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  1. So I bought KSP on March 29th, 2013.

    Pretty much this, did not thought I was in before cut so was very surprised I could download the dlc with game. Would bought it but waited until mods was updated, still waiting for 2-3 before switching.
  2. [1.3] Orion Drive TD Edition

    Good luck, this mod look awesome.
  3. Does science should be censored ?

    Or industry, or sponsors including yourself. It also depend on that you want to research, public data is pretty much free, Europa sample return is a bit expensive
  4. Collecting Science (What Biomes are left?)

    Benefit of scientist is that they can reset material labs and goo containers, pilots can not, however they can extract data so you can leave them on ground. If you have decent probe cores you they mostly replace pilots as long you have connection to kerbin as in not back of mun. You might want to go to minmus first, a bit harder to get an intercept but much easier to land on, landings also require less fuel so you can do multiple landings. because of multiple landings you want an scientist. make sure to unlock EVA and surface samples first.
  5. Bad science in fiction Hall of Shame

    An gatling is external powered, almost all automatic guns uses recoil to reload, often using gas pressure from the barrel to. recoil would be hard on an gun who is so heavy, rotate and has an so high rate of fire, Gas would be even more troublesome because the rotating barrels. As you will always use this on an vehicle its not an serious problem with power and it has an major benefit, if an round don't fire it will simply be ejected, while an normal automatic weapon you has to use the bolt to cycle an new round into it, this is hard then the gun is on the underside of an supersonic plane You could shorten the barrel carbine size down to the inner ring it would reduce muzzle velocity, it would not reduce the weight much as the mechanism is heavy. You can not cut an gun barrel with an sword blade, does not matter if you are an half-good like Hercules. Steel quality is pretty much the same, most likely the barrel has better steel and its far thicker. Now if you hit the barrel at 1000 m/s or higher things get interesting, this however will ruin your sword.
  6. What did you do in KSP today?

    And it looked very loaded to me. Luckily it worked better than the tanker I launched from minmus, At least it failed spectacular This newer version give an clue in why it failed 3.75 meter resource tanks on top of MK3 tanks put craft under tension, then changing tank content this caused the ship to break up spectacular. Had an feeling it was risky so I did it during gravity turn, some pieces ended up in orbit around Kerbin. Else Chasing down an winch who broke free doing refueling around Mun. Getting an lucky Minmus intercept. Porkshop in Mechjeb is awesome Watching the ladies excise at Moonshadow
  7. [1.3.1] OSE Workshop Continued - KIS Addon

    Just love this mod, only boring thing is that build parts are old so you can not use it for contracts Hoping for an 1.41 update as I pretty much need this mod.
  8. Bad science in fiction Hall of Shame

    Yes, but this is an fixed installation, same with the Babylon gun. On the other hand APFSDS anti tank shells is hypersonic , Scaling this up to an battleship gun would let you use an guided projectile. Yes this is an weapon, one who would be able to do long range precision bombardment and perhaps been used for AAA or ABM, for an orbital launcher you needed to go way larger.
  9. SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Its very standard rules for this, you are basically damaging cargo, same as rear ending an boat on trailer. And yes its an story you tell your grandchildren, I once rear ended an orbital rocket. Fun how they use the fuselage for structural support, pretty standard for windmill towers.
  10. SpaceX BFR Discussion.

    Makes me wonder how they will transport this thing on land. just getting it to the pad will be an challenge, Not as hard as moving the N1 because they say they will mate first and second stage at pad. They need to move it from pad to hangar for more intensive maintenance too assuming they go for the plan to land back on pad. If they need they better have multiple pads as they will have a landing fail someday. They would need to transport the upper stage to and its not much smaller.
  11. Bad science in fiction Hall of Shame

    True, but think that would require an unpractical long barrel. Main issue with an short barrel is slower projectile who will drop faster reducing accuracy at range.
  12. SpaceX Discussion Thread

    why the opening above and below the hatch? Yes this is an boilerplate who is just supposed to simulate an splashed down dragon 2 in the water, but again why the holes.
  13. How to use 5m parts?

    Has managed to lift everything I have needed with 3.5 meter tanks, could use the larger fairing for a few launches. However I always refuel large ship in orbit, so my payloads are huge but light. This used some SRB to help it,
  14. Bad science in fiction Hall of Shame

    It also depend if this is an real problem, on an capsule or an space station you use the radiators to cool life system and electronic so the radiators would just be lukewarm. if you have hot processes you would run them in an separate high temperature radiator. Wonder if the solar panels might radiate heat to the radiator instead.
  15. Think problems with life based on other liquids than water is that water is so common. leaving only temperatures there you don't have liquid water, but it still has to be an common enough material for you to get lakes. Low temperatures will also give low energy biochemistry, things will go slow so don't think we will get much evolution