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  1. autoStrutMode should reflect the state since you need to call the public call to change them and those call use that value.
  2. CycleAutoStrut() is public and is the one you need. Other mods already handle all this and we made sure mods would work when we worked on those.
  3. Turn them off ( autoStrutMode ) and remove them ( ReleaseAutoStruts() ) ?
  4. Yeah, the server network went down and I restarted it before leaving for work. I'll try to find out the problem origin tonight.
  5. Is the smoke screen mod... discontinued or something? The website isn't loading.

  6. Camera Woes

    Hard to tell without seeing how you setup the cam
  7. It s at the bottom of the maneuver planner window To do what ? Ascent works fine. Landing was added recently and seems to work too.
  8. Where do you put your libs in KSP ? With GCMon when it used libs I imported with the full path from ksp exe ( )
  9. Have a look at
  10. If I could fix it easily it would have been done ages ago. It needs to be reworked in depth and that will not happens overnight. Now implemented in the dev version.
  11. The first part is known and not really bad. The patcher of an old version deactivate itself but the component that does the display does not. The second part is more troublesome. Are you sure you did not change anything else than removing the old MM when the patch count changed ?
  12. I'll have a look A fresh pair of eyes can't hurt. Others mods do that (but those I know used MJ code back then) but they may have fixed it.
  13. You have a lot of errors in that log, most of them unrelated to MJ. The UI crashed because it tries to find out the biome of your landing point and the stock code has an exception while doing it. Can't really do much about it since I don't want to blanket my code with try/catch clause to protect about something that the stock code should deal with properly. ( IndexOutOfRangeException: Array index is out of range. CBAttributeMapSO.GetAtt ). I suggest you cleanup your mods install because you have a few that are broken Fixed 3 days ago in the dev release, so in an official release sooner of later No, it was designed to do exactly that.
  14. Can I get a bit more info on the problem ? Is it that 2 test with PatchedConics and the same param gives different answers ?