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  1. You have a lot of exception that are related to a part of the code that I do not master at all... For now I will suggest that you disable the aerobrake node in the landing module. But it does not explain why the engine are not starting for circularization or ascent guidance. But you also have some error related to EVE and _BuildManager so something else may break MJ.
  2. I lost my crystal ball a while ago and this is why the first post starts with this line:
  3. You should have spammed me on Discord It's back online. I really need to rework my hosting... Thanks
  4. Ah, I forgot about this. I wanted to look into it a few weeks ago and then I got sick... I just tested some code that seems to fix it for KSP 1.10 and later. I'll push the code to the dev version later
  5. Your log is filled with FAR and kOS related error from the second you load your save. The fact that MJ is not working as intended is the least of your problem.
  6. I have no idea how you reached that conclusion from my answer. There is a whole mode in the ascent guidance that was written for RSS.
  7. I have and there are other bugs. I don't remember the exact details but I think it is related to the UI events that register only on the main screen. This is fixed in a later Unity but I doubt KSP will upgrade their version again.
  8. I checked the code. When the "Automatic Altitude turn" check box is active then: With an atmosphere it turns at the percentage of the atmosphere height configured by the slider. At 100% it will be when reaching vacuum Without an atmosphere it turn at the starting alt + 25. You are landed at 4096m so a 4.1km starts makes sense. If you want to set the value yourself you can uncheck "Automatic Altitude turn".
  9. Unfortunately the relevant section is "TODO" The sentence under the slider describe exactly what the sliders do. "Turn starts when Altitude is 4.1km or velocity reach infinity m/s". The rocket will go straight up until it reaches an altitude of 4.1km. Which is no efficient at all on a world without an atmosphere.
  10. It should work if you add them in a new cfg with the same format as LandingSites.cfg. Tell me if it does not There is no way of doing that currently.
  11. I have not updated it after the Unity engine upgrade. It may require a few tweaks
  12. The orbit altitude is set in the "Orbit altitude" field of the Ascent Guidance window. The "turn end altitude" is when the vessel stops the turn. The limit is there because there is no point of still turning when in space. The default (60, or the auto checkbox) is perfectly fine.
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