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  1. yeah just meant the thrust direction.
  2. did i get this right for large maneuvers four thrusters under the nosecone are used? So eyeballs out?
  3. Were they as carefully with the weather on Shuttle? Or is it because this is the first manned flight for dragon?
  4. I‘d argue that this is not the goal of a National Space Agency unless specifically ordered. So its just Bridenstine talking.
  5. i‘d be in favor of a completely new „Meatworm“ design.
  6. „we want everybody to be able to fly into space“ i know they need to keep people excited for Spaceflight but come on.
  7. They really love the „Multiplanetary“ Buzzword do they.
  8. I think that would actually be good as we really didn't need any more tanks and boosters if you ask me, and if these are stock parts, we can hope to make our own better looking replicas.
  9. Its mainly the proportions that bother me, looks way to asparagus. None of the thiccness that makes Ariane 5 so great looking. Edit: are these just stock parts with exchangeable skin? hope so
  10. VirginOrbit isn‘t exactly in competition with both SpaceX and ULA.