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  1. BTW, when making an SSTO with this, the best method is to attach radiators directly behind the part to cool it and your kerbal. If you want to you can connect the radiators at a right angle on the back of the part and move them out to proper placement for higher effectiveness.
  2. I will test if it works on 1.8 today. The only (minor) issue on 1.7.x was that the new ejection function would no longer work if the large windshield was moved too close to the seat. (Collider issues). Additionally if you forget to put on your helmet, you are in for a surprise if you go too high altitude. UPDATE!: It WORKS with 1.8.x! No kerbal exploding issues encountered, no issues with kerbals leaving seats. Please note my notes about the windshields on both of these. It seems the newer KSP versions work even better. Earlier versions had issues with kerbals leaving the seat (or even being ejected out on launch). It seems the physics easing has been improved. Please note, that until the appropriate mods are updated, the guns won't work, in KSP 1.8, but hey, you win some you lose some.
  3. How is KSP 1.8 support on this? Do I presume it's OK so long as you update DLLs or did this one run aground on the DXT3 support removal as well? I know Airplane Plus got hit hard. I'm going to try it and see . . .
  4. While DirectX 11 was released then, not all video cards were Direct3D 11 compliant. Most were Direct3D Feature Level 10, which meant they did not require. Same with OpenGL 4.0 which is nearly a decade old as well. BPTC is a specific, newer, texture format that was added in Direct3D 11 and OpenGL 4.2 (at which point it became supported in OpenGL 3.1+ on supporting hardware). I just read on Unity when researching it, many Macs don't support it in OpenGL. This is more than likely an issue, than Windows users. It seems support on this particular function is: Linux: Best (Supports any card using the Galium Mesa driver, which is any card released in roughly the last 12 years) Windows: Good (Any card released in the past 8 years or so. Support varies on low end cards.) Mac: None I guess Apple screwed everyone on this.
  5. Thanks for the heads up. No missing textures like on Airplane Plus, even? I wish Unity gave Squad a heads up about dropping DXT3. That was a mess. It's as bad as when Unity changed out their Wheel module without advanced notice.
  6. I'd like most of the landing gear to have mesh-switch height choice (Tall, Medium, Short) They retain the same wheel size and shock length, and just adjust the strut length (and the retraction pod if the gear is retractable.) I'd go over to the github page and post a tracker issue, plus get started on fixes, but it seems he doesn't have one and his license forbids distributing changed versions, which prevents me from sending my fixed textures over the forums without his explicit permissions. Maybe adjusting that license to be more permissive would let the increasingly capable community help with patches.
  7. They produce significantly less thrust over a certain speed. It's a standard behavior of propeller engines, but the turboprops are the only ones with enough thrust to reach that speed under their own power quickly in most designs. This behavior is what makes propeller based planes fly so differently. You can convert DXT3 to DXT5 losslessly with some quick conversion programs. They use the same algorithm. DXT5 just has a full separate Alpha channel.
  8. I'm experiencing a lot of missing textures in KSP 1.8.1 on Linux. There was something on the release notes about DXT3 textures losing support. Could this be the cause?
  9. Has anyone checked behavioral conflicts with the the new warp to maneuver node feature in 1.8.x? I know that MechJeb has had issues with similar feature conflicts as well, and this very well could be a nasty sticking point.
  10. Anyone know if this is working with 18.x? I understand there are issues with mods that use older texture compression formats. If the textures need converting, bring up a GitHub issue, and I might take a look at doing the conversions on my computer. I could see if it will support BPTC, although that may break it for older (DirectX 9 only / OpenGL 3.x only) computers DirectX 10 should be able to convert the compression format simply slowing it for older computers but OpenGL can't, leaving Mac and Linux users with really old video cards out in the cold. (This surprisingly uncommon considering the Linux love of Vulkan and Mac love of Metal.)
  11. "Interesting" Yeah. Note to self: Don't adjust intercepts to be within millimeters of each other.
