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  1. Yes, basically an cartoon train with an face. Newer seen the show so not sure if more than the face animates in way other than a train, As for an tender, I guess you could add one to an tank engine for longer range but tenders tend to be highly integrated like seen on the locomotive above.
  2. Its in the name tank engine. Had no idea until I saw an Youtube video about it. As I understand then the books was written steam engines was common so the term tank engine was well know for an small short range locomotive without tender. Now its just confusing. The tanks are the two boxes at the side of the boilers. But he color pattern on the above locomotive looks a lot like Thomas.
  3. Think digging an trench put down the modules and covering it is much more practical. And thought of making some LSS as purposeful base modules. Living modules would be arranged for lying down, probably want to reinforce fuel and oxidizer tanks for wet workshop, like having an cover there you can place an huge hatch to drive even stuff like bulldozers into for service.
  4. Price of the segments are constant or rater falling the more you make. Building become more expensive and the support structure has the largest cost increase, probably more than square. If you double the area of the mirrors and controls you increase the size of the support structure behind the mirrors who then require more beefy tilt and rotate structure
  5. I assume this used an first stage rocket plane as many of the early shuttle designs had, might have worked as least as well as the shuttle. Downside is that huge hypersonic planes are very expensive to design and build, and imagine the size of the first stage here. Rockets are so much easier.
  6. The earlier ones was dual RTLS, usually also trying to recover second stage. later has been drone ship landings and ditching core. As I understand this mission will have dV issues I can say it will be drone ship landings. Unfornately for the ones watching it as the dual landings was super cool.
  7. Who is true, so its most relevant if you are returning from one or even moving it while mining it.
  8. Yes, but its hard to measure the effect of gravity on elemental particle especially one who explode in contact with matter. Magnetic and electrical forces are so much stronger.
  9. I guess they want to charge more for moving targets especially ships and planes as its an very high profit market This hit boats and camping trucks as they are also moving. And everything here is software or regulations. And you have the loopholes. Even today the Norwegian national broadcast cooperation charges you for TV receivers here. And an company has to pay a licence for any TV while an family only had to pay for one. back then an 50" TV was much cheaper than an 50" monitor boss bought 4 to himself and used the company credit card. Auditor reacted so he had to show they was all in the office. Tax and accounting rules was followed, auditors don't care about the broadcaster rules. Same was true during dial up internet, Companies had to pay +10x more so using an private account worked well.
  10. Later boat did not have the anchor chains in the front to look less piggy Saw an youtube about these boats once. I can clearly seeing cargo hatches being an major problem being washed over all the time and having an very low reserve buoyancy. Probably worked better as an tanker as you don't need large hatches but failed and pretty stupid as ship sized increased. Interesting in being kind of an semi submersible.
  11. My issue with Starship is that its way overkill for an 3-4 man moon landing for 14 days. But if that is cheaper go for it. Its a but like you are an trucker with an 18 wheeler, your other car is an small car. You need an new sofa so you pick it up in the huge truck. Yes the truck is overkill but renting an wan is more expensive.
  12. I see asat weapons as very unlikely, for one its a bit unpractical trying to destroy most of the active satellites in orbit, It would require a lot of launches. Jamming might be an option. This would not work far from the front but that is the use Russia want to stop. I see it more likely that Must want to be seen as neutral, he want starlink in India and other places. Now the US military is interested in starlink and if they design stuff like drones around starlink capabilities they will have an contract saying Musk can not refuse the military to use it because I disagree with an war they get into.
  13. Like power from solar panels or an nuclear reactor Rocks has the benefit that if you mine the asteroid while moving it you get the reaction mass for free.
  14. Yes, the various forms a whale can take feels like an game mechanic bur an novel one.
  15. Now I assume you could solve that by not taking over an existing plane but add an new one. You could also set up some fun settings like then Norway created an new national hub and disbanded the old hub who had been temporary for over 50 years They had to move all the landed planes 50-70 km, I lived in the flight patch and counted 7 planes on a line incoming through a window in a house, I should gone outside. Nice, a bit like how Christmas and new year work, except you never get 8 days free but you might get two work days if Christmas falls on an Monday. Thursday or Friday that week would be an bad day to get your car repaired or similar.
  16. I say its higher up, their gaming division is also an mess. Now Amazon cloud services seems to work? But its also mass volume in another way.
  17. It will detonate in the air or in vacuum as it will be inside an containment field of normal matter who failed because some x-ray laser made some electronic on your death star fail who had some kilometer of armor and if you have some of it you detonate with it. People who want antimatter power, Japan at end of WW 2 and Kerbals.
  18. Most likely the physical laws in the first millisecond of the universe was very different or at least operated at energy levels we can not model. For one the thing was an black hole, but you got inflation instead. Explain inflation, the cosmic one not currency, I say that is weirder than no antimatter. And almost all believed antimatter would be affected by gravity like normal matter. It still don't explains how stuff worked then temperature was to hot for fusion Think shades are fitting here.
  19. Its not, not only current generation consoles but the previous one had 16 GB ram and an much more lightweight OS than Windows but they share memory with GPU. In my view 8 GB is very low, 16 is medium but you want 32 GB.
  20. In short Earth was invaded by one generation ship by an alien species who was kind of an small elephant with and branched trunk back in the 1970's. They was more advanced in space technology. Having something who could get into an high orbit and hit the generation ship was one of the few ways to win. So an Orion battleship. Now I disagree with that term as an battleship is around 35.000 ton before WW 2. Battleships coming into service during WW 2 was heavier. So something weighting couple of thousand tons are not an battleship.
  21. Problem is that in KSP you tend to launch to 80-100 km equatorial orbit and in KSP 1 with mods working in space was pretty easy. Not so true IRL so many orbits, more so no efficient way to recover except starship who makes falcon 9 pretty redundant outside being an very reliable rocket, now I could see someone making an recoverable 3rd stage for Starship launching satellites into GEO without refueling Startship.
  22. The US also rotated experienced pilots back to train the new one, they was even better than the old pre war trainers as they had recent combat experience. US also trained hundreds of thousands or pilots, the ones just passed was second pilot on heavy bombers or transports the top ones flew from carriers. In both Japan and Germany it was an lack of fuel to train new pilots anyway but this was more an problem later I think. In short Japan and Germany planed for an short less than an year long war as they knew they could not win an long one.
  23. Who could easy happen today, say Microsoft, Apple or Google does an quick patch who destroys the product. Yes it happens Unity is the most recent and it was simply an trust issue, tumbler self destroyed. Now if its not run on their servers you could probably hack around it. If run on their servers you had it coming.
  24. Is people from Hamburg hamburgers, I once ate and hamburger in Hamburg, does it make me an cannibal? Should break that habit as in being an cannibal. Some called me an potato player and I still eat potatoes so questionable.
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