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  1. The booster comes in at a lot more of an angle than I expected at that altitude. I guess we normally see the ones coming in for landing on the landing pads at Canaveral looking mostly along the direction they are coming from. This is going to make it even more interesting to see a Super Heavy or Starship come in for a landing at 39A if they follow a similar angle.
  2. Interesting to see the drone ship lights from the onboard video before landing burn.
  3. I made a scrapbook project for cub scouts about the Gemini 6 & 7 rendezvous mission. So I'll feel old along with you.
  4. You can see the deck pitching by looking at the top of the booster shadow after landing. Yeah. It's like we live in the future or something.
  5. Starlink coverage is now available in Estonia. Where's my subscription? Entry burn looked good. Landed. Landing video was great.
  6. Launch coverage live. T-4 minutes Weather looks clear and nice in Vandenberg. Liftoff. Looking fine. MECO. Stage 2 good. Fairing sep. 4th flight for both fairing halves. Interesting tidbits (ice, I assume) drifting off of booster.
  7. Also, with a reusable spacecraft, I would expect that they don't want to spend more time than needed burning the retro thrusters, since that decreases their operational lifetime.
  8. Did SpaceX explain why they painted parts of the Starship black? Not that I'm complaining, since it will make it much easier to paint a simple model rocket version of it (as opposed to having to paint the ragged edge pattern of the tiles).
  9. Ship 24 needs a little cubesat that it can very slowly spit out before pirouetting so that the cubesat can quickly photograph tile condition before re-entry.
  10. How many strakes does that Heavy have? and what the heck is in the lower right? It looks like giant-sized planks of wood, but that can't be right.
  11. Video coverage of landing was crappy.
  12. Falcon startup. Liftoff. Lots of clouds west of the cape, but clear out over the ocean. Stage 2 is good. Fairing jettison, Booster entry burn start… Entry burn shutdown. SECO. Booster landed successfully.
  13. Nilesat launch coverage is live. T-8 minutes. I see that they do indeed wet down the deck of the drone ship.
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