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  1. Blue origin get money from the Artemis contract if meeting requirements. Not sure if they have other contracts with government but probably some stuff. Being very rich don't block you from competitive governmental contracts. Being very small or broke might. Read a fun story, two guys making custom guns mostly for competition shooting entered an military contract for an new sniper rifle mostly for free publicity. Problem they won and some from the government would look their facility. So they rented an machine shop they used a lot for their projects for a few hours and put gun parts around. The officials looked inside the door and, walked away, panic, don't you want to inspect the shop? No we just want to make sure you was not two guys in an shed, who they was
  2. All life on earth is related, If we find life who is very different as in don't use dna at all or better differ in even more fundamental ways like how amino acids works, better totally other chemistry well its another origin. And so? plenty of weird people, no reason to pay attention to them. It would not cause any sort of problems as in more we have today with various fanatics. Hint if you want to be weird, some style might earn you respect.
  3. There is no need for an automated traffic system to know your identity or even your route outside the area its responsible for. Its probably smartest that it don't know simply because it make it harder to mess with the system various ways. This could be abused so many way from the trivial one of giving you high priority too making visiting one mall much faster than another in a way who would be hard to spot. Or identify your ex-wife car as an tractor Add that most automated systems are broken down into parts, you have one system dependent on an intersection, this is not AI driven simply as its verify that an AI is safe in all settings. An automated system can have lots of overrides all it need to do is weave cars trough an intersection with maximum efficiency. At low traffic it would just weave, at higher one you will get queues like with stop signals but the system would stop cars some distance from intersection so first car passed it at speed limit just a bit after last car in other group left it. An AI oversee it for managing traffic. Humans oversee it to see that things works and to set policy, you don't want spillover traffic into residential areas minor roads but they might be used in emergencies as an example. Yes that was an hilarious one. One way to troll humans is a bird house who is an replica of an speed trap automated camera Trolling AI is so much easier. as in the salt circle, now paint lines at the exits in an turnaround so the AI can not exit This will be far more fun once you have cars driving around without people in them, or how to steal an ferry full of expensive cars.
  4. Nice, however 100 is to low capacity for Bezos. Need something who can feed of an backpack
  5. In an desert you can go dormant for decades waiting for water, this works often enough, mostly you get eaten or other stuff but its no hurry. In venus atmosphere you have the risk of going too deep so you will have to reproduce often enough to compensate. Now I assume we have enough data about the weather on Venus to have some estimates here obviously depending on how deep it can survive.
  6. Think all are fan stuff, but the pillars will go up to an platform with an hole in center I have an feeling they might have an deck inside the platform, nice place to put stuff like piping of fuel and oxidizer, power and the hold down clamp mechanics. Wonder how the flame trench will look like.
  7. This, note photon rocket in that you convert matter into energy Yes this create some problems over making very fast charged particles but you could probably solve them pretty easy. I would focus on digging a bit deeper into physic, using the tools you have, you are pretty close to root password of the matrix / becoming an god/ how the big bang started
  8. This, now something like an nano scale detail 3d printer would be way more effective for stuff like this and can be build with current physic and you could change the numbers here Now you might be able to convert matter to energy without going trough making antimatter with some sort of magic who just breaks a few laws. Creating matter from nothing is just an very bad perpetuum mobile. Now we are not very short on matter. You can do easier stuff like strip mining stars then you run out of gas giants. No nobody is doing stuff like this in this or nearby galaxies as stars would going out.
  9. Agree, now they probably come in with some horizontal velocity they have to burn to stop so danger zone is more in front and behind LZ than sides. The falcon 9 first stage test landings was experimental, first ones did not even have legs and was just to get data on landings and improving models so they cold land inside LZ at low enough speed. First stage would crash anyway so why not experiment on them. With starship they go the other way more like starhopper but with more and more capable crafts and higher jumps.
  10. This, its not only hardware fail but also stuff like like getting hacked or simply user error, off site is best. Some systems let you have an mix or both.
  11. Yes the real problem is not propellant free drives. Its having something to push against. And you can not get and constant force and acceleration over time with say 100 kw power. Accelerate an car, as it go faster the the g force goes down as the kinetic energy increases with square of velocity. Yes you also have air resistance and gearing who ultimately limit your top speed, but this works the same way braking, the braking force is constant so braking length is four time longer for an twice as high speed. The constant acceleration with fixed power use made the em-drive an perpetuum mobile Rockets has constant acceleration because of they uses reaction mass.
  12. One trick here is probably to do the flip higher than standard flight to have more time to recover. However you are limited to fuel reserves in the header tanks, now if they keep crashing make larger ones for the tests. However I guess they have good enough simulations and perhaps wind tunnel tests to know how this will work and its mostly about getting the flight hardware to perform.
  13. Yes almost everything launched from an ship has constrains, torpedo tubes, vertical launch array bays and obvious guns. As this was an airplane weapons they was freer but you still needed to store it in the magazine and then mount it to the plane.
  14. Yes but would any of them make it onto an Venus probe? Assuming it was build in clean room or close to it I think that it would be transferred by humans onto the parts. Also they live in water, acid water without oxygen but still water, Venus is very dry. If its life in Venus atmosphere I say its much more likely it originated there and some airborne microbes was able to evolve the worsening conditions high in the air. Now it could be the same life as on Earth via perspemia but it could also be independent life originating on Venus
  15. More fun, add one on an long arm in vacuum, as its power use and acceleration is constant while energy in device is square of velocity* mass once you spin it up fast enough you can start bleed of extra energy with an generator at the pinon. Yes this has some challenges like physic. On the other hand its legal to break physical laws