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  1. Would you also consider a mk2 hull linear aerospike? Also would it be realistic/plausible to make it SABRE compatible?
  2. Yeah, I know about the Laztek pack, but it isn't really "stock-alike." I used to run a long list of mods, but I've been trying to get down to no mods for when 1.0 drops. The recent real-world use of the landing legs and steering vanes prompted me to try some kerbal recreations, but a 1st stage scale landing leg and a folding control surface or air-brake/drag fin feel like they are missing. Besides, it could be some good PR for Squad given the recent back and forth banter between Squad and SpaceX.
  3. Contents to include = Aerodynamic landing legs of the style seen on the Falcon 9 v1.1 Fold out control surfaces/airbrakes Propulsive Landing module or aerodynamic version of 24-77 Also maybe to include... 4-Kerbal command pod 2.5m base, 1.875m top, with matching 1.875m covered docking port Multi-nozzle engine 2.5m. (I usually use widgets to stack 7 - 9 LV-45s, but a single part would be nice) Also, I know Laztek pack covers all of this, but the aesthetic is real-world in that pack, what i'd like to see is a Kerbalised version of SpaceX's technology. Final note: I realise I have requested 1 part at the 1.875m scale, and I know It's not a supported size at this time, but I believe it should be.
  4. Oh man, do want those Mk2 parts. What sort of capability will the Intake and engine have? 2x Stock? 2.5x stock? more?
  5. Does this update include the new 3.75m drive ring?
  6. Is it possible to add a single seat hitchhiker pod that actually fits the 1.25m form factor? The landing pod is great and all, but is horrifically bloated for a single seat pod.
  7. I've just installed, but there's way too much cloud, and it's tiling in places. How can i adjust the settings for this pack?
  8. I am having an issue getting RO to install using CKAN puffy planet. It downloads the required mods, then begins to list the mods it's installing, then just says it's done, and nothing is installed! I've tried rolling back to the last stable version of CKAN, but it wouldn't even boot up. I then rerolled to puffy planet and tried to install one-by-one, and for some reason cannot get FAR to install, is this a clue, or the same bug? How do I get it to work? FYI, I am using a clean install, moved away from my steam install, with the CKAN install path updated to suit.
  9. 1 million meters, yeah. It's pretty concievable that a drive like this, that uses what is effectively a gravitational shear point to decouple the inside of the bubble from the universe around it, would be awful sensitive to local gravity wells. Also, for balance reasons. Edit: Corrected by OP
  10. RoverDude, If you are making a 3.75m version, could it be omitting the "Star Trek" style nacelles that you've fitted to the 2.5m version. That way it naturally fit with the IXS parts, without needing to be an overt tie-in. Also as an idea, is it possible to have floating diffuse light sources just outside the bubble, but lacking mesh entities of their own, that cast light on the ship within, one at the "front" vortex, and one at the "rear" vortex. Both cast very dim white light at 0% throttle, but as you progress to 100% throttle they saturate to blue at the front and red at the rear.
  11. won't work at any less than 1000 km for Kerbin, man. I think it's technically something like 3 times whatever the local planetary radius is, but it's still pretty damn close to 1000 kilometers for kerbin.
  12. Oh man that pod looks good! 1.25m top and 1.875m bottom? I'd love to see a 1.875 top and 2.5m bottom, 4 man capsule with a Dragon-2-meets-Mk1-2 aesthetic. With matching hollow nosecone with opening animation, that con be placed around the standard 1.25m docking port.
  13. Any chance you could update the Science lab with some interior lights? Also, any chance you could put together a 1.25m engine, about as long and heavy as the LV-N, but with a max thrust of about 400-ish. A heavy-duty 1st stage engine for the 1.25m size is something I think this game truly needs.
  14. 4 Sidewinders, 4 kills. With the integral sensor-fusion, as well as superior target lock angle, maneuverability is of limited importance, besides the people I've spoken to, who've actually flown the few that exist, they maneuver just fine, thanks. Minimal weapons bay is true enough, if you have to maintain stealth. Stealth loses most of it's relevance once you own the sky, so it only needs to be maintained for 1st strike ops. After that, adapt to a larger payload for freer engagement of enemy targets. Besides, as a multi-role aircraft, it leaves the role of dedicated Air-to-Air to the specialists. Straight-line speed is militarily irrelevant. Back in the 80's it was possible to be pinged on enemy radar, and if you were fast enough, hit your target before a response could be mustered. Now, sensor ranges are so great, that unless you can hit mach-5, you will be engaged on approach. As such, flat-out speed, at least much past around mach 1.5 is unneccesary, unless you are an interceptor, and even then, modern sensors, warning, take your time to get in position ahead of your enemy. F-35 carries a significantly higher internal fuel/weapon load than any 4/4.5 gen fighter, so it does not have to suffer the parasitic losses associated with under-wing stores. I completely agree with the 1 engine failure risk though. Pilots I've spoken to have said even in a twin-engine they'd bail if they completely lost an engine, though. I dunno, I'd wanna get the plane home, though.
  15. I really like the look of the ARIE engine and intake. I was hoping a version of these that fits the Mk2 form factor would be released in this patch, maybe 1.5?
  16. Out of curiosity, are you taking off under Air-breathing or Closed-Cycle mode? IIRC, Skylon is planned to use closed-cycle power to take off, the switch to air-breathing for the bulk of it's in-atmo run-up to mach 5-6.
  17. Porkjet, will .91 or the like include updates to the dated nose cone parts, namely, the one that's half covered in heat-tiles & the matching cap? Or updates to the radial liquid engine? (the big one) Also, will we be seeing bigger air-breathing/RAPIER type engines (and intakes) to help lift these larger shuttle-bodies? If yes, can you say Mk2 or 2.5m? Finally, will your work on centrifuges and inflatable habitats be included in stock, or returned to as a mod? (Still hanging out for the 2.5m centrifuge!)
  18. I'm hoping the Cabin lighting gets carried over to existing command pods, habitats and the sci-lab as well. Also the Standard NC and NCS adapter could use an update.
  19. Getting the final docking port to attach is the trick... Mine was skewed just slightly somewhere near the beginning, so by the time I had closed the loop, the last two ports were out by roughly the docking port's radius, and, well.... I used KAS winches to pull it into alignment, and to hold it together once engines were lit, but it didn't go so well at that point, physics said no.
  20. Is there going to be a release of this to suit RoverDude's Alcubierre drive?
  21. Hoping to see an IXS Enterprise version of this warp engine. Would it be possible to just do a mesh swap, or is the warp bubble part of the part mesh?
  22. Are these functionally the same as a stupidly powerful engine, or do they work like KSPI's Warp drives, preserving angular momentum when shut down?
  23. Looks interesting, does it have an integrated heatshield?