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  1. Have you seen the "Apple" concept for what looks like a flat panel RTG? https://www.nasa.gov/directorates/spacetech/niac/2021_Phase_I/Atomic_Planar_Power_for_Lightweight_Exploration/ Maybe you could loosely base an RTG on it, giving it the form factor of a solar panel or radiator, but functioning as any other RTG?
  2. I was just coming back to ask if this was still being developed. Good to see that progress continues. I am seriously looking forward to trying this pack out when it releases. I am hoping that it compliments the works produced be Nertea, for making a range of near and far future spaceplanes.
  3. Anyone have screenshots of the model reworks in last patch?
  4. Could that "Ouroboros" Fusion Aerospike be configured to use IntakeAir or IntakeAtm as re-mass? It could potentially be the core of a hybrid jet/rocket.
  5. I'm sorta hoping for a far future aeronautics. Not likely to happen though.
  6. That looks really cool. Would it be possible to set up a cluster of pulsed engines to fire sequentially?
  7. That is awesome! An inline ducted fan and or a foldable prop would potentially be great for an Eve ascent vehicle with minimal radial size, so it can be delivered to Eve without a mushroom fairing assembly. Edit: Assuming it were electric or could run on internal oxidiser, like a fuel cell does.
  8. If you're looking into doing prop engines, there is one I'd like to request. A (preferrably) stackable prop engine with folding props, so that in it's retracted state, has minimal protrusion from the size of the mounting points. This could make for an ideal Eve engine, or could be incorporated into spaceplane designs, to allow for a powered final approach on landing.
  9. For the first point: Whichever allows you the flexibility for what you want to achieve. I've been researching RDEs ever since they were brought up in my uni this year (Aerospace propulsion.) They seem to inherently have a toroidal or annular shape, so either could work. You could describe both the ramjet ring and the core engine as RDEs. As an aside, I see no reason why, with sufficient tech, an RDE couldn't be stretched into a near linear form, with detonation travelling like the belt of a conveyor. Mk2 fuselage possibilities for the future? As for the second point, I'm mostly referrin
  10. Idea: a combined cycle engine, SABRE style, with an RDE combustion chamber and Aerospike nozzle, arranged around a traditional central nozzle. As an extension to the idea, MPDT with airbreathing mode and closed cycle, or an electric boost mode for above design that boosts exhaust velocity with MPDT derived technology. So an engine that would have switchable mode for air/oxidiser, and a boost toggle that adds Ec to the mix. Efficiency of Ec consumption and propellant mix adjusted to suit gameplay balance, But I'd imagine if you arc-boosted, you'd want a nuclear reactor onboard, or a t
  11. An idea for the VT Helicarrier: a few variants with some vertical distance between intake side and exhaust side, to facilitate snapping to (through) fuselages. So maybe a Mk2 height, J, and K height versions? personally I'd like a version that can act as RCS as well, (or a ring RCS mount with 45 degree thrusters that snaps around the VT engine, but that would be easy enough to make with existing parts, I guess.)
