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  1. This fluffy little such & such has figured out how to fly the coop. Not even two weeks old and she jump-flew right out of the brooder cage. And seemed every bit as surprised about it as we were. Guess we’ll have to double check the lids from now on.
  2. Despite the state-wide lockdown, somehow I still managed to get stuck in traffic: ...nothing to see here, just a ginormous boat on freakin' tank treads on an idyllic country beach... Tiny humans for scale.
  3. That thing is flarping incredible. All it needs is a couple dozen Kerbal paratroopers sliding off the wings. I really need to get back to Kerballing.
  4. Deep space disposal is probably an option, too. Again, that NRHO makes that relatively easy. But 20 tonne lunar lawn darts would be so much cooler.
  5. Ninja’d again. But yes, IIRC the whole point of the near-rectilinear halo mouthful orbit is that it takes very little DV to get into/out of. The gateway’s propulsion module will do the whole thing with only a low-thrust, high-ISP ion drive. It’s not like Apollo, et al, where they need a big burn to brake into LLO.
  6. Wait, so like... a boring cylinder, or a Boring cylinder..?
  7. Dang it, I was just pulling up the tab, too. But yes, frarpin’ LUNAR DRAGON! 5 tonnes of cargo there, but could also return cargo. Wonder what we could do with 5 tonnes of moon rock samples... Er, edit, return cargo does not seem to be the case, I squeeeed before I actually read the article. Tho seems odd that SpaceX would design anything to be disposable from the beginning at this point. Wonder if they might have longer term plans for used modules?
  8. California’s on lockdown, Italy’s saying “mama Mia!” and the Great Cornholio has become the prophet of the modern age. How has no one posted this yet?? it’s time I had some time alone... Why no, I don’t deflect my growing anxiety with inappropriate humor, where ever did you get that idea? Are you threatening me?
  9. Wow, still not locked? this truly is the apocalypse. *masked click*
  10. Bigger question these days seems to be, is there any intelligent life at home? Ah yes, I too know this misery. Good on ya for figuring it out.
  11. Actually, he did mention switching to a different stainless alloy, 304 I think. Could be better strength/weight ratio. Also, this: