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  1. Pretty much getting the same as above. I have other mods that complain about missing textures as well, but at least they dont crash the game during loading. NMB does.
  2. Unfortunately it doesn't work Various errors about textures missing.
  3. I see. Thank you for the Janitor's Closet suggestion, I'll try it out. I was aware that some parts share models and/or textures so I'll be careful.
  4. A technical question on how KSP works: if I delete only the cfg file of a part, will that part's model and textures still be loaded into memory? Or is the cfg solely responsible for telling KSP what to load? The intention here is trying to save up memory by removing parts I don't like or don't need.
  5. I have noticed that too... I was getting angry that my super jet fighter that was better on paper kept losing to an inferior model. I switched the camera point of view to the enemy to understand what it was doing that was so good and alas... now they lost 4 times in a row. Dunno.
  6. Yeah... I installed that old version of PP and still got the same problem with a part becoming white if no DCK texture has been chosen. Asides from that all the other functions of PP works just fine so I guess the version doesn't matter at least for the shape. As for the texture I think what I'm going to do is just add the texture I want from PP into DCK. It's just a stock fuselage-looking texture but it's so seamless that I now use it all the time. If you're wondering why I like it so much take a look it's this one: https://spacedock.info/mod/1301/W3 Fuselage Texture I looked into t
  7. You are correct. As I update KSP I try to update mods and then migrate my crafts and do the necessary adjustments. Unfortunately PP is not being updated too frequently on any branch. The only other one I can find is https://github.com/Starwaster/ProceduralParts/releases and it's so old. Is that the branch DCK works with? My biggest fear is having to rebuild my crafts... I'll try that one and see what happens. Thanks.
  8. It seems to create conflict with Procedural Parts. Whenever I launch a craft with Procedural Parts in it, their selected PP texture gets overridden and becomes white, but In the hangar they look normal. If I change their color to a DCK texture, it will display the DCK texture correctly. To clarify: in the hangar both PP textures and DCK textures can be selected and display correctly, but on launch DCK gets priority. If no DCK texture is selected, PP texture is ignored and the part becomes white. The log is throwing a bunch of errors: KSP.log I'm using the Tidal-Stream branch of
  9. @Jebman82 Thanks for the update. Everything is working here on my end. I don't use FAR but in-flight the symmetry works for me. Also you mentioned something about holding M1 and M2 for finer increments, but that doesn't work for me since I use WASD Camera mod. However, holding M2 only works It's a bit finnick but does the job. I'll be using this fork for a while.
  10. I can confirm that the control surfaces settings panel is too sensitive. Specifically the offset root and offset tip. Each notch alters the angle by like 30º, which makes it impossible to fine tune the control surface for any of my wing designs. My wings have a bunch of open seams now.
  11. Hey SpannerMonkey, so this talk about removing BDA parts before updating... do I need to do that for the next version too?
  12. May I make a slight suggestion? The texture for Procedural Parts is exactly what I was looking for. Perfect color and tone. Thank you. But the texture for the intake looks slightly off-white to me. When I mounted a standard gray part behind it it was very noticeable. I think it should be a little bit more gray in order to match the other parts. Your procedural part texture has the perfect shade of gray. Lastly, TweakScale support.
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