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  1. Metalworkers with sufficient quantities of scrap, downtime, creativity… and possibly fermented beverages.
  2. See the TURTLE of enormous modest girth, Upon Beneath his shell he holds the whole earth ...a UTV...
  3. Might I also suggest: Tonight Alive Concrete Castles: The Warning:
  4. Welp... guess I don't actually need to watch the thing now...
  5. IIRC it needs to be pressurized during launch & maybe reentry for extra strength & rigidity. It would be vented once in orbit to deploy payloads.
  6. sees email notification* *drops iPad in haste to pull this page up* *recovers but gibbers audibly waiting for the tweet to load* . . . why you little—
  7. I think it’s just kicking up some dust and then heating it orange-hot.
  8. More important question: was anyone thanked for fish?? I better go get my towel...
  9. Bear in mind, RL’s motivation here isn’t cost savings so much as increased launch cadence (eventually). I would assume fishing the booster out of the sea works, just not very well, vis a vis turnaround time. These first few are going to be gone over with a fine tooth comb anyway, there’s no time savings to be had there, so it doesn’t matter if they need more work to fix seawater intrusion, but to get it down to a short turnaround routine, dryer is better. They also have much smaller margins with such a small booster, so excessive waterproofing might run up against a diminishing returns point with regards to performance very quickly.
  10. And altho with you. And just now: Rocketlab Offical liked one of my tweets! So far I’ve also got Tory Bruno & Maye Musk, working on collecting the whole set now. …and need to get blocked by Rogozin….
  11. The fuel was 238Pu, which primarily decays through alpha particles. Alpha particles are easily shielded, even by skin, and it was stored in a cask strong enough to survive reentry and impact (that’s a lot of shielding material). The only way it could pose a hazard to the crew was if the fuel leaked and they ate it… They also used the stuff in pacemakers for comparison…
  12. It wasn’t a test, it was to power surface experiments. All the Apollo landings except 11 carried it. Looks to have been stored in a special container on the LEM, probably with shielding, and some distance from the cabin.
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