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  1. What ever problem you have with solar panels comes from a mod that you use, not MM.
  2. Matching Rotation

    If only there was a check box that does just that in the interface.
  3. Don't worry, I will have a look. Between work and vacation I forgot about that bug...
  4. environmental sensor data

    Most of that data is computed in the FlightInegrator or VesselPrecalculate. You could extend those but I would not recommend it (and if you did you should do by using ModularFlightIntegrator). To get a proper answer you need to explain what you want to actually do with that info. Do you just want to display it on a sensor part ? Do you want to use it for science experiment ? Something else ? But in most case you will have to write a new PartModule and add it to a part. You could have a look at DMagic Orbital Science (it may be a bit complex for a simple case but I can't remember a simpler mods).
  5. : "name The name of the object." : "Components share the same name with the game object and all attached components." You are not checking the animation name. What you want is Or even more simply Animation FindModelAnimator(string clipName) Animation[] FindModelAnimators(string clipName)
  6. How to measure heat flow?

    You may need to explain your needs more extensively.
  7. Looking for translators

    A simple advice from a non native English speaker : no translation is often better than google translate.
  8. Only engines derived from ModuleEngines are recognized. IThrustProvider provides nearly no info, so I can not use that for most of MJ logic. MJ needs thrust, fuel flow and a few other infos. Engines provided by Firespitter, RO and the likes all extends the stock ModuleEngines and thus are supported. I won't extends support to other module because the code change would extensive on my end. A quick look at your code makes me think you re-invented the wheel there A lot of the stock module methods are virtual to allow you to reuse it. Can you try the dev builds made for RO/RSS : They are up to date with the regular MJ version and includes a lot of fix and new features.
  9. I suggest you re-read the code because it is using the landing site altitude (the obscurely named properties LandingAltitude). The actual problem is that PQS are not loaded from afar and that altitude may be wrong when half an orbit away. The landing AP is far from perfect but I use it often and it works fine here...
  10. Could you open an issue on GitHub for that ? Add the steps to duplicate it and what you expect. I can not work much on my mods for a while...
  11. The most common problem with the landing AP is using engine that MJ does not properly detect. If you open MJ delta V window what does it shows ? And as usual : Logs, logs, logs.
  12. In "MagicSmokeIndustries/Parts/Rework_Utility/Plugins/" you have a IRSurfaceSampler plugin that seems to be outdated. It creates a bunch of exception in your log and is the most likely source of your MJ problem.
  13. It's 1.3.1 not 1.4 Uh ? What was removed ?
  14. Antenna / Battery Status

    Nope. The whole loaded/unloaded process is so involved that there is no easy answer