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  1. So we might have an undead robot on Mars.
  2. magnemoe

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Why tracks, its running on an flat deck, that is unless they want to move the rocket with it.
  3. magnemoe

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    It works, you don't want to get into engine out. They are only funny on an B52 in level flight then you request priority landing because engine out
  4. magnemoe

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Still looks simpler than the Shuttle engine layout. Like how they put the oxidizer pump just on top of engine.
  5. magnemoe

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Problem is that the turbo pump don't burn as efficient as the rocket as it would melt the turbine blades. So they have to burn fuel rich and dump un-burned fuel who acted as coolant. In jet engines nitrogen act as coolant the same way. They also pump air inside the turbine blades to cool them.
  6. magnemoe

    Do you think Tau Ceti e is inhabited?

    Not talking about the ice moons but exoplanets. Bacteria under the ice will require an landing and an dive. As i understand Earth got out of the snowball because it was little who absorbed carbon then the surface was mostly ice so co2 from volcano build up until temperature increased. Good chance life created this by removing lots of the co2 in the first part at least the last time it happened.
  7. magnemoe

    Do you think Tau Ceti e is inhabited?

    Looking for oxygen and other signs of life in the atmosphere is easier than an Europa mission, easier to get funding for too since telescopes are multi use.
  8. Antimatter is not dark matter, one of the key features with dark matter is that it interact very little with normal matter outside of gravity. The remarkable thing with antimatter is how violently it react to normal matter Something like neutrinos fit better, no don't thin normal neutrinos will work but they are an good template.
  9. My thought to, it vastly simplify stuff. It worked for Gemini as it only had the heat shield in back. Dragon has an integrated service module in lower part. Now add that the side of starship and the escape pod not the bottom will be heated during normal reentry.
  10. An dragon would not work well since you have no way enter the lower part. Something more like the new Shepard pod would work just as well. You would loose the ability to deorbit independently.
  11. magnemoe

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    As i understand raptor is all hot gas after the turbo pump,
  12. Still you would get plenty of panspermia, and sending an probe to the other planet would be pretty easy. This assuming separation of one planet diameter or similar. Might be more of an focus on rocket planes as you could land then take off and stage to get back again. How much weaker would gravity be on the inside?
  13. P2P is balistic so slower and reentry is less of an problem, launch and landing is the same. Energy levels and stresses on rockets are extreme. They might get it down to helicopter safety levels.
  14. Where is this used? Pyrotechnic fasteners are used on fighter jets to release drop tanks or larger bombs / rockets. Know that some cranes on oil platforms has an pyrotechnic wire cutter who cut the wire if the crane is about to tip over. Its an risk that the wire or cargo get stuck on an boat while unloading.