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  1. @Angel-125The Mk2 Docking port appears twice in the tech tree. First appearance is in the Advanced Construction node. This Mk2 DP has 2 variants. The 2nd occurrence is in the Specialized Construction node. This version doesn't state it has any variants. Is having the port appear twice in the tech tree intentional?
  2. Looks like there is a dependency on Toadicus Tools..... ... [LOG 20:25:20.587] Load(Assembly): VOID/MiniAVC [LOG 20:25:20.587] AssemblyLoader: Loading assembly at C:\Games\Kerbal Space Program\GameData\VOID\MiniAVC.dll [LOG 20:25:20.590] Load(Assembly): VOID/Plugins/VesselSimulator [LOG 20:25:20.590] AssemblyLoader: Loading assembly at C:\Games\Kerbal Space Program\GameData\VOID\Plugins\VesselSimulator.dll [LOG 20:25:21.016] Load(Assembly): VOID/Plugins/VOID [LOG 20:25:21.016] AssemblyLoader: Loading assembly at C:\Games\Kerbal Space Program\GameData\VOID\Plugins\VOID.dll [LOG 20:25:21.675] AssemblyLoader: KSPAssemblyDependency 'ToadicusTools' V0.0.0 [LOG 20:25:21.675] AssemblyLoader: KSPAssemblyDependency 'VesselSimulator' V0.0.0 ... [WRN 20:25:24.162] AssemblyLoader: Assembly 'VOID' has not met dependency 'ToadicusTools' V0.0.0 [WRN 20:25:24.162] AssemblyLoader: Assembly 'VOID' is missing 1 dependencies
  3. I'm having a weird issue with the RPND-A Service Compartment. The doors aren't there but are kinda. Anyone having this issue?
  4. I'm fairly certain the welding stuff are functions of KIS. You have to be careful that you are selecting the correct part, which can be challenging from the Kerbal EVA position.
  5. In this configuration can take 4 Kerbalnauts to LKO with about 500dV to spare. Crew cabin cab can be swapped out for a 1.25m cargo bay for ummm cargo.
  6. The WBM-400 fuel tank has a 0.00L capacity for KIS inventory.
  7. Pretty sure this is the same behavior I saw that @Angel-125 said he couldn't reproduce.
  8. Another solution is that if you think this is OP don't perform the experiments. Why should Angel-125 be responsible for preventing you from doing something in a Mod he doesn't control?
  9. What is the difference between "Backseat Crew" and "Science" configuration of the Appaloosa?
  10. I did not initiate the experiments. Right clicked on the Appaloosa to turn on cabin lights and noticed the "Get Results" items.
  11. Let me know if there is any way I can assist in tracking down the bug.
  12. I'm a little bit confused by the science experiments. The KSPedia seems to indicate that the Backseat is meant to be a container for moving experiments and that they need to be conducted in a MOLE lab. Am I supposed to be able to run the experiment with only the Appaloosa in orbit? I'm getting results, nearly instantly, with just an Appaloosa.
  13. Career mode - only have first 3 tiers of science unlocked + Adv. Flight in tier 4. Sandbox mode it works as expected. So it appears to be related to career mode. Are there certain nodes that need to be researched to unlock the experiments? Found this in most of the .cfg files in ..\WildBlueIndustries\Mole\LDEF\Experiments TechRequired = spaceExploration Space Exploration is a Tier 4 unlock that I don't have yet.
  14. What log are you referring to? No errors that I can see in the KSP_x64_Data\output_log.txt file. Just deleted gamedata\WildBlueIndustries folder and copied back over WilBlueIndustries and CommunityResourcePack folders from just downloaded Mole_151 from GitHub and am having same results. This is a lightly modded game: MOLE, EVE, IndicatorLights, KAS, KIS, NAvBallDockingIndicator, Snacks, SXT, VOID, KAC and Alt Resource Panel.
  15. It's not just the Appaloosa, Korona capsule is showing same thing. empty experiment list.
  16. Trying to configure backseat with experiments. Manifest window is blank. Do I have to do anything special for the experiments to become available?
  17. @Angel-125 - Do you have any slides or documents showing how you envisioned these parts working together?
  18. My other favorite modder, Beale, has prepared a step by step tutorial on part modding located here:
  19. Saw this in the 1.1 change log and wondered if it might be the same issue being discussed here. * Fix Unity bug that prevents us from ignoring collisions between wheel colliders and parts on the same vessel by disabling wheels that are within a certain range of other parts on a vessel. Where this sphere is and how large it is are configurable in the settings file. ... * Re-exported all wheels with proper collision layers that ignore their own housing colliders, and other wheels.
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