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  1. No new build. Not much time/will on my side, no need for the KSP patches and no one else contributed.
  2. Hi and welcome. Unfortunately translation is not really possible with MJ currently. The current old UI is already bad for performance and adding the translation on top of it would make it worse. I have been working on a new UI but it is going on very slowly and I do not expect it to be out anytime soon. When this new UI is done it will be easy to translate MJ in any language.
  3. Use diazo tuts, they are more up to date
  4. sarbian

    Mod Adoption Tutorial
  5. I forgot how complex it is to do simple stuff in this game sometimes. Did you try something like this ? ConfigNode configNode = GamePersistence.LoadSFSFile(saveName, HighLogic.SaveFolder); HighLogic.CurrentGame = GamePersistence.LoadGameCfg(configNode, saveName, true, false); HighLogic.CurrentGame.Start(); I guess KSPUpgradePipeline should be used somewhere too. It seems loading a game is not as simple as it was...
  6. Hey it's been 2 months since a mechjeb update I'm just curious if your project is dead?

    1. sarbian


      No it is not but I am having to deal with various life stuff that don't leave me much time to work on it currently.

    2. trigger_1154


      No problem, thank you for the work you do, take care of yourself, thanks again.

  7. You need to file a bug on the tracker if you want it fixed.
  8. For some it seems the PlayerConnectionConfigFile I provide does not work. Launch Unity with an empty project, find the build game menu (File I think ?) set the build to dev, launch the build and save somewhere. You should have a PlayerConnectionConfigFile somewhere in there that hopefully will be better tailored to your PC.
  9. Hum, the mod should not change the displayed level so if you have that I guess it's most likely related to an other mod
  10. sarbian

    Unity Analytics and the GDPR

    Given for how long we have been complaining about this and the total lack of official response (beside the "this deserve it's own thread") I guess his nick will be relevant for quite a while.
  11. Well... I have no problem with the exe and link naming in my debugging install. Your problem looks like what happends when the debug file (PlayerConnectionConfigFile) is missing.
  12. Stock. I am sure it could be fixed but ATM I can not work on my mods. If anyone want a go at it feel free to submit a PR.
  13. sarbian

    Unity Analytics and the GDPR

    Private parties files to their country privacy agency. The agency then review the complain and decide what to do with it. And said private parties don't benefit financially if there is a fine (some poster in the other thread implied it...). No need to burn bridges for now. Squad/T2 is not the only company who is late on being compliant. We ll see...
  14. Check when onWheelRepaired is fired, who knows...
  15. sarbian

    Unity Analytics and the GDPR

    Thanks @Deddly So now that we have a proper thread can we have some official reply?