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  1. Uhm i've looked in the settings, but there is nothing for the landing
  2. Hi! I have a question, how i can set as a target one of the landing zone? I want to use mechjeb for the landing, but without setting the target is difficult to land on that spot.. i'm using the tundra's space center and i wanted to land some boosters!
  3. Oh nice! Thx! Btw i have the tundra launch pads mods, and there is a landing pad for the reusable rockets, can i set some parameters for landing at that coordinates? (i use the mod trajectory too)
  4. hi all! I have some issues with the mod, when i press ctrl+k the editor doesn't show up :\ Edit: i have resolved, i was thinking that the mod worked in the KSC map view, but i saw that must be in the pad view, lol sorry XD
  5. Hi, i'm trying to make it work the editor for placing the various launch pad, but when i do ctrl+k nothing happen..
  6. Hi! Do u have some scripts for the boostback function like the falcon 9? I'm struggling to find one that work
  7. Hi, i've been looking for some nice kos scripts for my falcon 9 + crew dragon rockets! I want to do like the real falcon 9 but i'm not much into programming
  8. Do you have any kOS script for the reusable rockets? For the stock version of ksp.. and btw i cannot load the ships if i click load nothing happen..
  9. Hi i have some problem with the srb, i can't change the amount of solid fuel
  10. Do you have the link for the Canadarm 2? I'm trying to search in the forum but without luck
  11. I've already tried, but i don't know how to collect data for doing science
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