaking, I managed to get a stable supermaneuverable x-plane. It's pretty fun to fly around, once you get used to using throttle to help you (though if you keep the throttle at ~66%, you should be fine for a lot of stunts). (Download .craft file here (MediaFire)) REQUIRES FERRAM AEROSPACE RESEARCH FOR POST-STALL MANEUVERABILITY