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  1. Media's business model is to generate clicks, to get this you want click bait not balancing viewpoints. Yes taking this to far is an long term trap as you get known for it and you loose credibility to the level of becoming an joke, happened to lots of online only media. Obvious pay to win game get very good reviews for equal obvious reasons.
  2. This, I say half of the posts was a bit nutty. Half of the rest was locals who don't want to live close to an rocket launch site who is fair, beach closure will become more common. The actual environmental treads was mostly about the site and not much about launches and test fire who will scare birds for some time, birds are not afraid of airports who is an safety problem. Obviously people is part of the environment and noise from airports is an major issue same goes for launch sites especially one who is planned to be used a lot.
  3. Musk mentioned disposable Starships who drops fairing and skirt for unmanned interplanetary missions. Fun stuff like Europa and Pluto sample returns Now I say keep the skirt as you want to top up Starship before launching. And yes here I would want an 3rd stage with a vacuum raptor and balloon tanks who is filled in orbit. Starship takes the falcon 9 heavy upper stage to 11. You don't want an 40 ton try mass weight rocket to push an 2-4 ton probe as hard as it can. You want an lower dry man 3rd stage who also let you recover starship with minimal performance loss as it will burn out before gto trying to push the 300 ton loaded 3rd stage.
  4. This, fuel air bombs are powerful because they use the oxygen in the air. Mixing it is the hard part, I kind of expect fuel air bombs to be weaker at high attitude or in rain. Think some uses powder rather than an liquid who would get more problems in rain. Anyway trying to mix this at supersonic velocity and accelerating will be more challenging than other engine designs. No
  5. I think one major benefit of an smaller reactor if the lower thermal energy in the core. As I understand an reactor on an submarine you can just drop the control rods and its off. Even if its not actively cooled nothing bad happens. At Fukushima their problem was that they did not have cooling water to cool the shut down reactor who still needed water to cool down the core who was huge, hot and got extra heat from rest radiation. This makes the smaller reactor safer, and as you say if one reactor has to be shut down its not an huge deal. Most nuclear plants has multiple reactors anyway but it tend to be 3-4.
  6. Say the satellite is worse, an bomb will not explode if you drop it an meter. Unless its armed its unlikely to explode even if dropped by an plane.
  7. Question on the surface will reflection from the ring light up the surface? The thing is close and could fill huge part of the sky.
  8. As I understand that was because liquid oxygen and the composite wrapped tanks inside the LOX tank.
  9. Looks like they have another major version change for SH, as you say 33 engine puck. still the rest of the body should be the same, now they could have moved from test to production here. We know SS will move the front fin to the rear but SS21 will have the old design. and they will still get good data from SS21, Now you could replace the front of SS21 but I guess its other changes. moving the bottom fins rear is one obvious one.
  10. An excellent point, have heard horror stories about WW2 submachine guns, yes they had an fixed firing pin, as in it was basically an nub in the center of the bolt face, so if the bolt was released and it could be released if you bumped the gun hard it would fire. Modern guns will not fire until the trigger is pressed, many will also lock open then the magazine is empty, you have some nub on the side of the magazine pusher who let the gun know then magazine is empty and hold the bolt in open position. Still more failure modes here than closed bolt. Add that accuracy will suffer because its an delay from pressing the trigger and the gun will move a bit then the bolt slams forward. No idea how the hold open system handle this but can think of multiple ways.
  11. Why not use it for all the guns? Cost as in replacing all the guns and ammo and retrain everybody? Yes caseless is more fragile but think magazines are better protected than belts. Heat? yes the machine gun get hotter but the real problem is then the round stays in the hot chamber for an long time, on machine guns the bolt tend to lock in the back position then you stop firing. On normal semiauto / auto guns it will grab an new round and chamber it, this increases accuracy but if you shot a lot the round will stay in the hot chamber. Wonder if this problem could be solved? Many modern guns lock open if the magazine is empty, this way you can just replace the magazine and press the trigger to start firing. Crazy idea have an thermal rod in chamber housing and use this to trigger the hold open catch if gun get to hot
  12. Good idea about ambient light had not thought about that. Impressive and a bit like how the Duna poles looked like except the terrain around was more like that on Dress last time I visited, this was before stock wheels. Had an mod rover who looked like the Opportunity rover and even had the airbag system for landing, well I overshoot the landing site but was so high the parachute had not fully deployed then I impacted the mountain side
  13. Well I wanted to test this again, made an new rover with an tiny rocket as in ant, oscar tank, probe and an rtg to fly trough the hole. Turned out this was not as repeatable as I thought, its still an collision zone in the hole and I was just lucky enough to slip trough it then I drove the rover into the hole. Still I landed on the other bodies. Duna north pole has an impressive sunlight on the mountain top effect Glitch at the pole The south pole is also cool, I landed at Duna's poles many years ago then it was an very tall spike of an mountain on an pretty flat terrain. Ike has an pretty flat poles but its an ridge there. And south pole Dress is a lot like Ike here An small valley next to the north pole South pole is much flatter and dark. Laythe is an flat ice shelf Same with the south pole. Val is diffident, an small but bugged mountain at the north pole. South pole is on an cliff, a bit hard to see because its in the dark. Tylo north pole has an interesting pattern Landed in the dark so not much to see there. Same with the south pole. Bop and things calms down a lot, north pole is flat South pole has an glitch like on Moho Pol north pole is flat South pole has an tiny canyon. Elloo is flat on both poles. not much to see here.
  14. Assumes so and an long range artillery shell has to go supersonic to get the ballistic range. As this is auto translated from Russian who probably uses an English source I assume an translation error. 100 km is still an insane range for an artillery shell.
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