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  1. LOL. was out shopping two days ago as I had to get to office and get some stuff anyway. Needed toilet paper as my last roll was almost out and forgot buying last time I was shopping. The expensive grocery store was almost out of toilet paper long after that crazy trend started. Weird me out
  2. LIke this? Pretty sure its the rocket control room at the center.
  3. Integral trees is different, you take something like an super Venus and put in low orbit around an neutron star. However you would also need nitrogen I assume. (book said an ice giant they whey are mostly hydrogen who would not work) Now the point here is that the atmosphere will leak out of the planet but would be trapped inside the steep gravity wheel of the neutron star creating an breathable atmosphere in orbit. Like an doughnut planet its very unlikely to get created bur something some might want to create for fun as it would be an fun place. The integral trees was an sort of tree who was hundreds of km long and stabilized by tidal forces.
  4. The moon has plenty of places with higher gravity because of metal asteroid impacts so an low orbit tend to be unstable. Earth has this too but as its much larger and has an heavy iron core the gravity variations is far smaller than atmospheric drag. An doughnut planet is stable but idiotic unlikely to form naturally. However any orbit passing trough the center would be unstable like the L1, L2 and 3 points. You could put an satellite there but not anything natural.
  5. The real problem is then you run out out intensive care beds like Italy did, then the death toll skyrockets. That is the reason for the shutdown. A friend of mine is running an recruitment agency for nurses in the US, I made an program for her some 10 years ago and she wanted changes to track down deactivated nurses. Its not only ventilators its also staffing.
  6. You would not use bombs with antimatter but constant trust who is much safer and easier. Orion pulsing is simiply because its an limit on how small you can make effective nuclear bombs and they become less efficient if smaller. Now for fusion engines most of the current design is also pulsed as its easier but its not nuclear bomb level, rather think shooting an 20-40 mm cannon, because fusion is not self supported it will be an minutes long delay between pulses as it charges up. If self sustained fusion if would still just feel like an automatic cannon or stuff like an pile driver. in short many order of magnitude lower.
  7. Or if you need extreme accuracy because of reasons like GPS and the way it works. You probably need to calculate for Mercury drift if you send an probe to intercept it especially if you need multiple flybys. But for normal orbital mechanics it don't
  8. Depend on the size of it, the battleship version, I say Saturn if you spun it up or used tumbling pigeon, that is having an fairly long ship and used the orion engine as an counterweight. Perhaps Uranus for an more advanced run. Grown food would be salad for taste. Much easier to bring frozen food for an 3-6 year voyage.
  9. Well my boss who also is the main stockholder and founder of the company I work for is in his 70s, my mother is 81. Kind of glad my father just passed away two weeks ago as he was at an nursery home with terminal cancer. Couple of days later the nursery homes and hospitals went full lock-down. If you are not staff or patient you can not enter. For the nursery homes they tend to use the fire exits doors for meetings. However why are it stairs for the fire exit then most patients can not walk stairs? An ramp in an two floor building would make more sense.
  10. I assume they was afraid the parachutes could open during flight who would be bad. I wonder if an booster used one or two times is safer than an new, more than that and you probably get some wear who reduce relability.
  11. Yes, note that most satellites doing communication or earth observation is set to rotate once every orbit like figure 1, same is true for the IIS however here drag is also an major issue. The problem with gravity stabilization is that You need an odd shaped satelite who would add weight and be harder to launch, you could use an tether but that would make adjusting orbit harder. As you can keep the rotation and just adjust with reaction wheels with a bit of RCS its not practical. However as other point out this rotation will not stay fixed on an dead satellite. But I don't think the satellite will stop rotating like in figure 2 either. My guess is an rater chaotic rotation.
  12. Yes, but she probably did not know how, she was just stupid on all levels.
  13. Granted the stock marked work with lots of panic reaction and group think. Take Weework as an good example, problem here was that the stock was vastly overvalued and it was pretty obvious for anybody who did the numbers. Its flexible office space rental who is an solid business, but its also one with fairly slim margins and limited growth, in short its not Facebook or Google and can not be. However many probably bought the stock to sell later then price had increased who is common for lots of the bubbles. Toilet paper however is something you use at an fairly low and regular rate, often bought at bulk and you have multiple fallbacks. I say its more idiocy, remember once it was an rumor of an transport strike to the grocery stores in Norway. It was an non issue as the strike would be settled within hours. One lady bought 20 liter of milk and then did not know that to do with it as it would expire in days Some years later it was an transport strike to the grocery stores but one common chain had their own transport company or something so they was not affected. This way the public was not seriously affected.
  14. Think its 1.5 to 1.6 TWR, unlike an disposable rocket there you tend to go for low TWR as tanks and fuel is cheaper than engines, with an reusable stage especially with boost back you want an high TWR to get second stage up to speed fast so you can drop second stage early and go back.
  15. Spaceballs, the movie with so many absurd scenes you forgotten most of them