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  1. Thanks a lot mate! Also thanks for the mod! This is probably the most balanced and diverse gun pack for BDA!
  2. Again, thanks to the entire team for keeping this mod alive and sharing it with us. It's so damn fun!
  3. Btw, stop pinging Ferram. Sorry for the harsh words, but you're acting like entitled children begging for him to come back. Probably won't motivate him if he got a dozen people ping him. Not to mention it just burries actually important requests like the license issue.
  4. There is some plugin in ASET/RPM for that, but I don't think it's built into any cockpit.
  5. It's like 3 or 4 days after the drama around RS started, isn't it?
  6. Good. I find it very worrying that stuff like that was implemented at all, but at least you reacted fast.
  7. Man, that's a real shame. I was downplaying the EULA thing myself, because it a) was there for long time, and b) the game itself shouldn't collect too much data anyway, as long as it's not using quite litteral spyware. Not a big deal in itself. To hear that there is actually spyware included in Kerbal Space Program - and don't anyone tell me stuff inside a game reading out my browser isn't spyware - is quite a shame. I hope that will get corrected ASAP, I consider this a pretty damn big breach of trust.
  8. Hm, makes me wonder if I just used the others incorrectly^^ Gonna report back if I see some issue again.
  9. Ah, I wondered about the size being the other way round. That door does imply that the gun is pretty big.^^ Weird thing with the turret is that it instantly crushed the framerate when put onto my boat in SPH (and also ingame). Not when it's just transparent and unconnected. Looking at the configs, the correctly working Brimstone Sea/Kalibr3m45t got homingtype = cruise and the UGM-109B got homingtype = aam. Seems like there are a bunch of (ship launched) cruise missiles that are not set to homingtype = cruise. Maybe that's the issue? Seems like that's particuarly inconsistent between SM Armory missiles and SMI missiles and launchers. With the latter, almost all of them seem to be set to cruise.
  10. Damn, this is a pretty damn amazing collection. Got the Guns&Missile package together with your ships, and that's about everything I feel I'd ever need for BDA^^' The weapon selections is a bit overwhelming, probably even for a dev. Would it be helpful if I point out bugs or inconsistencies that I notice? Eg the AK-100/130 turrets (super fun stuff b!) seem a bit big compared to all other guns, while a lot of the cruise missiles like the UMG-109b Tomahawk and RGM-84-18FS Harpoon don't seem to follow a correct cruise missile flight path, often crushing into the sea (3M54T Kalibr and Brimstone Sea work perfectly in comparision). Or the Aster 30, which has a tendency to melt. Stealthy 155mm gun crushes my framerate from 80 to 25 sdomehow.
  11. Because sometimes people just do it all the time and a bunch of modders got really annoyed about it.
  12. Question; can anti missile missiles be made work reliably? I love the idea, but can't really get the AI to do it's job.
  13. Man, ground battles are spectacular! Sent two 4x tank formations against each other: I love to take a few AMRAAM's for the opening salvos; they make spectacular artillery rockets! Good for softening up enemies and destroying some equipment, even if the armor won't be broken: Fun stuff! Can't wait to play around with Ships or Hovercraft, that should be fun.
  14. You added ground attack radars? Damn, that's awesome! Thanks a lot for your work <3
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