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  1. Having just one axes on both of the back and center segment feels like making it bumpy. Say you drive over an small bump, if the middle section front goes up if will force the rear section front down Having two axis on the center one should eliminate much of this but would make it longer and increase the turning diameter.
  2. What it is. Could not find it on the site, guess its for an Mars mission as you have an four deck living quarter in the rocket and one large and some small cones, assume the large is the lander and accent module and the smaller ones are for cargo to the surface?
  3. If you refill an disposable starship or better one with an large 3rd stage, obviously. With no refueling you can still put an 100 ton 3rd stage into LEO unless size restricted.
  4. Well the blast from that 155 mm shell was only 72 ton tnt, now that is simlar to some huge fuel air bombs while this is an standard artillery shell. Now this could been converted to an suitcase nuke as it only weight 55 kg and lots of that is the artillery shell itself. An 44 kg shell with 2 KT blast was under planning at the end of the cold war. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/W82 I belie most nuclear bombs today only uses two detonator. but they uses an advanced mix of explosives to shape the shock wave to create an circular compression. They also has far more room to work with. Two fuses is important as they has to be triggered at the same time to set of the nuke making an accident very unlikely, now it could be more than two but its not a lot like the first bombs because better explosives who can be manufactured with very high accuracy.
  5. Idea is possible but get the problem with maglev and hyperloop, only benefit over hyperloop is that its an train who can carry more passengers. Other benefit is that its very fast. And yes its velocity limits because you will need to switch the magnets fast, however this is not an gun firing an small bullet down an short barrel, its an train so the magnets will be larger and farter apart. I assume you could reach hypersonic velocity. One obvious issue is that line has to be very straight
  6. Pondering a bit about how to land starship. Landing at Boca Chica has the problem that you not only need to overfly Texas but that only limited orbits avoid you overflying Mexico. Landing at KSC and you have to overfly US. Not sure how easy its to get permission for this, but at least here the flip and landing burn will be over KSC. Another issue is that the catch arms are set up to catch something going to the west as in the first stage after boost back. One option might be to land offshore on one of the converted oil tankers. Refuel it for an jump back to pad? Yes the first landings will probably be on some island in the Pacific. The US has some islands they use for missile testing for one.
  7. It is, total surface area goes up a lot. Now you could have satellite parts like reaction wheels who are heavy and have low surface area but this is much rarer than other stuff. This is also why meteorites can air burst, it breaks up who increase the surface area causing more heating causing more break ups who increase heating and you get an explosion who pressure wave breaks up more parts. The real problem is then you get to higher orbits with little air. Say you want to launch something into GSO, its an small satellite so you want to use second stage to help circulate it before dropping payload and do an deorbit burn. But at the end of the partial circulation upper stage dies. Pe is 8000 km later second stage explodes because pressure buildup and common bulkhead fail followed by an fuel oxidizer explosion.
  8. It makes sense, normally fairing has openings to equalize pressure but you could seal it off, perhaps have safety valves if you just want .5 bar over pressure. You can also do this during decent but then you need to fill it with gas, and neither oxygen nor methane sounds smart. You could use an inert gas, co2 would be solid next to the header tank until you heat it, assume flip and landing it the main constrains outside of max q?
  9. Cars encounter planes very rarely so its not something its easy to train for, you also don't want the car to freak out about them. But in general cars should not drive into anything. It does not need to know that an piano is, just that it should not impact it. Same with shopping carts who it probably know about. And yes you can push shopping carts away with an car its not an AI need to do.
  10. Very nice and 3 leg are pretty unique, yes Nivens pupeters but not much else. I could easy see some species going bipedal dinosaur style without anything involving flying. Rear leg would also likely to be tail related rater than an leg. Now downside of this design is that its very hard to get toolmakers who is irrelevant here as we just want weird animals.
  11. The usefulness of an calculator is pretty obvious, granted they had mechanical ones who worked well enough but was heavy and limited or if you was an scientist you could probably use an console to access an computer. The spread between these two was an huge marked however. Smartphones is another tread, making feature phones more like laptops. I had an smartphone before 2000, the Nokia 9110 Communicator. Yes they has gotten better But it used an x86 cpu. I used one to fix an customers web page using ftp and and notepad style interface waiting in an queue in a bank. Things has changed a bit
  12. Impressive but feel an hybrid design is better and at some size its better to go fixed wing unless you need WTOL or hover, you don't want to hover with something this size for an combat mission.
  13. As dolphins breath air I don't think they care much if its salt or fresh water except how well they float. As they are warm blooded they care about water temperature but most dolphins has no problems with arctic temperature.
  14. Who is correct but the other part has the option to launch anyway who they might well do if obviously trolled. EEZ is economical as in fish and oil, but also pollution from ships. Territorial waters is 22 km yes that is artillery range 100 years ago but then you are at war.
  15. Excellent point, you also have the factor that commercial drones did evolve fast so the first military specification ones probably became outdated before they was close to ready. Military also has added requirements like harder to jam and how to behave then jammed also I also assume an base station relay in case the enemy use artillery on the position or other tricks. This is much more an problem in Ukraine than in the war on terror. Its obviously an growing area
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