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  1. I neither confirm nor deny that modders have any ways of coordinating their effort or actually have any free will.
  2. While it is nice of you I would rather you did not link this. I had to deal with alternate distribution source in the past and ended up debugging bugs that were not mine. Yes, MFI is still being maintained but it did not require any change in a long time and since I am lazy I did not even change the post title.
  3. How is this related to the topic of this thread, the glory of MM, cats and rainbows ?
  4. It is a Unity game so building for Linux or OSX is usually "simple" but I would not be surprised they want to first iron out the feature/bugs on Windows before dealing with platform specific shenanigans. And even if it stays Windows only you have greater cross OS compatibility nowadays with Proton...
  5. Whatever they choose to do I just hope that we can mod it easily. That way we can provide the level of realism each players want (and @eggrobin can keep on writing crazy math).
  6. But how will I be able to freak out people with the power of rainbows?
  7. Or it will be in December because game code and art does takes time.
  8. First: Yay. Look great and I can't wait to get my hands on it. I have no doubt it will be as mod friendly as KSP 1 Now the really important question: Which Unity version does this runs on ?
  9. Caveat for this post: I did a lot of testing when I wrote this mod 15 months ago but I do not remember every results. The loading (reading from disk and parsing) of the cfg themselves is actually really fast. The slow part is how KSP reads models (and texture?) and build the part DB. The pure disk IO part is not really a big part of it (unless of course if you load the game from a fragmented HDD but not much can help in that case). One of the slow part is how the data stream is divided in byte/long/float/etc If you want to understand some of the underlying problem then I refer you to this article that explains what is actually slow (not in a KSP specific context but it is how KSP does it) There are some solution in this article than may help with KSP loading but as I said earlier I do not think it is a good idea for a mod to rewrite such a large part of the stock game code. It is something that should be done on Squad side but it takes times away from bugs/features and may not even be a lot faster for everyone...
  10. Yeah, I guess I need to force the code to run in Update when timewrap is running. I ll try to do something about it in the coming week if I can free up some time...
  11. Everything is doable but when you do larger change you need increase the risk of needing a large update after each patch. I would rather keep it simple. Compressed file would not really save much loading time. The slowdown is actually after the data is loaded (as shown by the limited impact of this mod) Some part of the stock loading could be made faster but it s something best done on Squad side... I think @blowfishlooked at zip loading but I don't remember the results. Yeah, the result varies wildly with the hardware. I guess you have enough memory for the whole game to be quickly cached.
  12. Yes, as long as you define the effect on the part then you can call it like that.
  13. @blowfish is the one doing the heavy lifting for MM now. I just push a button