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  1. When I first heard that it went up, I was wondering if this meant that the Soviets had built a super heavy booster. But no...it was a small station boosted on a Proton. when we were walking to see a 4th of July fireworks show one year, we spotted two points of light moving in the same direction,.. which turned out to be the Space Shuttle chasing down Mir. Lucky!
  2. I was wondering how you were going to cut the cables.
  3. Huzzah! Congratulations Perserverance team!
  4. 60 Starlinks successfully dumped south of New Zealand. Huzzah. Dumped into the correct orbit, I mean.
  5. Good orbit. I wonder if the Starlink satellites have enough delta-V to make good orbits in the case of a second burn failure of the Mvac.
  6. That light may have been the explosion when stage 1 hit the sea.
  7. Yeah... there was weirdness at the end of the entry burn. Flames.
  8. Flame at the end of entry burn? I think they do,asked it
  9. Well, the Celestials part of the Kerbal wiki says that both Kerbin and Laythe have Oxygen present.
  10. I was under the impression that Reinforced Carbon Carbon was relatively heavy stuff.
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