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  1. You will get wind anyway and the ship will just go fast enough to break the waves so the wind speed will often be faster than the ship speed. Its not like carrier operations there you want high speed on the ship.
  2. magnemoe

    The end of NASA

    This so much, totally different goals. Military space is about recon satellites and and communications, might get into space combat but guess that would be ground launched for an long time. NASA is about science, they also do plenty of non space stuff like silent supersonic who is critical for future supersonic passenger planes. Still NASA should pull out of the orbital launcer business, still do science around it but its not something they need to do any more than running an airline
  3. Harder for us probably not so much more for an computer, you need to add the movement of the ship to the vector, ship will go pretty slow on landing after all and you are coming in fast, here an suicide burn actually makes it easier.
  4. magnemoe

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Steal the box and the rope, eat banana and beat you with the stick until you provide an second banana.
  5. magnemoe

    Great Shift - The Gram to Be Redefined

    Its a bit fun, one meter was defined by the distance from pole to equator. Yes it was selected as the length was decent for everyday use. it was also inaccurate So they made an standard bar, that is also easier to replicate. Later they defined it on light eliminating the need for an unique bar. One liter is 0.1 meter cubed. One Kg is one liter of water, that is at 4 centigrade an also has inaccuracies so they made an new unique weight, its now replaced by physical constants.
  6. Your explanation sounds more like this Here you have ribs to increase the stiffness of an flat plate, any dent could cause jams, however its just the plate. On car doors you use internal structures for stiffness, especially regarding side collisions, modern car doors are far thicker than old cars, this also include deformation zones to absorb impacts.
  7. magnemoe

    The end of NASA

    Granted unlike Edison at the light bulb stage he did not do much hand on work. He was the leader however. Again the program to develop landing first stages was genial, progress, execution and how it worked out. Stuff like rockets are also some order of magnitude more complex than that Edison did who you can replicate in an garage today. You can not build an WW1 battleship with a couple of friends even if its 100 year old technology
  8. magnemoe

    What did you do in KSP today?

    How does that one work, you uses an inflatable heat shield so I assume you will drop it from orbit rather than land it inside the BFS? Has my own program like that. Drag plates has become kind of my signature works very well for Mun or Minmus returns. Uses Moonshadow as an staging area, tanker from Minmus aslo has an drag plate for aerobrakeing. Minmus base during peak hours. From left, an Minmus science lander/ light orbital utility craft. Planetary express passanger ship on the Mun, Minmus out of Kerbin SOE route. An ore carrier like the one docked to Moonshadow, main hub with habitation, lab and greenhouse. Two industry modules, fuel depot and mining, an resource silo, Duna base to the right.
  9. magnemoe

    The end of NASA

    [snip] Summarize it well, Musk is a bit like Edison, not the first who thought up something not even the first to try it but the first to success with it. Note that the last part can easy be seen as the most important one. Seen again with Tesla, note that the Musk's primary purpose with Tesla was to make electrical cars cool, that succeeded very well. And frankly I don't see NASA would ever try SpaceX way of perfecting first stage landing. Take an first stage after separation try to land it. Its too Kerbal, its also the most efficient way to do it, stage is used and using it for trying out landings just cost the extra hardware on it. However don't see it work well in an bureaucratic organisation, some will complain about all the failed landing and lost stages On the other hand, NASA tend to do end of life high risk operations on probes like entering Saturn's atmosphere. On the gripping hand the Kerbal try until it stops blowing up will not work with BFR, yes unless a fool you expect to loose a couple but its not the sort of stuff you ripple fire until works.
  10. magnemoe

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Hardbrake simulation 25 to 29 In short I sent two huge bases to Duna and Ike, Used mechjeb porkshop function as I dropped ships from very high Kerbin orbit i got 1K dV free so fast trip, downside is that Duna aerobrake speed is around 4.5Km/s. Luckily I also had spare fuel so I was able to reduce speed down to around 3.5km/s. Duna base in Minmus orbit after topping up the tanks. Thing behind the front inflatable heatshield is an duna science lander. it was moved between the L.VN tug and base to give more distance to rear heat shields after main burn. This is an problem so I started testing. so far so good, Tilting up Result. Now the benefit of simulation is that it shows that the heat shields is holding up, it did not during the 4.5km/s test, however ship is unstable under +5g braking. I solved the left turn by adding tree airbrakes to the left, i hope an extra airbrake on bottom can solve the tilt up issue. Has OSE workshop so can make simpe parts like airbrakes but smart to test this first
  11. magnemoe

    Streetlights, but from Space

    An giant mirror should be able to do this too and cheaper, bonus is that you can put it in an higher orbit, geo might be an option. Soviet thought about it for some areas in Sibir.
  12. Make sense to pad it a bit anyway, also gravity should return fairly gradually as air resistance increases, so you have some time between floating and getting stuck to the floor.
  13. Yes I say flat is far more common as it also give an wider cabin, more sport like cars like the one shown uses push in but sport cars tend to be wide in the first place I say its artistic as it looks good
  14. Autoloaders for 6" shells are pretty common, larger has been build on warships", Orion is far simpler as you just load into an linear accelerator not an gun turret who rotates. Common designs was to use multiple drum magazines. Having the shock absorbers and trust plate guarantee to last trough the burn is probably more of an problem than loading.
  15. magnemoe

    BFR concepts and ideas thread.

    Their problem was that they was going to an small island with not much trafikk. Had it been an more common location it would bee an 1 or two stop flight and cost an faction. $10K was also very expensive.