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  1. This sums it up pretty well and it makes some sense. Was some talk about it during Obama to so its not just something Trump came up with. Air force is obviously against it and its not really needed as you say.
  2. Primarily is water at the poles and hopefully some other places like lave tubes. aluminium is very useful to. Problem is that you can not make an self sufficient colony on Mars. Yes you can grow your own food, probably make other stuff like basic spare parts perhaps solar panels. Not more advanced parts, you can not make an new space suit as an example so you would still need plenty of import or colony will fail in a few years. And you have nothing to export. Now the Mars moons might be valuable and the dV from them is lower than from the moon. Has tough about it, my favorite is using an manned BFR as an satellite launcher for polar or other non standard orbits, works as long as the satellite fits in the cargo hold of it. Start by doing this for man rating, then tourism for extra income, bonus is that you see more of the Earth from an polar orbit, now you might need to stay up a bit longer than just the deployment but this don't cost so much. Using one as an space station was an nice idea for long term testing, It would double as an fuel depot.
  3. magnemoe

    Supersonic reusable microsat LV

    Any mach 3 plane is pretty high maintenance and it would be a bit simpler being demilitarized, you would not want an worn out plane but something with low block number would not be an issue. I would at least start with them before making something custom.
  4. magnemoe

    Supersonic reusable microsat LV

    Main benefit is probably high drop attitude and in correct trajectory, and yes the extra 2000 km/h don't hurt. If you launch an tiny rocket drag is an major issue, 15 km up its far less of an problem and you will not stay down there for long. Note that this implies using an fighter jet because you can get an old one cheap. Constructing an new supersonic plane is probably not worth it and this restrict second stage size. Now an mach 6 plane changes stuff at least if it can operate in space as in 60 km up. Note that now you get a lot out of the plane, you don't even need fairing if upper stage is internal and you separate in space so no supersonic separation. Downside is that an mach 6 plane will be very expensive to develop even if rocket powered for peak speed. Benefit of air launch is that you are an plane until you start the climb and you can do this in an remote area making it easy to get clear for launch.
  5. Disagree, yes Mars is the second nicest place i the solar system, however before you terraform Mars its pretty useless. Moon is less scientific interesting but it has resources close by and is an tourist attraction.
  6. magnemoe

    Supersonic reusable microsat LV

    An option, another is to use an fighter jet, guess you can get an old mig-31 pretty cheap and it can reach mach 2.8. Downside is ground clearance as in rocket diameter, you could however use an flattened rocket or an trolley launch. Dropping an huge payload in supersonic speed is another issue but probably solvable.
  7. magnemoe

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Falcon 9 uses gimbal a lot, it even uses trusters during touchdown burn, you would obviously prefer gimbal over cold gas trusters.
  8. Impressive: very impressive, it looks like the bird play the wrong escalator game you sometimes see kids play. However its more likely that the pigeon don't understand that the handrail is moving, yes then it understand it might just play a bit.
  9. magnemoe

    Boring company

    London is an city dating back to roman time or earlier. You tend to build on top of ruins so you can get very deep archaeological finds. Think its down to 40 meter at Troy. This is not an major issue in the US.
  10. magnemoe

    Bad science in fiction Hall of Shame

    its an skill large bureaucracies has. Developing an microphone and radio who could be operated under the skin of an cat back just after the transistor was invented was even more expensive. You know they could tested this with an cat before developing the electronic. However I guess it was an cover operation for an attempt to try to breed an cat race who could be trained like dogs and getting CIA to pay for it.
  11. magnemoe

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    it will be an larger part of an fully reusable launcher with fast turnaround. Methane on the other hand is cheap, far cheaper than RP1, lots is used in power plants to produce electricity and replaced lots of coal because of lower cost.
  12. magnemoe

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    However not much use for the Sabatier process on earth. Yes it makes sense that them make some test beds to get an rugged and lightweight version. And no it make no economical sense to use it on earth other than testing and have something running for years is an god measure of reliability. No its not environmental friendly even if solar powered because its inefficient, had been better to sell the power and buy the methane but then they can not test their isru.
  13. magnemoe

    Pressurized underground natural caverns?

    You can get over pressure gas pockets this is an danger with coal mining, don't think this is real cave sized. Natural gas tend to be under pressure but no caves. Caves tend to be created by running vater eroding on earth. Lava tubes is another way. On other planets you might have ice or other frozen stuff like co2 or methane melting or diffusing away leaving an cave. Now if a cave is blocked of air thigh and has an influx of gas you can get an over pressure. The problem is there the gas should come from, on earth we have natural gas who can do this, you might get something like this in the ice on ice moons but not realistic on geological dead bodies.
  14. Fighter jets often have an height limit, F16 has as you want to fit inside the tolerance of the ejection seat system like your head is lower than the spike who might have to penetrate the canopy and your knees should not impact the instrument panels. On the other hand your feet should reach the pedals Some ladies might be to small, military has enough pilots to choose from so they can don't let the 20% outside the bell curve not fly fighter jets. Yes its some exceptions, Germany during WW2 had some petite female test pilots for stuff like an maned prototype for the V1 cruise missile with landing gear and cockpit. The only way to find out how it handled in the air was to fly it, you would need something larger for remote control.
  15. Job request at NORAD denied