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  1. Apparently all that static firing broke something.
  2. The weather here is disgustingly mild, rarely snows, rarely gets super hot, never a hurricane but we usually get a few nasty windstorms every fall/winter. This one just surprised the L out of everyone, no one saw it coming. We had a mild wind advisory to start then out of nowhere there were 100kph+ gusts in places. What we do have lots of around here, are trees, they don’t mix so well with aerial power lines, especially when the ground is so saturated it’s basically mud and they can just flop over. One of those “perfect storms” I guess. Would love to have a wind/solar system, whe
  3. Well, about 1 this morning things certainly got... interesting around here. In the “oh God God we’re all gonna die” sort of way. Well, maybe not that bad, but I’m lying in bed reading the forum when I start getting SEVERE THUNDERSTORM WARNINGs popping up. That’s a pretty extreme rarity around here. Didn’t see much wind where I was but the power went out shortly thereafter. And is still out. Upwards of 500,000 people in the dark in the greater Puget Sound area, multiple roads were closed due to trees and powerlines down (including both directions of a major 8-lane interstate. ) That standby g
  4. You should come out here, everything’s so saturated right now there’s zero fire danger. Except maybe with dioxygen difluoride. But fuel-wise, maybe fire starter pellets? Fairly light, burn long and consistently. I tried looking up fire resistant fabric out of curiosity, but after a truly painful amount of math it seems to be twice the weight of paper. Maybe just some good ol’ fashioned nylon? I think that’s what actual balloons are made of. Or maybe parachute silk, prolly available on eBay. And ITAR, the FAA, EPA, NTSB, MPAA, AAA, SAG, MIB, PDQ, RSTLNE...
  5. Have you considered dioxygen difluoride? Everything takes off better with dioxygen difluoride.
  6. An Ekranoplan shuttle transport/launcher?? Hah, I love it! And looks like they had plans to vertically launch a missile from a cargo plane, too.
  7. Just one example, Back when I was a youngun around here, I was officially scolded for posting a reaction meme sans text. Since then, that rule has been reconsidered, and wisely so. Picture is worth a thousand words and all...
  8. What are you talking about? That thread has never been unlocked. Not once. Ever.
  9. I think that may be why it was so short, longer burns have tended to run a little, well, pad-rich. Everything about SN9 has been quite short, seems like only yesterday they brought it to the pad, no extended cryo-test campaign, could maybe fly as soon as Friday. That speaks to just how confident and comfortable they’re becoming with both the design and flight procedures. I expect SN10 is already on the pad, but the photons involved were caught off guard and are still milling about the build site, feeling very confused.
  10. Interesting indeed. Now weld 4 of those panels to a skeletal sub-structure, and there’s your cargo bay doors...
  11. Maybe it’s the promised mini-Cybertruck for the European market.
  12. A sort of culture shock, I think. We’re all used to seeing rockets assembled in clean rooms or at least very clean indoor factories, they “seem” such fragile, high-precision things. There is absolutely logic to building a steel rocket not that different from a steel ship, but it’s a mental gear-shift for sure.
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