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  1. It seems you forgot to add the flightGlobalsIndex line back into the planet configs I copied the lines over from 1.6.4 and it loaded fine.
  2. In your persistence file there is a line called ReentryHeatScale under Difficulty. You should be able to set that as high as you want, but I've heard that it gets very unrealistic by 2.0. Try 1.5 maybe?
  3. Nope, it's a perfectly normal reaction. One of us! One of us!
  4. Been playing since 0.17 and very much in the 'enjoy' camp with the new aero. My only gripe with it would be that their needs to be some kind of penalty for experiencing high G's and parts breaking off due too extreme drag forces, like if I deploy some air-brakes going Mach 4 and the G-meter maxes out, those air-brakes should get torn off. I've had some rockets flip out and manage to even recover from some flips and keep going. Hands-off gravity turns are (somewhat) possible. A general rule I've followed is never exceed 2 G's of acceleration and start your gravity turn at ~60 m/s (yank it over 5 to 10 degrees), which is usually less 500 m above the pad. The soup-o-sphere has been banished to the nether realms, hath no fear of early gravity turns as long as thou hath decent TWR. Just the other day I built a fully recoverable launcher capable of lifting 15 tons to LKO and perform powered landing at KSC. Just start simple and build your way up. Y'all just bein' silly
  5. Putting together a MM patch at the moment, will throw up a link when it's done. Edit: RLA Quickfix: Fixed the attach nodes and did a rough balance pass on the engines (ISP's mainly) and tree placement. Mini LV-N is LF only. Only thing is I'm not sure how to edit the ISP values for the two dual mode electric engines. There are two engine modules for each part and I don't know how to make MM know the difference, could use a hand. Yell if anything else looks wrong. You can do whatever you want with the file.
  6. Yes, only EVA's cause issues. No mod conflicts as far as I can tell. Everything seems to work just fine otherwise, just have to fix the part nodes. Maybe do some re-balancing and update the part descriptions. A unique texture for the large radial tank would be nice too.
  7. Boop:
  8. Can confirm the same bug Meridius is having. Kerbals on EVA ignore drag and gravity, but can still walk on the ground if you land and can still use the jet pack. Jet pack has no FX but produces thrust and uses fuel. Right clicking on the Kerbal shows Oxygen at 0.0%. Starts spamming ArgumentOutOfRangeException's as soon as you EVA. No other issues with the mod. Log: Tested with the latest mod version with the recompiled .dll and MM 2.6.3. No other mods.
  9. Here's my take on it: It's able to land and return from the Mun with fuel to spare (~1k Dv). In general, anything that can get you to the Mun and back will work just as well for Minmus. 1) I removed all the science stuff (it is a rescue mission after all), but you could prob add 1 or 2 back on. 2) Removed 2 tanks off the lander and 5 tanks off every other stack. This is probably the most important part, you just have too much mass for too little engine power and the rocket looses velocity after SRB burnout. You always want more Dv, but it doesn't do you any good if you have to burn all of it before you get to orbit. Also makes it way less bendy. 3) I WILL say STRUTS ! There were no struts on the lower stage or SRBs. You've got 5 long fuel tank spaghetti's for your first stage. Just because the stacks are touching does not make them connected and might make things even worse! Part clipping can do weird things. The 4 outside engines were also drawing fuel from the center stack for some reason, stuck a decoupler in there to stop that. Bigger is rarely better when it comes to (sane) rockets. (I'm looking at you Whackjob <3)
  10. AFAIK, the Steam version doesn't actually need Steam to run. You should be able copy your KSP folder to somewhere else on your computer and Steam will never touch it.
  11. The fact that thing is an SSTO just doesn't feel right :S 48-7S OP plz nerf.
  12. As others have mentioned it sounds like your CoM is higher than your CoT. Remember that landing gear are mass-less in flight, so make sure you balance your craft before adding the gears!
  13. Yup, you have a metric butt ton of drag ahead of the CoM. You're trying to fly a lawn dart backwards, basically. Short and stubby planes tend to be less stable and you don't have a rudder either.