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  1. The Van Allen Belts are probably the reason that the proposed Deep Space Transport will be stationed in Lunar orbit allowing Astronauts a fast transit through the radiation using Orion. So i guess the simplest solution is to not fly your ion powered vessel through the belt at all and to service them with spacecraft that minimize their passage time using faster chemical engines.
  2. The russians really like to put reflecting satellites into space don't they? Anyway i will definetly try to spot this thing while its up there.
  3. Man after seeing all these Commercials i really want to buy a Satellite now
  4. What Advanced technology? The only thing they have what we lack today are Nuclear thermal Rockets, but they have been built and tested in the 1960's.
  5. It is supposed to fly for 3 minutes a day and charge itself using a solar cell. I don't think it is supposed to reconnect with the rover.
  6. Nasa is actually considering a small coaxial helicopter as a navigation aid to the Mars 2020 Rover.
  7. Unfortunately not
  8. Thats basically what i did. Well i'll keep my Rovers unmanned for now.
  9. I love this mod and i haven't had any other problems with it but its kinda frustrating to lose two Kerbals after a 50 year career with perfect safety record, and not even seeing them blow up
  10. So after Sending two Kerbals on a trip on the Mun's Surface, i return only to find the Rover unmanned, and both show up in the Astronaut Complex as K.I.A. Has this happened to anyone else or could this be unrelated to this mod?
  11. I would recommend to check out the game "Children of a Dead Earth" on Steam, as it not only simulates Space combat but also the Spaceships and their different systems. And it allows you to create spaceships in a manner similar to KSP.
  12. I don't really see the big difference between spending money on the dlc vs on this upgrade?
  13. I think the Credits theme is actually original.
  14. They only got two mirror assemblies, not whole Satellites. One of them will be used on the WFIRST but it doesn't seem like that results in a cost reduction.