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  1. How exactly is Space engine anything like KSP? One is a Spaceflight Sim/Game with Construction and a little Management and the other is a Planetarium Software with procedural generated planets and a shallow spaceflight component.
  2. NASA SLS/Orion/Payloads - RIP DSG
  3. Planets will never be more than resources. The effort to terraform Mars or even fly to another solar system to find an earth-like planet will always be better applied on building a habitat, be it in space or on the surface of the moon for example, that is already tailor made for humans. So why not go back? Where else would you want Humans to go?
  4. Arianespace launch thread

    Mission accomplished. All Satellites are on their way.
  5. I first played the game during version 0.12 and my first launched spacecraft was a long stick of 4 FL-T500 liquid fuel tanks, Mk1 Pod and parachute on one end and LV-T30 engine on the other. Very unspectacular suborbital hop, but i remember it like it was yesterday .
  6. Arianespace launch thread

    I just love the stubby look of the Ariane with the Hypergolic upperstage.
  7. I don't think China will land a man on the moon anytime soon. My bet is that there will be a commercial lunar lander program most likely putting astronauts on the moon in the 30s.
  8. Arianespace launch thread

    Livestream for todays launch: starts in 13 minutes.
  9. NASA SLS/Orion/Payloads - RIP DSG

    no you didn‘t
  10. NASA SLS/Orion/Payloads - RIP DSG

    I wouldn‘t be so quick. Have you actually read Space Policy Directive 1? The whole part about sustainable exploration sounds very much like DSG. I‘ll try to find the link. Edit: i think i found it:
  11. sadly i‘m sitting on a train so i‘ll have to watch it later myself.
  12. Why? The Apollo landings have hardly scratched the surface of what the moon has to offer. I don‘t see the reason to speed on to the next planet yet only two have another few landings. Living on a post Moon landing world is also extremely frustrating atleast to me. Feels like i‘ve missed out on something incredible.
  13. I'm actually anticipating something associated with Donald Trump. Weird. I hope they scrap or delay the DST for a series of lunar surface landings in the 30s. Mars can wait.