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  1. Then I do not know. Using the scripting module to activate the ascent AP is not exactly an expected use so there might be side effects.
  2. If your tracking station is not upgraded then MJ can not use maneuver node. Without node available the ascent AP will not preform the circularization. Edit: as for the throttle. Did you actually stage the engine ?
  3. We are. The problem is that it links a missing dll. That s why KSPAssemblyDependency is the proper fix.
  4. PresistentRotation does not link the aaa_Toolbar dll. Yours does.
  5. RCSBuildAidToolbar.dll references aaa_Toolbar but aaa_Toolbar is not present. MJ enumerate loaded class to check for modules. Assembly is loaded but missing its deps. MJ safely ignore the error but the stock game does not. PersistentRotation does not reference aaa_Toolbar at all and uses pure reflection. KSPAssemblyDependency is a perfectly clean way to deal with this imho.
  6. OnLoad is the proper time. Module are started in the loading screen and your code should check if it is actually attached to a vessel before doing anything that night break (also helps for the editor).
  7. New release Landing AP fixes and improvements Plane landing AP fixes and improvements Rover AP fixes and improvements Updated Chinese loc
  8. This code is perfectly valid. If your compiler says that you are missing a ; then you have an error somewhere else.