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  1. @tater, @IncongruousGoat The Teslas i have seen all have these big gaps between their paneling on the outside. And since this one has obvious edges i was making a joke about how you‘re going to cut yourself. glad you guys have fun with Teslas though they don‘t seem like Cars i‘d spent my money on.
  2. Having touched a Tesla and experienced their manufacturing standards first hand, it looks like you could cut yourself on this thing pretty bad.
  3. I was a Lego addict as a kid and got back into it when Lego released the Saturn V. Now i have an Altar with the LM and some additional stages to build a Saturn I and the Skylab Saturn V. Currently contemplating if i can justify buying a second Saturn V so i can display all versions at the same time.
  4. oh that red smoke doesn‘t look to healthy.
  5. looks like Boeing has started a new Career save.
  6. Wow i don‘t know what to think, say or do. I didn‘t even consider there to even be a sequel. I am beyond excited to see where KSP goes, having witnessed its very early stages in 2011. It‘s been an exciting journey and it seems there is no end in sight.
  7. For the same reason i think the Zoo Hypothesis is invalid, because there could always be a rogue element not adhering to a "prime directive".
  8. The Idea of using "Mooncrete" is far older than the Boring Company. Using simple bags filled with Moondust seems far easier though, atleast until you bring a furnace.
  9. or Composite Condor, wonder whats going to happen to it now.
  10. A true Starship, as in a vessel that crosses the distance between stars in a reasonable timespan, will most likely be extremely thin, almost pencil-like as to hide its structure behind a long whipple-shield. Also i don't think the ability to best hold pressure will ever dictate how a spacecraft will look overall, since there is no need for the whole structure to be pressurized.
  11. By the time they can refuel from the moon i doubt the ascender would still be a separate stage from the Lander. You could probably just mount a cabin on the Landing stage as cargo.
  12. Nasa has no colonization ambitions, And while SpaceX may say their end goal is to have a Mars base, they still need money to accomplish that. When SpaceX talks about Mars, it‘s for PR purposes, since the meme of a mars colony has a large distribution in culture.
  13. @DNKKING i don‘t see how Mars is going to provide prosperity, you are certainly not going to transport anything created on Mars back to earth, Mars would be a money pit for decades before you‘d make any money from it and sadly, money is the biggest driving factor for our society.
  14. It isn't though. It sits right on our doorstep and thats what makes it one of the most important bodies in our solar system But they are at the bottom of earths steep gravity well and bringing them on mass into orbit is complicated and expensive. When you can bring the bulk of raw materials you need from the moon, it's not going to hurt you to bring the small rest from the earth.