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  1. Always wanted to play High frontier, but copies of it seem very expensive and even if i got one i probably wouldn't find someone to play with in my clique.
  2. New Armstrong speculation thread

    I didn't mean it would be prohibitive to live on mars because of bone loss, just that i believe that by the time people will actually live and thrive on mars, we'll have found some way around that issue anyway.
  3. New Armstrong speculation thread

    I don't think he explicitly want's to colonize Moon in the same sense Musk wants to do Mars. I think his idea is to drive or be part of the new cislunar economy.
  4. A goup is making an actual Earth-chan anime

    Saturn V is the mother, Apollo CSM and LEM are the kids.
  5. New Armstrong speculation thread

    You don't need people constantly living on the moon to utilize it's resources. And the short trip time also makes it likely that people could actually move back and to the moon more than once in their live.
  6. Russian Launch and Mission Thread

    I like how relatively unspectacular Soyuz launches always look. Fits with the whole proven workhorse theme.
  7. New Armstrong speculation thread

    Mars won't be colonized either, at least not before the bone loss problem is solved anyway.
  8. New Armstrong speculation thread

    They said that Space tugs are something they want to do. And that would have to involve refueling.
  9. New Armstrong speculation thread

    Also there is the possibily of using the Water ice of the moon.
  10. New Armstrong speculation thread

    I think BO thinks of Hydrolox as their actual in space propellant. They have stated that they expect BE-3 based engines to still be flying in 50 years. And the three stage New Glenn is already supposed to use it in the final stage. It would also fit with their plans to industrialize the moon.
  11. A goup is making an actual Earth-chan anime

    Ariane is best girl
  12. TKS/VA space craft nose section

    Yes, with an escape tower ontop
  13. TKS/VA space craft nose section good picture showing the main propulsion engines, next to the return capsule, and flight station.
  14. TKS/VA space craft nose section

    Are you sure? Encyclopedia Astronautica says the return capsule would have acted as an airlock for the FGB.
  15. Real proposals for fully or partial reusable lunar lander park them in orbits near the moon (L1, L2 or NRHO) not return them to earth or the ISS.