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  1. Nah, it has been an issue I've had with Kerbal IVAs since long before we ever got female kerbs. They've sat so low in the seat that all I can see is sky and gauges since we first got IVA in aircraft cockpits. I'm well aware that you can doubleclick the windshield to glue their eyes to it, but that's not really a solution either, because then I can't see any instruments at all. When I fly an airplane I want my airspeed, altitude, and artificial horizon visible, but I also want to be able to see in front and sufficiently below the cockpit that I could see the runway while sitting on
  2. These look awesome. I don't know if it's just a quirk of the screenshots, though, but the IVA camera is so low that it's almost useless. And that's something I notice with the sweeping majority of KSP IVAs.
  3. Those are tasks I build rovers for. I don't waste three hours of my evening trying to engineer an aircraft that can gain sufficient lift and control in Duna's paper thin atmo when I can spend 20 minutes throwing some tracks and a reactor on a sheet of structural steel to achieving the same exact mission goal. What's the point of an airplane that can only do short hops? Just build a rover instead. If the airplane can't fly continuously for distances and/or at speeds higher than I can manage with a rover and MechJeb's cruise control it's not worth a single speso. Su
  4. Monoprop tanks are tiny and have love all monoprop in them. You need far more of your craft dedicated to containing fuel than you would an LF/IA engine. Electric? If you're building anything practically large you're gonna need far more than 'a battery and an RTG/Solar Panel' to get reasoanble performance out of the thing, and if you want to be able to run it full throttle it's gonna have to be 70% generation equipment. Even then it's gonna be beat out by a big ol' Pratt R2800 every time. You could also apply a KISS approach and just set its ISP curve properly. The recips we get with Fi
  5. Mm, but LF+O is more versatile. Can get a lot more power out of it without requiring a mountain of support systems, or scale it down to something barely larger than a soda can. Atop that, it can be dual mode, just as the SABRE engines we already have, burning intake air when available and liquid oxidizer when necessary. Of course it would need a vacuum thrust of basically nil, but yeah. A monoprop engine, an electric engine, and a turboprop engine would all be nice little niche products, but the bread-and-butter oughtta be a selection of LF/IA recips with LF/O dual mode operation u
  6. Late reply I know, but...mm, there's no reason you can't pipe LO2 into a standard recip with the right manifolds. Engine doesn't care where it gets its oxygen, only that it gets oxygen. I can't imagine the efficiency would be all that good, but hell, it at least should be better than an LF/O2 rocket engine. I 'spose that's also a valid use case for recips in KSP, but to me, recips in KSP are an early game tech that is to be rendered obsolete later on down the line by more advanced systems. Kinda like what we've done in real life, generally, recips are only used on light personal cr
  7. Uhh, no. I can think of three uses for recips in KSP right off the top of my head: * Early game science gathering. * Sightseeing contracts. * Cheap long-range aircraft. That's, coincidentally, what I use the recips I build using mods for as well. I don't waste my time engineering some fancy-pants expensive jet to take a tourist over to the nearby island runway, I just warm up the cessna or throw 'em the keys to an old warbird. Why spend 125,000 spesos on an SR71 flight to satisfy a contract that only pays out 12,500 spesos? I h
  8. I'm not really referring to the specifics of science in career. I'm talking more in general terms, in terms that apply equally to career and sandbox. Though I'm also in favor of doing something to the science system that makes it less of a grind, as that's precisely why I don't play it. It's just grinding. Go here, run the same experiments, take htme there, run them again, unlock more parts, repeat ad nauseum.
  9. KSP is a great foundation for space exploration, no denying that. Between the breadth of stock content and the inundation of mods that expand upon and even add new features outright, there's no shortage of parts to use, of types of craft to build, bases, et-al. And that's great! But it gets old fast when there's nowhere exciting to send any of it. I may just be burned out....I've had the game since V0.17 after all...but lately, KSP has lost my interest because there's just not anything new to discover in the game. I've been everywhere. At some point between V0.17
  10. Mmm. As far as the original topic goes, I have two serious suggestions for you that help me greatly: 1: Stop using the stock rover wheels. They don't slide readily and that's why you flip so easily. Mod wheels...my favorites are the tracks floating around...tend to be willing to slide a little instead of just traction rolling you every time you try to steer. 2: Get a gamepad of some sort and drive your rovers with that. It's harder to flip the thing over if you've got proportional steering as you can feed it in juuuust enough to turn without rolling it.
  11. Quicksaving isn't the problem, and as I've said countless times in Fallout 4 discussions regarding the restrictions on game saves in Survival mode, it does nobody any favors to restrict or block saving the game when the game is full of bugs, glitches, and unintended incidents. KSP isn't much better than Fallout 4 in that regard, especially when dealing with rovers. As far as NASA's rovers....they move at a snail's pace less because they can't just hit F9 and more because designing a vehicle that can bomb across the Martian surface at 50+ MPH isn't designing a vehicle current rocket
  12. S'all good, homey! Honestly thought I'd just not seen the right link or something, haha.
  13. Am I missing something here? Title says mod supports 1.4.x, I'm on 1.4.2, but the only download links in the OP are for game version 1.2.
  14. Is there any way to turn off the version checker? I'm on 1.4.2 and FAR keeps telling me I'm not on 1.4.2.
  15. I don't have any major cracks in my runways, either, but I'll keep that in mind. 1.3.0 has the San Andreas Fault running through it. Got ya!
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