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  1. A proper Space Viking funeral for Pirs. This is the way. Also @DDE what is this, and why aren’t we funding it??
  2. This thing happened: Isn't it just the cutest? This lil guy took off like a shot when I was out mowing with the tractor and probably saved his litter mates from an awful fate. One more pass and… Of course, it couldn’t go perfectly. These two bolted for the underbrush once we found the nest to return the first guy. Checked back a couple hours later and he was still there, but the other two hadn’t come back. Hopefully momma bunny gets them all sorted out soon.
  3. *GASP* Maybe what we’re seeing here isn’t for standard Starship, it’s a pathfinder for lunar Starship. The shape of the door makes much more sense then, if there’s a (planned) crew compartment above.
  4. That doesn't seem conducive to "rapid, reliable reusability..." Seems like a lot of work, and potential failure points if the same tiles are going on and off over & over. There's been talk of tethering two starship nose to nose for artificial grabbity, I wonder if they could use some single point of attachment beneath an opening nose tip, kinda like the docking port on Dragon? Would need some stabilizing arms that brace the leeward side. Or just attach the lifting mechanism only to the leeward side with some kind of cantilever, like the ol' balanced hammer physics trick... I also wonder if, knowing they're being watched 24/7, they deliberately position stuff like this the wrong way with just enough view for a tease, just to mess with all of us. Er, nevermind... Seems like a big chunk is inaccessible tho?
  5. IIRC they very, very specifically added a lockout system so that couldn’t foreseeably happen again.
  6. Well, if (at that point) both the pad and booster are technically expendable…
  7. Well, they couldn’t let that stand… It’s ok, they can take a page from the ship’s namesake and just go in their suits.
  8. A little clunky to work with, but otherwise very very solid…
  9. Your (over)analysis of these tiles is, as always, fascinating. More likely what we’re looking at here is just another pathfinder with half-finished test sections, that’s my guess.
  10. That’s what you get for letting this guy handle the IT department.
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