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  1. Same as this issue? There's a workaround and a temporary fix.
  2. Thank you, this is what I ended up doing. <3 Looking forward to future updates, great mod, thanks!
  3. I have a question. I've been messing around with tweakscale a bit and would like to know if there's some way to stop it from lowering the number of crew of the MPL? I'm comfortable editing the configs or adding a new MM co fig if necessary, I just don't know where to start
  4. I know, using it; one craft at a time is a pain in the a**
  5. I found an issue with the realplume on the bluedog_LR87_SingleChamber. It seems as though it doesnt work,,,, any ideas? Edit: seems to be Hydrolox-Red effect, if i change it, it seems to work.
  6. @Mythos, I have a suggestion, don't know how easily it can be implemented, but would it be possible to be able to import in flight vessels from one save to another, maybe an option to import certain vessels and another to import all, and maybe a further option to include importing debris.
  7. I deleted the MM cache and errors persist. I have a crap ton of mods, (all running pretty smoothly) so my log is like 9mb... not going to bother with it. it doesnt seem to break anything, so not too stressed about it. Edit: Seems to be KerbinSpaceStation contract packs. Removed them and all is well with errors... going to look into it further. I'm sure the mod creator has just left out a MM "!" operator or something. Will check it now
  8. are you sure the right click menu's work? @RCampbell reported it not working. I haven't tested it for myself though
  9. As well as the complaining at startup about it not being compatible
  10. I've never used CKAN (I prefer to do things manually and on my own then I know I've done them properly) in my life and there's definitely no folder left behind. Granted StationScience was installed previously in the install of kSP but on a completely different save, Is there a cache for MM where it may have left a trace?
  11. I'm having some strange error popups that I can't explain. Any assistance as to what it could be?
  12. Here's a quickly made, pretty nice TweakScale config. Seems to work well as far as being able to read the writing goes.
  13. That's weird... works for me... right click and all
  14. works for me, Remember that it produces very little electricity as well as capping at 95%. So it wont output any more electricity once you've reached 95% of your total EC.
  15. Haha, I hope you didn't take offence at my comment. I typed it in a hurry and in hindsight should've explained better that I'm in no way trying to say that "you're wrong" or "I have a better config". I just thought I'd be nice to contribute a slightly shorter and different config doing the same thing. It's true, that if a command pod was added, my current config would be borked but hopefully by then my config would be buried in the thread! Again there's absolutely nothing wrong with your config. Sorry if it came across as thrown at you. I sincerely didn;t intend it to seem that way.
  16. Aaah! So it's not just the distance! Thanks for that clarification! No, then the way it works makes absolute sense! I hope I didn't offend by being ignorant. Thanks again for the mod as well as the explanation!
  17. Any more news? I haven't tested this myself, but is @RCampbell correct in saying that it doesn't work?