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  1. I would expect they’ll do like they do with F9 landings: have the trajectory aiming for a spot Just offshore, only actively correcting onto the pad once under thrust and stable. I expect SN8 to make one L of a splash.
  2. In honor of yesterday’s last week’s today’s this week’s weather...
  3. Oh wow, that’s what it’s supposed to look like? I always thought it was some sort of ekranoplan.
  4. Doesn’t look like it. Looks to be almost entirely fluid cooled, so lots of little tubes that will add rigidity. The Merlin’s vac bell is so thin you could dent it with a hammer (or trim it with shears on the rocket in a pinch... ).
  5. They are, it's very visible in some of the post-landing pix of SN5. It's a very, very simple, one-way design: they can absorb impact by (more or less) crushing but there's no rebound like F9 legs, so once a leg is collapsed it stays that way, causing a post-landing lean. I reckon we'll stop seeing that if they move to Leg 2.0 while they're still doing single-engine hops. It just occurred to me too, if these are the 1.1 legs that Elon said are 60% longer, they possibly have a longer crumple zone too, which could make a more pronounced lean even with a softer (to the SN) landing.
  6. Took my wife in to the dentist today for a wisdom tooth. Played this on the way home. She was not amused.
  7. “Electron Heavy was just an April Fool’s joke.” Personally I’m betting on Starship Lite...