  12. Someone mentioned in add on discussions the idea of a mod adding auto-pitch for the breaking ground propellers. This sounds like something MechJeb could do. I thought I'd mention it here to open the discussion as well as open a feature request on the GitHub page.
  13. Oh, that would be a nice mod. One could configure KOS to do this, or configure MechJeb. In the spirit of KOS a KOS script would be a sample that doesn't auto-tune per craft, but instead takes a few constants you have to set. MechJeb should auto-tune it's version to the craft's specific circumstances. Since this is within the scope of MechJeb, if you are interested in this feature being added, you should file a feature request on the MechJeb GitHub page. Note: I added the feature request to the Mechjeb thread and Github page: Github feature request here:
  14. Today I just made an intercept a little too precise. BOOM! No mech-jeb either. I haven't reinstalled my mods since the 1.8 update. I just did a real precise planning and intercept.
  15. Log files will help. Also try turning off steam cloud save, and verifying your install. Finally, before reinstalling make sure steam cloud save is off. Certain files get modified by mods that need to be removed.
  16. The biggest update I hope for is the incremental GC from the latest Unity update. This will stop one of the major sources of stutter in the game.
  17. Might I suggest making the IVA use MoarDV Avionics? Also, add a camera module for MoarDV Avionics, and add cameras to some of the cockpit parts. For the larger (not fighter jet) cockpits it would be nice to be able to choose between "All Analog" cockpit, "All Glass" cockpit and "Mixed" Mixed would have a few graphical displays and the essential analog props. All Analog would have other displays, switches and dials replace the graphical displays. All Glass would have additional graphical displays where the switches and dials were, other than a very small number of compact analog backup displays for vital information (A compass, altimeter, g-meter, and vertical velocity indicator, plus a few essential status lights such as High-G, High downward velocity, Overheat, low radar altitude, high roll angle and landing gear status. If stall can be detected, add a stall light.) The fighter jet cockpits are perfect with their current layout. Simply adding more functionality might be nice.
  18. Could we get a drop in compatability module for RPM's "Default" displays. Obviously it won't contain the legacy backend features as those would be replaced with new, shiny, exciting variants that aren't capable, but it would be better to start from scratch and not maintain back-end compatibility with the old. It would just replace the glass cockpit display with MoarDV Avionics based ones instead of RPM based ones. Possibly the ONLY feature I would create a compatible backend for is the external camera handling, which was awesome and really can be completely redone without much hassle as of compatability (replace end to end by replacing the part module and the display module.) If this is done already, could we get CKAN alternate dependencies and a small module manager script to replace the stuff automagically?
  19. We could use some sort of spring system that automatically pulls/pushes towards a preset position (that can only be changed in the VAB) without consuming resources. This would be incredibly good for landing gear. Making the variable pistons be able to change to this mode where they would maintain their current position as a spring without consuming resources, would also be good.
  20. Well many would be heavily shared between parts. Often they are different combinations of the same base attributes. Especially switching between shiny, brushed, flat, paneled, vertical ridges and insulation fiber for the base surface style before even adding textures and the black horizontal bracing rings.
  21. You are on a device that is connected to the largest library known to man. Use it: The leading form is: Those only go up to 7.5m
  22. I also find it disappointing that they aren't Biome based, at least for some of them. I don't see the point in setting up a long term mystery goo station in every Biome. I think whether or not they are Biome based should depend on the instrument Some instruments should support surface biomes, some shouldn't. I find it disappointing that there isn't incentive to set up polar weather stations on Kerbin.
  23. I think these should transmit their data less frequently and have a single message for all your deployed science. It should not display to screen either, just to the listing. I think that as little as every 2 (in-game) hours should be frequent enough. There should be an option to turn off notifications altogether.
  24. That does it through a round about means. I mean doing it by actually loading the crafts in sleep state, for closer crafts, not rendering in the playfield them to a backbuffer and inserting them into the playfeild.