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  1. Just Read The Instructions
  2. @Nefrums There you go. No, there is no special RSS leaderboard - just not enough RSS entries yet For now, your name is on the modded leaderboard.
  3. @Nefrums Nicely done! However, if you want to see your name on the coveted leaderboard I need you to calculate your score
  4. @Speeding Mullet Thank you very much Don't worry about the delay.
  5. @qzgy Thank you - english is not my native language. You should give it a go - apollo style missions are allways fun. I find them to be in a nice niche between "someting I can throw together in 10 minutes" and "This will keep me busy for at least a month".
  6. @Scarecrow Well done! We have a new number three on the leaderboard
  7. Hey there! Can I humbly suggest my "Doing it Apollo Style Challenge" as a heritage challenge? The original challenge can be found here, it was a thread of the month, way back in August 2013 and had 47 entries. The second iteration "Doing it Apollo Style - Redux" has only 16 entries so far, but they have kept comming for about 4 months now.
  8. @Jetski From what I can see your mission looks unique enough I have added you to the leaderboard
  9. @Gordon Fecyk Nicely done! And a great video too - good music and production values I've added you to the leaderboard. Yeah, apolly stylle mission are quite extravagant, but I allways found them really fun and engaging.
  10. @Physics Student Nicely done! I've added you to the leaderboard. Your self-deploying science-things are neat - deploying them by rover takes to much time. But I fear lauching one of them into orbit and counting that as a sub-satellite is against the spirit of recreating apollo
  11. 1. Mechjeb is allowed for extra data, but not automated piloting 2. Nope 3. Well, yes - but why be one of the cool kids and use fuel cells? 4. Nope 5. Sure, there is no need to bring the rover back 6. Well, it's okay if it can drive and fly. But a rover that cannot can only hop and not rove is not a rover! 7. No, I don't think so 8. One should be able to understand your mission by the screenshots. Also screenshots of major goals should be posted. But in the end I will trust you anyways. 9. Nope - questions are fine
  12. @overkill13 You have been added to the leaderboard. It's nice to see that this challenge wont die so easily @tater Well, there is stil time to do the mission again with scoring and more screenshots, so you too can have a place on the glorious leaderboard
  13. @Luovahulluus I am still around, actually Thanks for answering the question anyways, I do not regularly check this thread anymore @capt: scarlet Maybe ask in the support forums? That post you quoted is about four years old
  14. This is still open, yes. Allthough I sometimes need a few day to update the leaderboard. No Badge....back in the old days only the rich kids had badges!
  15. @sevenperforce That is quite the impressive mission! But I sadly can't give you the extra 100 points @foobar Nicely done - I see you are well trained in point landings