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  1. I'm glad we got the answer to the question of where SpaceX will be targeting their first SuperHeavy/Starship orbital test... but the thought of dropping 28 Raptors into the drink makes me sad.
  2. Is the FAA going to allow SpaceX to try reentering prototype Starships over land? Can SpaceX satisfy the FAA that they won't be spreading debris (including some heavy pieces like Raptor engines an header tanks) across Texas? Or that they can reliably predict where the untested ship will even come down if it stays in one piece? Will they make them put the first one down out in Kwajalein atoll or some other spot in the big open ocean? Does SpaceX have a recovery ship capable of handling a Starship landing? I presume the converted oil rigs aren't far enough out to prevent spreading debris over
  3. Looks like it. Now we wait to see if they can fail at burning up during reentry.
  4. The video was frozen during the engine re-light. They could have lit three, and already turned one off by the time the video unfroze. Same with landing... did they land on two engines, or did the turn one off right near the end. I can't tell because the video is frozen there.
  5. It has outlived SN10’s post landing lifetime.
  6. This is not a proper way to vet methane. Although I guess it's more environmentally friendly.
  7. Why don’t they show the ground track or something more interesting than a view of mission control?
  8. I have also now sent them $99. We’ll see how it goes. I’m fine with helping pay for rocket development...and getting speedy Internet. But it wouldn’t become my only Internet connection until it gets full coverage.
  9. I finished season 2. I’ll give a space show a chance... but there’s so much technically stupid stuff, it’s hard to enjoy.
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