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  1. Multiple problems. Its not something you would ever use on an probe, its an engine for larger ships who we have none as they would be too expensive to build. Very hard to test on earth, and as you need an large ship to use it it has been no need to test it. other systems like z-pinch fusion are much easier to develop, as each experiment don't leave an meltdown area. Its kind of nerva^2, yes it has more trust an better ISP but difficulty of testing is way way higher.
  2. Pretty sure that turning "require life support" off will simply hide the values and set kerbals resource use to zero. Life support involves everything from bases to kerbals on eva but setting use to zero solves any issues here. You might some minor issues like weight of build in life support resources in an capsule still being included but hidden and this could be removed or reduced if playing with life support on.
  3. LOL. has transferred lots of kerbals trough KAS pipes. However this is gameplay mechanics. Two docked crafts are one craft while an real life docking port has to be designed to transfer resources or passage. Think only the Russian resupply crafts can refuel ISS as an example. As I understand an lander next to an base can transfer resources and modules to the base in KSP2.
  4. Yes, you will loose energy so you Ap would be lower on next orbit. But as you say they could easy run out of resources, they had dropped the service module so they only had the power and oxygen in the capsule. And as other say they wanted to land close to the recovery ship although this was not so critical.
  5. This, wheels makes lots of sense sense on an very flat surface, you can not use small wheels like on skateboard or roller blades on an dirt road who is way smoother than anything in nature outside of some salt flats there you don't have much life as in resources. Do some off road wheelchair use to understands the issues. Note that larger animals evolve slower and they have longer generation spans. Tanks tracks makes more sense but is some order of magnitudes harder to make works biological and way more to evolve. If we had some I say it would prove intelligent design as you need the wheel to get the track.
  6. Note that the number of rounds fired to kill an soldier is incorrect, or rather the purpose of most shots fired is not primary to kill the enemy but to pin them down, if you are in an trench or behind an rock and bullets are hitting the edge all the time you are not going to put you head out and if you do the problem is solved. Now the enemy has many options, other enemies can outflank and shoot you, if its an close rock they can use grenades, longer and an rock you can use other area effect like grenade launcher or rpg, you can even call artillery or air strikes. Good soldiers uses this a lot, the most intense firefight as in bullets used in North Irland was then two British elite units who both was undercover and not in uniform ran into each others both in belive the other was IRA. Note it was the most intense firefight but non got seriously injured. (read this but not sure if true but plausible) Note that this also depend a lot on your CIWS, if you have something like the big Russian one, especially with magazine for the missiles it would be significantly better than having one 20 mm gun. US has an 16 round box missile launcher as an option to the gun, larger ships use both. Now the real fun start then you get smart shells who can track targets. But all the shells are smart, yes this would be useful for surface targets in visible range to, not as good as missiles but magazine is way larger. However last warships hit was an Israeli destroyer hit by an Hezbollah truck launched anti ship missile, they had the CIWS off as it was lots of planes flying around and they did not belive Hezbollah had anything who could engage them.
  7. it is, a ship only has a few CIWS systems. say 2-8, on an carrier they would be placed below the flight deck so only half can be active. However the CIWS is usually the last line of defense, an carrier will have an escort with air defense destroyers with lots of longer range ant air missiles making this an very hard target. An single ship with only CIWS is not so hard to overwhelm.
  8. See now its part of the cap and not the stage, makes more sense.
  9. Why? First stage is only flying for a few minutes? Now having them on upper stage makes some sense if it has to work for many hours like the last mission.
  10. Impressive as it blur the line between an auto loader and an automatic gun with 3", as 40 mm was the old limit
  11. I imagine main guns would typicaly be dorsal guns running trough most of the ship. Yes this will restrict aiming speed but assuming long ranges here and its maximize the distance you can accelerate the projectile. Broadsides is another option, say you have 4 turrets top and bottom and forward and back balanced around center of mass, firing all four will not give any rotation, you get an problem if one turret is down however. I kind of like the star destroyers design, you can bring all the guns to into action facing forward or half in an broadside. Downside is if you have to redraw or cower an redraw but as the nozzles on the back is funnels not rocket engines I assume you could at least move sideways and giving broadsides. I would put the hangar bay doors on the top, this would let the bridge work as the tower on an aircraft carrier and have multiple smaller bays for fighters. Might have bays for larger ships on the bottom. And a bit more smaller guns. 100 times more. Yamato had more AAA guns than the dreadnought in the last jedi and that guns was more like battleship guns who would be an fitting secondary guns on an 7 km long ship however they moved to slow to be effective against fighters close in, however you have multiple levels of smaller guns as in the image and numbers of guns tend goes up as they get smaller. Some US carriers welded on an gun deck below the flight deck and lined it with 20mm guns two meter apart. Then you have stuff like this. Yes its two 20-25 mm Gatling guns and 8 missiles. One option is to auto load more missiles from an magazine below the turret. This is stuff you can buy if friendly with Russia.
  12. We have an good history of pyramid construction We probably have more paperwork left by the ancient Egyptians than the Roman empire as the desert conserve stuff. Yes the really important stuff like how to cut stone or make catapults kept getting copied, but lots of the literature got lost and Rome was way more literate than ancient Egypt, in Rome you was expected to be literate if upper class. Note that we have dug out the construction city in Giza, its match the logistic train expected, most was conscript labors moving stones 1-2 month each year with an core of say 2000 professionals with their families working full time. Yes we done mistakes in out chronology, but not major ones. Now the real question is the voids above the grand gallery in the great pyramid, I assume this for load balancing so you distributed force away from the gallery but might even contain cool stuff. We might even find an manual for building pyramids Note that we know multiple ways to do this with the technology they had, most go for an straight ramp 40-50 meter up, then an external or internal ramp going up. rest is lack of documentation.
  13. Pyramids evolved, the can track the technological progress of this, with the step pyramid and the broken pyramid. Pyramids evolved from mastaba's who continued to be used to used to house nobility, and yes mastaba's had an chapel The pyramids had temples. However they learned that grave robbers was an serious issue so they started digging into the wally of the kings. And it was no traps in the pyramids, it was however lots of granitt plugs and other obstacles, at the time they would be pretty much like fort Knox. However it was many dangers fort Knox don't face. The new Pharaoh might see his hated father or grandfather tomb as an gold mine, you just has to make the guard force very corrupt. Egypt also had periods of breakdown. An tomb in the valley of the kings was easier to hide. But yes its plausible that some pyramids was just an front, Take an small lojal group and bury the king and in the desert.
  14. Problem would be water pressure, how do you contain the water at the bottom. Here you pretty much need metal or concrete. Not even the romans use water under pressure much in their water supply network and they had iron and concrete.
  15. Remember punched tape at a teletypewriter at my fathers office as an kid. Only saw 8" floppies once at university there it was used on an CP/M computer running some lab equipment, it was way obsolete but the equipment worked and was expensive, it was planned to replace the integrated computer with an PC.