  12. I'm a bit lost. I updated and got the B9 fatal error. Deleted MM cache, double checked that I have latest B9 ver. and still getting the fatal error. Is this just me and my install? I have all the near future stuff, cryo, atomic, restock, basically all the current nertea stuff, realplume, engine lighting relit, scatterer, reentry particles, KIS, KAS, tweakscale, and better timewarp. Fatal Error reads something like "no tank called RR_CryoHLOX exists"
  13. I like the SAGE's shape in general. that model is my favourite Mk2 engine from any mod, just on aesthetics. The slot nozzles already have the sort of design language I would imagine for a powered elevon. I could imagine something designed to snap to the back of the large and huge pylon/wingroot parts, with the engine body or cooling inlets visible on the dorsal and ventral surfaces of the wingroot, and the attached elevon/nozzle at the trailing edge, looking like a typical elevon, but with a SAGE style nozzle on the underside. For the huge, I'd imagine about 1/2 of the power of the SAGE, for t
  14. Combined engine/elevon wouldn't necessarily need to be bulky if it was some form of plasma thruster, and there are developments in the airbreathing plasma thruster technology going on right now that might be able to match similarly sized jet engines one day. I had imagined something like an air-fed arcjet that uses something akin to railgun rails internally to further accelerate exhaust plasma, in which case the limiting size constraint would be length. Add the ability to magnetically or electrostatically deflect the exhaust jet, and you'd have a wing-shaped air-plasma engine, with vectored th
  15. @JadeofMaar, do OPT wings have any functionality as radiators? It seems like an ideal dual purpose for nuclear or futuristic powered aerospace craft to incorporate radiator panels directly into wing surfaces. And admittedly, seeing the wings glowing during high-thrust burns would be pretty cool. Maybe this could be a thing when SystemHeat is released. Another high-tech part idea are powered control surfaces, or distributed propulsion wings. Basically the trailing edge of a control surface or wing act as a linear aerospike nozzle, or just a slit nozzle, through which the engine fires. Simi
  16. Fair enough. I feel the Mk3 parts have a lot of unused space around the crew cabin, and the tapered adapters are a little restrictive, but I understand the workload involved here. Wishful thinking on my part, for sure, and a little nostalgia for NF Aero. The Mk2/Mk3 expansions are really good and comprehensive, though they have a different visual style to your work. I had hoped for a NF style pack that handled Mk2 and 3 to keep the aesthetics and balance 100% consistent. As things stand now, I like the OPT pack for spaceplanes, and used to combine with NF Aero if available, or FFT for r
  17. So, I'm a bit at a loss. What OPT pack do I run with the reconfig? As in what are the benefits of main vs legacy. I dont want both, because of the parts bloat and the duplication, but the 2 packs seem to be missing essential parts. Main lacks air brakes, dual mode Mk2 engine, hunchback cockpit. Legacy lacks many of the more refined cargo bay options and seems unbalanced. Also, Where are the new parts JadeofMaar is making going to go? At the end of the day, I want the Mk2 dual mode engine, J-aerospike and the new stuff coming soon, and the most up to date hull options. Is that all going to b
  18. @Nertea, would you consider expanding Restock or Restock+ to update the Mk2 and Mk3 parts at some point in the future? Those aero parts look dated and limited compared to the rest with restock installed. Keeping to the idea of parts needing variants and parts notable for their absence, some ideas I'd like to see are listed below: -Mk2 nose cone with lines like the Mk2 Cockpit, possibly a drone/probe core. -Mk2 intake, possibly a ramscoop and conical versions (variants of same part?) -Mk2 engine, RAPIER Linear aerospike? OPT has a great looking part like this as a "turboramje
  19. Personally, I'd like to see a deployable, zeppelin-shaped envelope, that can support an ascent vehicle as the gondola, and maybe an XL envelope that can be deployed as an aerostat base for docking spaceplanes to, but can be delivered via reentry vehicle. Basically just re-modelled envelopes that look a bit more "realistic"
  20. Is there a version of Far Future Tech that is compatible with 1.9.1?
  21. If and when NF Aero gets a remake, Is there any hope of getting some Mk2 fuselage profile parts? OPT used to have (and probably still does) a Mk2 engine with a "Millenium Falcon" style linear exhaust, that I tweak to a more realistic, or at least more in line with NF stats, SABRE style engine. I'd love a Mk2 Linear aerospike / SABRE multimode engine in NF style. Total pipedream here, but if NF Aero ever did get a remake, my personal wish would be a standardisation with OPT fuselage form factors, so that there are a complete set of NF Aero parts that are fully interchangea
  22. HDR and bloom are IMHO, essential to representing sunlight in an no-atmo environment. There is no skyshine, so shadows become much deeper in contrast to lit regions, and the sunlight is whiter and more intense. Looking at footage from the ISS and older video from apollo missions demonstrate this. Obviously a balance needs to be reached as to how intense these effects are, but again IMHO, KSP has lighting that is too flat to really give that impression of being in space. Naturally, these effects should be player adjustable.
  23. I might be derping really hard on this one, but every time I try and download Restock (tried Spacedock and Github), I get RestockPlus instead. What am I missing here?
  24. Just noticed the hummingbird engine exhaust doesn't expand at low atmo pressure. Intentional?
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