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  1. Ignore it. I forgot to update the version check.
  2. built for KSP 1.5 (but most likly compatible with 1.4.x) Replace Hohmann Transfer with Bi-Impulsive Transfers [ui_fix] no space after altitude meters label in ascent autopilot The fix for dv and hidden part decoupler is still in the work (and I will feel better releasing it as a dev version first).
  3. Version 3.1.0 more Internal code improvement by @blowfish more detailed log about what works™ but should be written differently. More I missed when writing this half asleep? ModuleManager.3.1.0.dll
  4. I am eagerly waiting for your code submission. You'll either see that it is harder to code than to explain or you'll submit better code. The ingame manual link was fixed last Sunday. (and I just fixed the one in the post now, thx for the reminder).
  5. Ok, I found 2 problems that I fixed and it displays the dv properly but shows only one stage. I need to fix that so it shows 2 stages but I'll finish that when I am more awake
  6. I would have to look at how it handles this part but I guess the decoupler is why MJ fails. Can you link the beta package and I ll try to have a look?
  7. It could be added. Next time I have some free time
  8. It's not a problem I have and no one else complained about it. So I would rather have a vessel file so I can see what is going on.
  9. Did you share the vessel file? If not can you?
  10. The id make it easier to write a MM patch that targets this file. The "!MechJeb2Landing:HAS[#id[MechJeb2DefaultLandingSites]] { }" would delete the content of the file. MJ load all available landing site so if you have 3 files you will end up with the site from all 3 files. For most mods it does not matter but for mods that replace Kerbin (like RSS) you need a way to clean up the irrelevant entries. I ll clean up your file later No. It fails to find the solution in the short time frame. I'll have to look into it someday...
  11. Thanks for the warning! I rushed a new release to change the link. 2.7.4 Change the "Online Manual" link to the github wiki since the old site is gone Updated the landing sites list with the one from @El Sancho Improved the landing sim precision (aka "write code with both eyes opened") A bunch of small fixes Download 2.7.4 for KSP 1.4.1 The Wiki could use some love if some of you want to help.
  12. Ok My guess is that you could find an error message in the loading log that tells you why the image did not load. (power of two size or something alike)
  13. Damn, those 40+yr eyes needs some revision.
  14. Yes, running it once in onStart should be enough. For a 2d resize I guess you could also just resize the cubes but I never tried it...