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  1. Yah?
  2. Yeah now that we have the SpaceXtm Moon Base and people landing on Mars in two years, i guess my comment does look very quaint.
  3. I just discovered this game called Highfleet. An interesting mixture of realtime strategy on a map, 2D arcade combat and shipbuilding. Setting is a very atmospheric dieselpunk post-apocalypse, You're commanding the remains of a fleet of Miyazaki-esque airships on the run after your empire was nuked, and you're hunted by overwhelming rebel forces. So it feels much like a Subsim at first. The game looks somewhat simple, but ships have modeled radar, ir, weapons, you can deploy fighters and strategic weapons, even nuclear equipped ones. It's really good.
  4. could i still transfer my purchase of KSP to steam?
  5. Normally i‘m not one for coins but i had to order one on this occasion, will go nicely with the KSP cup i got a few years back.
  6. My Favorite would have to be 0.16 which was the first paid version i got, simply for Nostalgia reasons. I remember flying my first attempt at a Mun landing, which i did actually accomplish probably because i was watching so many vids by Scott and TheWinterOwl at that time. And because i was flying a lot of beanpole Rockets around the Mun when i was playing the free versions.
  7. I've been loosely following the development of this game for awhile now and it looks interesting. I've been interested in playing a game like this since Shattered Horizon back in 09 but didn't have the Hardware back then. Now of course a competitive multiplayer shooter might not be for everyone who is into KSP but I thought there might be some people here who would be interested, and there are some interesting design decisions that make it seem like the devs did at least some research.
  8. They can't do this! My lego model wouldn't be accurate anymore!
  9. Don't count my vote. I thought the poll was asking if he's overrated.
  10. Appears as if Gnomes beat Kerbals to Space
  11. did i get this right for large maneuvers four thrusters under the nosecone are used? So eyeballs out?
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