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  1. Here's a small project I started on to get started on creating cinematics again, since I'm now working with a new editing program. It's short, but I am still okay with the results.
  2. Everything in the game has to work well with each other. So multiplayer has to be built in from the start, otherwise it will be much harder to integrate other features of the game with multiplayer. Multiplayer would be considered a core feature of the game, so that also makes sense that it is being worked on from day one.
  3. Hello I'm having a strange problem with the parallax textures/models loading. This bug appeared half-way through my gameplay and now all of the trees are loading with gray textures and sometimes won't even have a model at all. Relaunching a craft seems to always create a different way that the textures are breaking. In the picture below the trees load with no textures or leaves. The trees in the distance are just a plain png. There are also red sticks poking out of the ground in a different biome that were supposed to be fir trees. I'd like to know if there is a known fix for this, because it looks awful.
  4. Mun Mission Preparation Rendezvoused two vessels in LKO, they'll be sent to the Mun for a landing, re-rendezvous and return mission. I hope doing things like these get easier in the future, because it was tough doing this simple rendezvous (orbit information should be clearer)
  5. A screenshot or video of described bug would be nice, otherwise we have no idea what you are referring to.
  6. Mun Mission Went looking around on the Mun, found these monoprop balls.. couldn't have been me who left them.
  7. Seems more like a missing feature, and not a bug.
  8. Had this happen sometimes too. The workaround I found for this at the moment seems to be reverting the launch, then the control surfaces seem to behave normally.
  9. I am getting this issue too, however not as described. What I am experiencing is that the speed of the camera decreases the further up/north you go, relative to whatever you are focused on. It also seems that when focused on the kerbal, the camera only goes up to a certain angle and no further. This renders you unable to freely look at the top of Kerbin. When focused on Kerbin (see attachment) When focused on a Kerbal on the South Pole (see attachment)
  10. I can confirm that this does occur whenever you recover a craft with a kerbal in it, or the kerbal itself. The crew roster doesn't go empty though, since it seems new kerbals keep getting added so you'll always have a minimum of 10 kerbals.
  11. Went South Starting from the runway at the KSC, I flew all the way for ~30 in-game minutes to the southern glaciers of Kerbin and landed there! Took me a few tries to land, but I ended up planting a flag to mark the milestone.
  12. Game Information Steam Early Access ( Visual settings on HIGH System Information Windows 10 Home (10.019044) Intel i5-7400 CPU ASUS Phoenix RTX 3050 (8GB VRAM) 16GB (RAM) Description of the bug. Shadows from Kerbol appear/disappear depending on the camera angle. This occurs on the poles of a planet, in this case the North Pole of Kerbin. Steps to replicate. Go to the poles of a planet (e.g Kerbin North Pole) Turn the camera around, the lighting should flicker on and off. Attachments
  13. Parachutes, is that where snacks are stored? Regardless, this is a very welcome dev insight to have; how else would I know if my feedback were to be of any value? When I could just let a popular Youtuber do that work for me.
  14. The launcher has not been proven to do anything to affect the game negatively. Why would they remove it just because "you don't like it"? There really is no arguing against someone making a plain complaint. I think the launcher is nice and should stay, it's an easy place to provide feedback to the developers without having to go to some other platform where it might not be read.
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