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  1. hoojiwana

    1.1.1 Mods Compatibility

    I've cleaned up some posts that were going off topic, let's get back to the original intent of this thread.
  2. I think that may have been part of the reason for these new IVA shaders, @Porkjet will know for sure (if he's not too busy).
  3. hoojiwana

    1.1.1 Mods Compatibility

    Moved to Add-on Discussions.
  4. hoojiwana

    Ask the Mods questions about the Forums!

    You saw nothing. There was no announcement thread.
  5. hoojiwana

    Lost Sale Here!

    Hey guys and gals, this is just a reminder to be civil and polite to each other when posting. Thanks.
  6. Done and done, good job I know you're both authors of the pack.
  7. Moved to Add-on Releases. In future pinging a bunch of moderators is probably not the best way of getting our attention, use the thread Beale linked for this sort of thing, thanks!
  8. It's so possible I already did it.
  9. hoojiwana

    [1.1] RLA Stockalike 13.4 [25 Apr]

    Updates! Luckily the gimbals were all lined up for the 1.1 changes, and I took advantage of a new setting and locked the gimbal on the Cutter linear aerospike to only function in one axis (and roll) and increased it's range to 5. Also added search tags including "rla" which only has crossover with the survey scanner in stock. The full changelog is in the OP (and the readme) as always. And now it ends. Nope, that's roughly the balancing I went with, they should be about as good as their LFO counterparts but just using monoprop instead, the only different one is the Cormorant due to the higher thrust and better atmospheric ISP. The monoprop engines are a bit weird due to the odd way the stock monoprop tanks are balanced, there was a brief period during 1.1 pre-release where they were fixed but it got deferred until a later update. The tiny monoprop engines are less useful as well now since apparently you can tweak RCS ports to work with the throttle which is pretty cool.
  10. hoojiwana

    KIS/KAS for 1.1 alpha testing

    All locked up. You can post in this thread or report your own OP to get moderator attention, preferably by posting in the thread.
  11. I've cleaned up some offtopic posts, if you want to discuss computer builds then we have a great big thread just for that over here. If anyone wants a copy of any posts removed, please feel free to PM me and I'll get a copy to you. Thanks!
  12. hoojiwana

    [1.1] AB Launchers 1.2 - 5m Energia parts [22 Apr]

    Up-diddly-doodly-dated for KSP 1.1, changes are search tags (including "abl" and the names of each rocket) and adding some missing bulkheadProfiles on the 5m parts I forgot to add before. See the OP as usual for download links. I did check the gimbals on the engines since the way those are handled changed in 1.1 but they didn't need fixing, let us know if there's still issues with flight control etc. Thanks!
  13. hoojiwana

    Opinions and feedback on model

    Is that intended to be used directly in KSP? It's got a high poly count compared to other parts with similar levels of detail. Also moved this over to the Modelling and Texturing subforum.
  14. hoojiwana

    Guess Who Will Reply Next?

    I said no Frybert! @GregroxMun