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  1. Brotoro

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Package delivered! Sign here, please.
  2. Brotoro

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    You see, SpaceX shows the future trajectory with a thick line and the past trajectory with a thin line. This is how it should be done, KSP. Love to watch the orbit shift!
  3. Brotoro

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Booster? Booster? booster!
  4. Brotoro

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Is Mr Steven on the job?
  5. Brotoro

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    All right! I'm ready to be impressed. Such hissing noises it makes!
  6. Brotoro

    NASA SLS/Orion/Payloads

    Pretty 'chutes.
  7. I was concerned when I first heard that they were going to do an abort test off of their shiny new (relatively) booster...because it seemed sad to risk damaging the booster. But doing the burn 20 seconds after separation, and (it appeared from what I saw during the flight) aiming the capsule abort motor thrust away from the booster was a good move.
  8. Brotoro

    Uranus was hit by a Super Earth

    It is?
  9. Brotoro

    Uranus was hit by a Super Earth

    Doesn't sound like noise to me. I would expect the term 'Super Earth' to be reserved for rocky terrestrial planets, and not used for large icy planetoids of the type that formed out beyond the snow line and were involved in the forming of the Jovian planets.
  10. Brotoro

    Moon is a Black Hole

    Shouldn't we be able to send in a spacecraft with a counterweight on a super-strong tether for a near pass of the lunar black hole, and separate the spacecraft at periapsis to get a nice boost from the tidal effect?
  11. So... they are just making panels that are thin film interference filters with high transmission in the 8 to 13 micrometer band, and very low transmission (high reflectivity) in at the optical wavelengths where the Sun has its peak intensity?
  12. Brotoro

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Successful deployment. Back to to sleep I go.
  13. Brotoro

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    No booster recovery? Why am I awake?
  14. Halley's Comet is probably the most famous object that revolves around the Sun in a retrograde orbit.