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  1. Thanks, that's probably it! 1.8.4 for some reason, which is two weeks before you made that report. Strange, I only recently downloaded remotetech. Not sure why I've gotten an outdated version. edit: Yep, that was it.
  2. edit: No, still not getting any science, even after updating everything to make sure correct versions are installed. ---- Hey, I've just installed RP-0 again atop my RSS install, and I've got a weird new issue: Transmitting science does not give any science points. IE, my unmanned early rocket (using two reflectrons) is transmitting temperature/pressure/telemetry data, which works fine, goes to 100%, says Done!, but there is no confirmation message telling me the actual report is unlocked at R&D. I'm not getting science points, and there is also no entry in the science archieves. Only science points I've gotten was by recovering a craft that was in flight/in space. Contract rewards itself work. --- output.log, if it helps: https://www.file-upload.net/download-12561483/output_log.txt.html Has a whole bunch of nullrefs (most annoying FAR ones), but they don't seem to affect science. (also tried without kerbokatz science sampler, same result)
  3. Did you try the RCS in space? It's a lot weaker in atmosphere, which might be mirrored by quieter sounds.
  4. Holy excrementse, if that's actually viable... This would be so incredibly useful in RO You could just disable the shroud, use a long, thin sstu decoupler shifted upwards over the heatshield. I'm doing that all the time with decouplers. Usually doesn't explode.
  5. Just make sure to download only 1.2/1.2.2 mods. Some are already at 1.3, for others you need to search to find the 1.2 version.
  6. Existing players are a good point, but even then I'd say my argument still makes mostly sense. To be fair, I'm rather getting the feeling the current update is more about setting up the base for more translations in the future. Russian, japanese and chinese stand out for not being non-latin languages, and at least the latter two probably needed a lot of work setting up in the first place. IE german is a much more direct translation.
  7. Oh, all of that stuff looks neat! Btw added the Kerbal Atomics engines to RO, already on pull request.
  8. Parachutes can be change, there is a 'next size' button in their config menu. As for docking port, just put an adapter on them (again, proc parts is quite usefull here). That's how it's done in real life, Soyuz and Dragon capsule dock to the same port, but have quite different sizes. For making customizable rockets, I can also heartily recommend SSTU. Allows you to create really good looking rockets with a few clicks, and the sortiment of engines is really good for RO. (1.3 update will break backwards compatability for SSTU crafts tho, major upgrade)
  9. No, it's more likely. I don't think it's hard to imagine this kind of Indie will be much more successfull in western countries, there is less verbal propaganda west->east because of the language barrier. I've never heard of a western indie making the big money in the east. Additionally, and more clearly, PC isn't a big thing in japan anyway, even consoles are not that big compared to their mobile market; on the other hand, germany is traditionally a big PC market.
  10. Question: I'm currently writing a config for Kerbal Atomics, and I'm not sure how to size the Nerva I/II engines. Apparently the config says 1.25m, but that one is quite old now. The VEN and SXT NERVA I have their own scale, but seems absurdly large compared to actual images, with a 3m nozzle diameter. SXT also has a massive difference between Nerva 1 and 2; I know the latter is smaller, but I'm not sure it's that much smaller. Only really interesting size I've seen is the Timberwind 75, which is supposed to fit to a 2m diameter stage. Of course only a proposed, later design, but quite remarkable considering it's a high thrust upper stage engine. edit: Hm, pictures do indicate that the NERVA-1's 1.25m is a fairly good measurement, the final nozzle might be even smaller. Nerva-Alpha+Gamma are also specifically stated to be 1.24m diameter. So 1.25 it is! Also a slight size increase to the Nerva-2 for good measure, KA's short engine is a bit small. Also, BNTR is apparently 1.56m diameter according to a 2004 NASA presentation.
  11. That's weird. No clue then.
  12. During the launch? If so, did you check the map view? Sometimes you are flying over a region that has no connection because of earths curvature. Try launching a few orbital satellites if so.
  13. Would be a shame not to get them out there, you've put a lot of work into them! Much better than the pitiful stuff I attempted. If you don't want to bother, I could create a pull request myself on RO github. There, they'll be checked anyway (might have to be split a bit for an official, idk). I could even combine it with the Kerbal Atomics configs I'm currently making, adding both in a swoop.
  14. Turns out it's not enough to rename the .odt file, it's also a non-generic file format that cannot be read my KSP. Who would've thought. That could have saved me a few hours. @Bornholio Your configs are pretty good, do you plan to make them a pull request on the RO github?