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  1. I think that the Apollo 15 crew suffered from heart arythmia from lack of potassium, but I don't know if that was exacerbated by drinking distilled water. This was corrected on later Apollo missions with potassium supplements added to their Tang (or whatever).
  2. Didn't the astronauts drink water made by the fuel cells on Apollo flights (in the Command Module, anyway)? Wouldn't that have been pure water?
  3. Yeah, yeah, SpaceX...very pretty. But if you want to impress me, show me your Bulgariasat landing videos.
  4. How does the Falcon first stage know where the landing pad is? Specifically, how does it handle the terminal guidance? Is there an array of radio beacons located around the pad?
  5. The booster shadow visible from the onboard camera during landing was very nice.
  6. Nice booster shadow during landing.
  7. Love the First Stage data display.
  8. WooHoo! Launch day funtime. Weather looks great.
  9. The power pack is murder to carry around.
  10. An LES on the first stage interstage wouldn't have saved the capsule from the two Falcon 9 failures where the second stage exploded. So I'm confused.
  11. The term did not originate with the Gemini prigram. In the book We Seven by the Mercury astronauts, one chapter about the Mercury capsule is titled "Seven Miles of Wire and a Swizzle Stick” that describes the use of a similar implement.
  12. I'm still waiting on seeing the on-barge landing footage from the Bulgariasat flight. Come on, SpaceX.
  13. And do they understand why they thought the problem had been fixed after lauch attempt 1, but were wrong?
  14. Bugger all.
  15. Light this candle.