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  1. Canopus

    Samsung vs Apple.

    You may not like Apples philosophy but you can‘t call the build quality of their devices bad. Just yesterday i gave my iPhone C from the year 2013 to my sister and it still works perfectly well, even the battery.
  2. Canopus

    Any LEGO fans here ?

    I got back into building with Lego after they released the Saturn V and now i’m interested in some other real space models. I recently built the Skylab Saturn V and Saturn 1b. Got the instructions from here:
  3. After Hubble spotted what appeared to be water plumes on Europa in 2012, scientists went looking for irregularities in Magnetometer data collected on Galileos closest Flybys of the moon, and found some signs of ejected water interacting with Jupiters magnetic field. Here is the Paper: I think it is very cool how even long after its demise, Galileo could still contribute to our understanding of Europa and even settle the question wether there is liquid water on Europa or not. I couldn't be more excited for future probes like Europa Clipper investigating further.
  4. Canopus

    Planting badS flag

    You have to enter the Konami code while planting a flag
  5. Atlas is tailored for the payload though. Launches like Insight, where the payload is much lighter are the exception not the rule. Atlas was probably chosen since delta II was being retired and other smaller launchers lack the proven track record for a mission of this caliber.
  6. that's a very interesting idea. I guess the diameter would be too small for HIAD though
  7. ULA seems to be working with NASA on HIAD: and there is a proposed demonstration mission where they would fly HIAD as a secondary payload on a LEO mission of an ATLAS.
  8. This suggest they are thinking about it: Also take note how New Armstrong isn't mentioned anywhere. They may have abandoned it in favor of reusable tugs.
  9. Canopus

    KSP Future DLC Ideas this explains it quite good
  10. Canopus

    KSP Future DLC Ideas

    Which you would automatically do by travelling faster than light. No matter the mechanism.
  11. Canopus

    KSP Future DLC Ideas

    needs negative mass and doesn‘t solve the problem of causality.
  12. Canopus

    NASA SLS/Orion/Payloads

    I think Eric is reading a little too much into it.
  13. Canopus

    ULA launch thread

    Both Variants would apparently have the same diameter now.
  14. Canopus

    Rocket Poster

    Word on the Subreddit is that Vulcan Centaur might always fly with at least 2 SRB, information garnered from a graphic in this: Economy and ACES_0.pdf Although the Vulcan Mobile launch platform project manager couldn't give a clear answer. Another thing is that the boosters on Vulcan the gem 36xl, will have conic noses as opposed to the slanted ones on Atlas. 63_GEM 63XL.pdf
  15. Canopus

    Rocket Poster

    You made this? Looks really good and professional. The thing i'd change is that the Vulcan won't fly with the common version of centaur anymore. It starts flying with Centaur V which will already have ACES diameter.