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  1. Nice view of the booster's shadow on the ocean as it was dropping down to the recovery ship.
  2. The lighting on the Starlink launch first stage was interesting as it popped up into sunlight.
  3. It was an interesting move... but I don't think the booster can hover... so I suspect that the deck of the drone ship may have been moving downward just then.
  4. Stream scheduled to start....... no stream.
  5. Have they decided against moving the front flaps farther up onto the top of the Starship? I seem to recall mention of moving them to positions 120 degrees apart instead of 180 degrees apart.
  6. The landing exhaust made a nice dry spot in the water layer that they apparently spread on the landing pad. I don't recall that they did this early on.
  7. Weather looks nice. 5 minutes to launch. Such a clean rocket. Liftoff Onboard video... nice. Normally a fog-covered mess.
  8. I just keep repeating Tater. I should just shut up. But those were REALLY nice tracking shots. Pretty landing at LZ1. 104th recovery. This booster was a reconfigured Falcon Heavy booster... interesting.
  9. Weatherhead is good. No ships piloted by idiots present.
  10. Music on the SpaceX launch channel Launch in 10 minutes
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