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  1. Think part of the reasoning for the car part is that you have to drive the can a bit away from there you take off because of noise. But agree on ATX cases, now ATX came with the pentium 1 cpu as I remember and they did require a heat sink with a fan. yes it was not an large heat sink. It was an another standard BTX https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BTX_(form_factor), introduced because the Pentium 4 power use, this was later cancled because an shift to lower power cpu and coolers with heat pipes. I like the idea of mounting the cooler directly onto the back plate, this should be pretty easy to implement and make backward compatible. It is an standard for forward lugs for GPU, this is an fixed long length however and is mostly dropped on modern cases as it is too long and interfere with drives or fans. I say the form factor for graphic cards is a bit stupid, getting wider and wider while releasing the hot air inside the case. How does an non charging speaker work? I assume it used the 3.5 mm headphone connector who provides some power but not much as i'ts only designed to power headphones so volume will be limited. For more power you will need an external power source of charging, I thought if you could power surround speakers with solar cells using the indoor light? probably too weak just going off lamp light however.
  2. How do you find New Zealand, Tazmania and the Philippines but not Australia who is in the middle. Its some skill, its like in KSP doing an deorbit of an temporarily space station in an polar orbit, deorbit then having all the science, you use the station as an heat shield for the crew module and drop it then below 1 km/s and it takes out the vab.
  3. And one who look dorky, unless the Lighting who is kind of similar design but cool. Yes the Lighting had inter coolers and stuff who made the engine pods oversize so just stretch for aerodynamic and put an tail plane between them as the Lighting did not need an large fuselage. This is very critical for two engine passenger planes, if you get an engine out just at takeoff you get an huge asymmetric trust and the speed is low so the tail don't have much authority so you need to make it large. Makes me wonder if some will come up with tricks for this? longer tail planes is one thing who is used, not much more drag, but heavier and the forward part has less effect. Thinking about stuff like fold out tail flaps or grind fins for takeoff.
  4. What does people think of Scott Manley video about the dragon Hubble mission. No eva but leaving behind an support module with reaction wheels in addition to boost orbit. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RXarNOCMV3c&list=LL&index=14
  5. Make me think of the core chain detonation in Nivens known world but this more likely a black hole eating an huge star.
  6. Think the root node can not be picked up by Kerbals, ran into this using extra-planetary launchpad mod and creating part modules on Minmus. Now KAS allows you to move them and attach the root module to other stuff and it can then be moved using the in game construction. I say docking is the most practical way for larger stuff but construction is very useful for adding smaller stuff. RCS thrusters is the thing I forget most and its not something you can dock.
  7. Yes standards has also increased a lot lots of current TV shows trying to pull people to the service has movie level budgets. On the other hand something like the clone war animated series should be pretty cheap to produce. A lots like military stuff has become twice as expensive but 10 times as effective if you pick from the top shelf.
  8. Using an starship for this has some downsides like its very obvious if some point an telescope towards the star. Second you will be limited in your max velocity to 20-30% of lightspeed unless you use laser pumped solar sails who will be even more obvious, as you trust for over a year an survey will likely catch it. And remember you are not at .99 c but .3-.6 something so you will need something huge to do planet killing damage. So very obvious and pretty easy to intercept. Now you could make it harder dropping stealthy cool slugs hitting an planet like an shotgun shell. But I could just intercept it with an solar sail and they are not stealthy anymore More so if you are interstellar you will have lots of people living in space everywhere from Mercury orbit solar farms powering the pusher lasers to the belt, most of the industry will be in space to, killing the planet will just make them very liquided up and can use all the resources used to provide heavy industry to the planet to military use. So you build the robots who build the robots who build the dyson swarm who power your weapon systems. Yes its some proof of aliens you don't want to see, the stars going out as we watch is one. Now if it happens over hundreds of years its not as worrying, but in decades and they are mobilizing hard. http://freefall.purrsia.com/ff1200/fv01163.htm
  9. Orion drives probably work. None has flown an nuclear thermal rocket engine either but they has been tested on the ground and they are much smaller and simpler. Metallic hydrogen fuel is unlikely but KSP 2 development started then it was a very popular topic. Fusion engines is much more questionable than orion drives but less than metallic hydrogen. Plausible but we don't really know how heavy they will be and how much trust they will give. I will say KSP 2 is hard sci fi. As for mods, well realism mods like real solar system will obvious come. Bonus is that it will probably be much easier to use because of new engines even if you don't use metallic hydrogen.
  10. Think you are pretty correct, animation has gotten cheaper, same with special effects and we have much more high end content now with streaming. So its higher chance a show get picked up. As for genre its something who comes and goes in waves, for a long time nobody will touch it after an series of flops, they you get an success and everybody tried to copy it.
  11. Inbreeding is caused by an very limited gene pool, not something who is much of an overall problem if you are an interstellar empire. The Native Americans was hit by an group of diseases: all the ones who had came or changed significant in basically the rest of the world since their last contact before the end of the ice age as in over 10.000 years. Result was as you say that most died, this happened multiple times on contact with peoples who had been isolated for an long time. Native Australian might be harder hit as population was smaller. Now this is not something I expect will come up again unless an colony has been out of contact with the main civilization for a long time and it will just hit the colony. But the will have much better medicine than us and space is very good for quarantine. Not an extinction event. Even if faster than light travel is common you will have large space stations. Some alien kills you off in an war of extinction is one way but that would be hard. Cosmic events are more likely, if you have colonized say 5 stars within 10 lightyear an supernova and similar would be bad news. Merging of two neutron star is more energic. A black hole eating an massive star? In short events who are lethal over many lightyears.
  12. Hubble has an docking adapter, not sure its compatible with the dragon one, as in did not understood, but the docking adapter can be swapped out. Now you might put one inside the trunk but it has to telescope out so clear the trunk and you need to set it up to be able to dock. I say it might be easier to add extra detachable drako thrusters. If they have fuel lines into the trunk this gives an much easier option.
  13. It my go to SSTO, this was designed for doing science on Laythe, the parashutes because I was not sure how easy it was to land there, no problem so they got dropped. Rear docking port as it was docked to an Laythe base and its transfer stage for the trip. Yes wing area is large, this is an bush plane, this is also the reason for the rear landing legs, they are used for landing and taxing. They are raised for takeoff but they still help against engine strikes. You also only need one shock cone but like the SR-71 like look. Use an simplified version as an general SSTO on Kerbin for LEO rescue and smaller crew transfer. Note then using cargo or equipment bays, as I understand stuff not on the two internal center nodes create drag, so make an pillar here and attach stuff to pillar not to the surface of bay. Some correct me if wrong here but saw much better performance then changing this.
  14. I made an seaplane who was unable to take of as in lifting its nose enough to take of. However managed to dive by accident, did an underwater loop and shoot out of the water as TWR was above 1. Yes this is not very realistic for an jet powered plane
  15. Smaller boats you can take up on land, smaller as in 50". Now unlike here in Norway there most boats at put on on land during the winter it might be an lack of infrastructure doing this but people take boats onto land to clean them and do maintenance. As for planes easiest is to fly them out, as you say they might not have time but they could pay for some to fly them out.
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