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  1. Did another test and this time with a clean install. Same results. I do still have the bindings logspam even with a unmodded ksp (besides ARP, memgraph), not quite sure whats up with that but thats for another thread. The garbage collection intervals are barely perceptible at this level but the difference between stock resource panel and ARP can easily be seen on the graph. log file
  2. I am having an issue with ARP, could use some help. I find that having the ressource panel open tends to make KSP stutter much more frequently (twice as much actually). I checked with memgraph and it shows the difference with ARP open vs the stock ressource panel open. I don't know if it is only me so maybe others can check on their ends too? ARP does do quite a lot more than stock so that might be related but it feels like the difference is quite extreme. Here is a screenshot as well as the log file. Note, for some reason I have some binding error spam on my log file. I just realiz
  3. nvm, I found what the problem was. (brain fart). Totally forgot about the vessel ID related to a specific mission. I had planned for the correct amount of fuel for the mission but some unplanned "turbulences" on launch ;-) had made me run short a bit but not by much. I decided to finish the few hundred meters missing in EVA. I was then mislead by the objective being flagged as complete and thought everything was fine, heh guess not :-). I re-did the mission and it completed fine. Suggestion: Since MCE tracks for vessel ID to be able to complete a mission, maybe give a warning and prevent sub-o
  4. I have an issue and I am not quite sure what is at fault here. I have restarted a new .23.5 carrer with MCE. Have been doing the kerra I, II and III missions. Kerra I went fine, Kerra II mostly and I can't complete Kerra III. The issue I had with Kerra II , which is the same related with Kerra III is that when I landed my capsule, MCE didn't prompt for mission completion even tho evrything was done fine. I decided to exit the capsule and have jeb take some ground samples, then I got the completion message. Now with Kerra III, landed the capsule again after doing a stable orbit. No completion m
  5. Woot this is awesome, thanks a bunch. This is a must have!!!
  6. Quick question, tried to spot it in this threadnaught but after reading about 20 pages, I didn't find anything. -When I use the B9 lights, if I timewarp with them on while in orbit, they will lightup the entire planet! Is there anything to fix that? I am not sure but it seemed to happen only with the b9 lights, could be wrong tho. -On the same note, I doubt this can be fixed as its probably hard coded in the animation, still maybe not. Is it possible to have the lights not flicker when you turn them on or off? I don't know, not quite fond of that effect. Just a personal taste here and defenatl
  7. Hey just quickly stopping by to say that I absolutely love your mod!! I went on to update my mods and this one was on the list of those needing an update. The ability to set alarms, hide resources, reorder them, separators. Wow, just wow!!! This has become such an important mod to get. I popped back the old ksp resource panel and I could barely watch it for 5 seconds that I got back to your panel . Great work there, really awesome!!! On a side note, if you are open to suggestion, there was one feature I would love to have in it, nothing major. -In my quest to make my current screen space as e
  8. Yeah I tried that already. Does the same as you would close a normal window (X button). As with the "I" toggle, it will come back on next VAB reload. Just wished that it would start as being closed and stay that way until I need it, rather than being the other way around right now. Not a huge issue tho but would be nice still
  9. Indeed I would love to know this too. The panel is great, useful and all but I kinda only need it once my craft is mostly completed to confirm if the design is valid. However since it pops every time I get in the VAB, its kinda in the way. Cheers
  10. Quick question and I am sorry if this was posted already. My search'fu didn't find anything and there is 500+ pages here so kinda hard to read all this ;-). The question is rather simple. Is there a way to lock mechjeb's window positions? I keep dragging them off by mistake! Thanks
  11. Ooh awesome, this mod is on the must have list and your tweaks a__gun are exactly what I was hoping to have. Grats, job well done!! :-)
  12. Ohh this looks very interresting. Quick question about the timer module. You can use it to trigger chutes on SRB's after having decoupled them off the main craft but what if the SRB's become further than 2km away in kerbin? Will it still dissapear like anything other debris or will it force the game not to remove it and can actually land the SRB while my ship is far away in orbit?
  13. Just a quick question. I am one of those that was using MFS with stock fuels (however I liked the real fuel ones). The only issue I had with the real fuels was that I had planned a long range mission but I only had enough fuel to get there and I was planning to get the fuel for the return trip by mining with kethane. Only then I realised that the converters didn't convert for the fuels I needed. I am at work ATM so I don't remember the type of fuels that I used. But did I do something wrong and I should have been able to convert kethane back into real fuels or was it normal for me to not be ab
  14. Oh, damn. Thanks alot for the reply tho, still a very awesome plugin despite this. Cheers!
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