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  1. @Thomas P. built the lib for Linux : Still waiting on some feedback.
  2. New simplified method! Only 1 file to copy. Get this mono-2.0-bdwgc.dll and replace the one in <KSP>\MonoBleedingEdge\EmbedRuntime with it. Launch Game in Visual Studio go Debug -> Attach Unity Debugger. Press Input IP and set the port to 55555 The dll is built with those instructions. The source with the proper Unity version are here Windows only for now but the source should have everything needed to build the dll for Linux and OSX in the unity-2019.2.2-mbe directory. If you compile I will add the file on my server I ll update the OP after other have confirmed it work for them If someone want to have a look at the code and change the default port to 56000 they are welcome. I did not have the will ( look in around unity-2019.2.2-mbe\mono\mini\debug-mini.c )
  3. Open the Attitude Controller and play with the "Maximum Angular Velocity" or Max Stopping Time, depending on the selected Controller.
  4. There is no dll on github, only the source code. The mod link are the the first post of this thread.
  5. Your log has not mention of MechJeb2.dll at all. So either the file is not there ( Kerbal Space Program\GameData\MechJeb2\Plugins\MechJeb2.dll ) or you have an other zealous anti virus messing things up.
  6. Deleting the cache won't help. The DLL is not here so I am not sure of what you installed and how you installed it.
  7. The mod has not been updated since 2018. It has nothing to do with Module Manager and I do not see how we can help with that.
  8. There are tryGetXXX calls that fixes the first "problem". The second one is by design and having multiple value with the same name is perfectly valid and is used for curves configuration. The last one is nothing out of the ordinary and is no different than accessing a null value. You have to check first. You can write you own ConfigNodes extension if this make your life hard.
  9. I have no idea of what is different for rover in RO/RSS. Does it install some other mods to replace the wheels ?
  10. Rendezvous is to join an other craft that orbits the same planet (Go near your space station for example). To go to a moon you need to use the "Maneuver Planner" and select "bi-impulsive (Hohmann) transfer to target".
  11. The "Flight Recorder" CSV button will export to GameData\MechJeb2\Export. I should add a message... I ll need more information to help...
  12. And here is the release. 2.9.2 Localization support with included Simplified Chinese Localization Improved integrator and Brent's Method for maneuvers Fix the ApR and SMA maneuvers Support Multi-Node maneuvers Various fixes and code improvements Stuff I forgot
  13. Amen to that. The pressure at work sure is there recently As other already said the current release works fine for 1.9. CKAN should already reflect that and I just edited the thread tittle.
  14. There, this should do for 1.8 and 1.9