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  1. Canopus

    ULA launch and discussion thread

    This is a Delta Cryogenic Second stage though. Still RL10 of course. And i think it only had a partial failure once while launched on a Delta IV.
  2. They uploaded it again it seems.
  3. New Video with updated New Glenn model: Edit: Already posted by Tater my mistake. They seem to have reuploaded it for some reason.
  4. Canopus

    ULA launch and discussion thread

    I don‘t think a one directional form of stealth like this shield provides, was ever called into question. Whats impossible is be stealthy from all angles or during maneuvers.
  5. Canopus

    Top 10 Saddest Anime Deaths

    This is so sad, Mechjeb play Space Jam
  6. Canopus

    Which Launch?

    The more direct connection to a Saturn would be the RL-10 i guess.
  7. Aren't you both leaving out the negative mass/energy thing?
  8. Canopus

    Science or Cool

    Everything i read says otherwise. MTFF was a study from 86 and was finally dropped in 91. Kibo and Columbus were supposed to be part of Freedom even earlier though. This Painting is from 87 and shows a European pressurized module next to a Japanese lab. and this paper from a conference in 92 mentions Columbus as part of Freedom.
  9. Canopus

    Science or Cool

    @DDE What are you saying? It was combined with the Space station Freedom plans in 1991.
  10. Canopus

    Science or Cool

    Yes it was called "Columbus Man-Tended Free Flyer", but consisted of not much more than a lab and a service module though, so nothing was lost when Columbus was just simply attached to what was then called Freedom.
  11. Canopus

    Science or Cool

    @tater i think your kid and many other SpaceX fans like them now for frequent launches and their portrayal of flames, rocket power and the occasional crash, not to mention the promise of a Martian City they can inhabit when they are older. And if that inspires him thats cool and all. But i think soon the rapid pace of development will slow down for them too. (Unless you think they really have BFR anywhere close to flying soon) But i don't think they are the kind of people i was imagining. I had the older crowd in mind that is looking for directions in life and where to take their education. Not necessarily in the tech sector either.
  12. Canopus

    Lockheed Martin - Ahead of the Curve

    I didn‘t mean the Gateway itself, but the eventual landers and their fuel, the small robotic landers and general consumables. The gateway is the Coral reef that the international and commercial fish will flock around.
  13. Canopus

    Lockheed Martin - Ahead of the Curve

    Who else is going to pay for services in Lunar orbit?