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  1. Is there any to get MechJeb to properly control a shuttle for docking? Currently, it just flies off without properly orienting. I see there's multiple other posts in this thread regarding this issue, but none offer viable solutions. Really frustrating to have a beautiful ship that is unusable for docking
  2. If you're interested in another tiny shuttle, there was the Chelomei LKS proposal.
  3. Hey there, I gave this a try. The models are so nice! Amazing texture work. The SRB attachment is pretty wonky. They were flopping around during launch attempts, strut application fixed this however. The jet engine nozzle is blocked. When activated the exhaust comes out of.... nowhere. The jet engine appears to be too weak to push the shuttle, it just falls like a rock even with max throttle on the engine. I can’t for the life of me get into orbit with the launch stack. I’ve tried manual, and mechjeb. There’s just not enough fuel to circularize at a reasonable altitude (100km). The external tank/rocket thing is pretty nifty. Ovalish shape is cool.
  4. Wow wow wow! Can't wait to rebuild MIR. If I may make a suggestion... Consider some recoloured parts to make a proper Kvant-1 FSM tug? I couldn't find a white or cream coloured Cone, just a black and green one. And possibly a decoupler that wraps over the docking port side of Kvant-1? For reference
  5. Difference 8 years makes. Nice to have a flexible soviet-style stations kit, but I sure do miss the IVAs and little nifty features from the old mods. Not sure if I should wait for SOCK Buran before I launch Kristall.... Need to make sure those docking ports are compatible
  6. I was delivering a satellite with the Kerboarm.... And I had a flashback to... 8 years ago! Not nearly as finicky as it used to be... although the old Buran manipulators didn't need a special docking port. Looking forward to doing a proper recreation whenever the Buran releases!
  7. Huh. Never used Autostrut before. Guess there's a lot of things I need to learn about modern KSP.
  8. Okay, so I thought the craft files were messed up... Turns out I installed TantaresLV incorrectly. Now I can load the crafts no issue, other than a few missing parts. KopernicusSolarPanel? ModuleDockingPortNamed? Not sure what those are for. I'm having an issue with KIS though. Kvant-1 and other modules don't seem to have their own Inventory? They want me to stick a kerbal in the module to have inventory? What am I doing wrong now?
  9. A bunch of the craft files are refusing to load due to missing parts. Did I mess up or are these craft files outdated?
  10. Another Buran? This'll go together nicely with Bobcat's Buran!
  11. Where can I get a copy of v1.7.3, or whatever version works with 0.23.5?
  12. Nice, nice… I would have feedback, but Dragon01 already posted what I intended to post… Same links and everything
  13. Landing has to be done manually, MechJeb doesn't really have a spaceplane landing module.
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