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  1. Meh. The ashes still went to orbit. The difference is how long before they re-enter.
  2. The entry burn is relatively short, so they can't be counting on the deflecting effect of the exhaust to be the primary effect that keeps the stage from overheating...that only works during the burn.
  3. I think the FAA has to issue a Certificate of Authorization for the Waiver request before SpaceX can legally fly, but you can have a NOTAM issued through the contractor that does such things for the FAA a week ahead of time (without having the COA yet).
  4. I have no clue what I'm looking at there.
  5. Yeah... That looks to be quite a bit slower on the ol' abort switch than I would like.
  6. Do the propellant tanks on the Starhopper use autogenous pressurization?
  7. Appears to be some sort of fire on the ground.
  8. This stage landing stuff never gets old.
  9. Dragon looks nice. Do they re-paint it?
  10. Nice day for a launch. Let's light this candle.
  11. Just dusted off the pad. No lift.