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  1. On the sheet itself. You can't depend on people linking to the forums instead of to the sheet.
  2. I've heard it said that the best SF is about people - the technology is just the background that enables the story which may or may not play a actual role in the story. Consider Clarke's Imperial Earth, cloning and the Asymptotic Drive power the story, but ultimately it's about neither.
  3. Which could mean the setting is inconsistent (poor buying expensive stuff), or that your assumptions are wrong (what you're assuming to be expensive actually isn't). It's also worth considering that mass production changes everything. As does the size of the potential market - if there's a trillion dirt poor farmers (of whatever stripe) across the galaxy who want anti-gravity flivvers to get into town on Saturday nights, I suspect somebody is going to figure out how to fill that need. And that's disregarding the secondary market...
  4. Ore is easy to come by. The equipment needed to mine and refine the ore, and process the resulting aluminum metal into a useful form... not so much. Which brings up the question, where do you get (and/or store) the power required to run this (decidedly non trivial) industrial infrastructure you need to bootstrap your power system? Why aren't you just skipping the middleman and using that power source to run your base in the first place?
  5. Cats absolutely can be trained. Problem is, most people suck at training animals.
  6. Be careful with Rigid Attachment - it turns your rockets into glass, rigid but unbendable without breaking. It can cause rockets to break that otherwise might not. IMHO: As far as autostruts go, usually Grandparent (preferred) or Root (for parts physically close to the root) are the best bets. Which part is the heaviest can and will change over the course of the flight (I.E. as fuel is consumed), and the struts will change when it does, that can lead to... unexpected results. Grandparent and Root only change when docking/undocking and the dynamic loads are generally very low during that process.
  7. It's handy in the early game for establishing relay networks within Kerbin's SOI.
  8. Yeah, no. Dangerous is dangerous. If an ocean vessel, which is a threat to a port where millions of people can live, are legal to own - then it doesn't make sense to limit the ownership of spacecraft on the same basis. (You're forgetting the cargo shipmate - that's a much larger threat than the hull itself.) And there's marginal shipping companies aplenty moving dangerous cargos across the oceans. (One such finally got caught, and it was their seized and improperly stored cargo that took a chunk out of Beirut recently.) And when it comes to Han Solo, same mistake. There's plenty of airliners and large bizjets in private hands.
  9. Ramjets want high speeds and high altitudes for maximum efficiency (or even decent usability), and that's a pretty niche application. Scamjets are still in the process of consuming flaming truckloads of money in hopes that they'll someday be a) practical, and b) useful. Given that they also (like ramjets) want extremely high speeds, I have my doubts about "b".
  10. TFW when your lifter is just a hair too efficient...
  11. Your complaint isn't that MJ isn't working, your complaint is that MJ/KSP has a graphics bug. These are nowhere near the same thing. The best place to report a bug is in the MJ support thread.
  12. I'm looking at it right now, and there's no text about making a copy. A version number/effective date would be of the date you released it into the wild. You only need one, so people can compare to their personal copy.
  13. So. Much. This. It's also why I laugh uproariously at the fanbois who go about "getting off this rock so we can survive an extinction level event!" Getting off this rock is the easy part. Surviving Thriving after a complete loss of support from Earth (as opposed to merely prolonging the agony) - that's the hard part. But they never talk about working on that part. Just the easy, sexy parts.
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