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  1. Boostback? So the ship is close to KSC? That bodes well for landing video. Entry burn... Landing burn... lost onboard video
  2. Nice day for a launch. And we have liftoff...
  3. Would they scrub a launch because of high winds at the recovery ship site?
  4. The engine shutdown was the emergency. If the other (liquid fuel) engines had not stepped in with longer/stronger burns, the shuttle would have fallen back to Earth. But the other (liquid fuel) engines did the job of saving the day and made a successful Abort to Orbit. That was the type of abort option available at that point in the flight regime (they could also have done a transatlantic abort at that point).
  5. ...Except for STS-51-F that made an Abort to Orbit using the SSMEs.
  6. I just watched the Starlink swarm pass overhead at 5:28 PM. The prediction listed at Heavens-Above website was accurate, with the swarm passing close to Vega. I counted 50 of them...but they were going in and out of view, so I could have easily missed some. There was one object that was brighter than the others, but was dimmer than Vega. The sky was still pretty light, so these were not particularly easy to see (I could see them well overhead at 75° altitude, but they were harder to see as the moved away from overhead). Hmmm...maybe the swarm was spread out as much as 60 degrees...but I couldn't measure that well, since I couldn't see them all at once.
  7. I like that they are landing the Superheavy on a pad near the launch tower instead of that landing-on-the-launch-clamps stuff.
  8. All three Apollo 15 main chutes deployed properly. But one of the chutes was apparently damaged during the RCS fuel dump, and that chute collapsed.
  9. When it released, an extra line that was attached around the capsule cased it to tumble nicely.
  10. I know a guy who has a reservation for a Virgin Galactic flight (not an actual ticket with a date...but he has paid some amount of money, but not the whole thing).