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  1. magnemoe

    Minmus mining techniques

    Refining on site tend to be better. Now if you bring fuel down to low kerbin orbit you might want ore or at least in part ore simply as you will use more fuel than oxidizer because of nuclear engines and bringing ore to refine in low kerbin orbit let you get the mix you need rather having to wait for tanker to return. Without KAS is a bit hard to transfer ore on the ground but with kas this is easy. Minmus is also easy to land on and you can use an tanker with heat shield both to refuel ships in Minmus orbit or fill up fuel depots in low kerbin orbit. My minus base An mobil base for use on the Mun is visiting, also has two tankers and an passenger ship landed One of the tankers is mixed ore and fuel / oxidizer.
  2. You fly below line of sight from the radar, at sea this is below the horizon overland hills help, radar sweep is so wide you can not fly under or above it. At sea you will be picked up before reaching the ship but its still an huge advance as enemy get less warning and less time to hit you. An stealth plane flying high might be able to not getting picked up until its above the search beam,
  3. magnemoe

    Russian Launch and Mission Thread

    That was common in Norway once. Then they changed the tax from import toll to first time registration bill. And yes it was easier to do this back in the 60s. Still if you use some inserts you could weld this together nicely. Note the manufacturer could be more helpful here and make the car so its easy to cut in two and put together without needing an paint job or welding. You obviously don't skip both parts together LOL. might be an idea to leave it in orbit for later then we get stuff like new Glen and BFR running you could recover and sell. Seriously, as I understand the orbital module will be filled with junk from the station and is not used much between undocking from ISS and deorbit.
  4. I believe you are right, but he might not have an level 3 station, its always nice to leave two satellites in high orbit around an body for relay. Even at level 3 no antenna has an cut out inside Kerbin SoI, remember trying to catch an asteroid and forgot the antenna. This is why you have small docking ports on ships, they work a bit like usb ports.
  5. You will loose radio contact behind Minmus unless you have an relay satellite. However it sounds to me you don't have an antenna just the build into the probe, if sending an satellite give it the small relay antenna and the satellite is now an relay
  6. magnemoe

    Pol is pretty icy . . .

    Interesting, also cool lander.
  7. magnemoe

    KSP cinematic screenshot

    Firebird at hardbrake. Note this is more of an action shot during an very dangerous mission. Temperature and g force helps. A bit like the Jupiter aerobrake in 2010. Yes an IVA view would be better but I would rather find an way to belt feed nails to shew on as in dangerous mission. Later claims it was to arrive before the presidential election, however the slower Ike lander also manage this. Rather that the questionable Von Kerman wanted to test the limit of spaceflight ignoring risks. And yes that is idiotic, most expensive mission launched was 1.5M credit, at this point one Kerbal cost over 5M with an minimum crew is 6 crew become a bit more important than space station.
  8. magnemoe

    Mission Duna

    One option is to go full kerbal and send an base or at least an manned mission. Note that the time to return window might be so long an base and an crew rotation mission makes most sense. An sample, or in this setting science return mission is interesting, however putting stuff into Duna orbit also very useful you also want resource scans. One option is an fast run probe mission following by an minimum cost manned one.
  9. magnemoe

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Rater make the inside parts water resident, fiber glass don't take damage from seawater, you will has to do an full service on all mechanical parts. Protect electronic. I assume is acoustic panels on the inside This might easy be the main issue as they are likely to absorb water and might be glued to fairing.
  10. magnemoe

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Upgraded spaceport1 And yes i should be allowed to use the rotating habitats as reaction wheels. Also a bit annoying that the front hab rotate opposite of that it would do if this was an cogwheel setup
  11. magnemoe

    Solar Skimming for High Speed Interstellar

    One issue here is how high speed are you aiming for? For an real life realistic interstellar probe you have to get into the 2-5% of c, here it simply don't matter at all. You might want to drop close to the sun so the laser array get some more time to lock on you. In KSP distances are scaled down and it might well be practical. Note that one benefit is accuracy, you will not go much closer than 1/5 of Moho orbit (might be to close) still it give an long time to do your burn the drop burn is not relevant here but adds to your initial speed. Currently doing high dV intercept with various bodies in KSP and the 1km/s you get from an Minmus drop helps accuracy a lot over an low orbit burn as you have an km/s head start. Yes this is irrelevant in real life but very relevant in KSP if you want an high speed run. Solar panels is another issue, you get more power out of them in KSP, this will help an fly by probe a lot.
  12. magnemoe

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Grind fins would be usable, turbo-pumps to if refublished. bells no, perhaps you could fefublish the complex injectors. Electronic is obviously out, think the stuckture has taken damage.
  13. magnemoe

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Yes that would make lifting harder. Not sure if you could simply drill some holes near the bottom and lift by that. Damage to interstage is not an issue. Also wonder if the tanks has taken damage. Pretty heavy damage to interstage, make me suspect the tanks are damaged to.
  14. magnemoe

    Bad science in fiction Hall of Shame

    You need more hard drive space Buy muliple if you include video.
  15. magnemoe

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    This, and its why NASA or anything official or bureaucratic could never use spaceX way of doing this. Any dropped first stage is just polluting the ocean, lets play. bureaucracy: you asked for 10.000 to test landing of rocket but it failed you are fired. No logic is does not matter its rater the enemy here.