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  1. It is the same code but built for 1.5
  2. Ok, we are back online with the old server while I get the new one ready (new provider and I have a few quirk to fix). For those interested by the nerdy part: Old server now has a faulty RAM stick (and ECC does its best to deal with it) I won't get it fixed because I planned to ditch the old provider after their last "hey, here is a +26% on your server bill" a few weeks ago The server runs proxmox with a ZFS pool for storage. Bad RAM + ZFS => bad stuff The ZFS log got corrupted bad enough that the poor linux kernel actually segfaulted... from there it was impossible to mount the ZFS without crashing the kernel I tried a bunch of rescue CD (booting an ISO thru the network... glad I have fiber) without much luck. A FreeBSD even rebooted when mounting the ZFS. I finally found a Linux ZFS rescue ISO with a release candidate of the next ZFS on Linux release and that worked. Scrubbed the ZFS volume. Exported the KSP/Jenkins VM image to have a backup and rebooted to a ItDidNotCrashYet™ state. I am getting the new server ready and will do my best to get it ready ASAP
  3. I won't be able to fix it today. The data seems do be fine but I ll have to move to the new server to have it working and it will take time...
  4. The server is reminding me that I need to move to a new host by crashing badly. I am working on it and hopefully it won't be too long.
  5. I love it when people dismiss an issue like this. There have been multiple patch to the controller and you can even choose one of the 3 available controller to find what suits your rocket best. If you can do better then write a freaking patch. I would love a amazing controller that can handle whatever freak build you throw at it. But I get more amateur hours analysis (FPS dependant, lol) than contributions.
  6. As I explained in my other post that it is not the case.
  7. You need to use the callbacks to control the vessel or you will fight with the stock code (and other mods). Somewhere in your OnStart public override void OnStart(PartModule.StartState state) { if (vessel != null) { vessel.OnFlyByWire += MyControlMethod; // or OnPreAutopilotUpdate / OnAutopilotUpdate / OnPostAutopilotUpdate depending on how soon/late you want to do it in the controls orders } } Make sure you have a OnDestroy void OnDestroy() { if (vessel != null) { vessel.OnFlyByWire -= MyControlMethod; } } And somewhere else private void MyControlMethod(FlightCtrlState s) { s.wheelSteer = 0.5 }
  8. Version 3.1.1 more Internal code improvement by @blowfish Downloads : ModuleManager.3.1.1.dll
  9. The smartA.S.S does exactly that in one of its tabs. Edit: err no, the plane AP
  10. It took some time (mostly because I did not have any...) but the last dev finally work properly with your Service Module (and most likely other parts with similar problems). Hopefully I did not break anything else.
  11. Try deleting the cfg in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program\GameData\MechJeb2\Plugins\PluginData\MechJeb2 But you have a lot of exception from EVE, Scatterer and Kopernicus...
  12. Not really easy but it seems to run on a FixedUpdate so you "just" have to disable the object.
  13. Dev is the development version and those version can break at any time Release is the "official" version and should be somewhat stable.
  14. with the fixed compatibility check