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  1. I have no idea of the math required for that so some else would have to code it.
  2. We aim to please One day I'll find out why it does that. I suspect that the landing point is not properly calculated because the planet model is not fully loaded when starting from orbit and the actual terrain height is higher or lower when on the surface. But I grew tired of try to fix the landing a long time ago. It takes way too much time to test.
  3. Yeah, I broke Linux. Sorry about that. I will fix it after work Edit : Dev has the fix : MechJeb2- I ll do the release after work
  4. And many thanks to you for keeping it rolling. I "just" need to use it for MJ now
  5. Ok, here is MechJeb2- that "fix" that problem. I use quote because the problem is actually in one of the mod you use, but that "fix" will at least allow MJ to work.
  6. MM does not do anything with the module loading. It edits the config before the game use that config to create the parts and modules. So you need to look at what is in the ModuleManager cache and check if it contains what you want. The ModuleCargoPart and ModuleInventoryPart warning is not related to MM.The fact that it loads in one case and not the other may be related to the node order in memory or something even move arcane, and there is little that MM can do about that.
  7. You can try the other attitude controllers to see if they work better for this case...
  8. No, it s on our and. Can you create an issue on github so we do not forget about it ? We have a new official release out : MechJeb2- I'll write a proper list of changes later but you can have a look at the commit list
  9. And here is a new version that should fix all that ModuleManager-4.2.1.zip
  10. New release : ModuleManager-4.2.0.zip Part loader now relies on physics values (for e.g. minimum rigidbody mass), so we want to set modded physics earlier. Thanks to @blowfish to his unending dedication to MM
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