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  1. Hello ! I bought the game in december 2012, and the DLC does not show up in my account on KSP Store... I really hope you guys will fix the issue. Apparently several early adopters didn't get the DLC.
  2. Hello ! I just installed KSPRC, but it makes my game crash and close everytime I load an existing save or create a new one... Is it a known issue ?
  3. To a man who lived long and prosper...
  4. Thank you all ! I also play Orbiter and I like it. But the ability to design your own spaceships, probes, and other stuff in KSP make it way more enjoyable in my opinion ("Hell yeah ! I designed that stuff that landed on a space rock ! Like a boss !"). But anyway, like you said, the lack of Kerbals is an issue It wasn't me. I didn't watch any KSP stream in the last weeks. Bravo ^^ Merci !
  5. Since I had to create a new account after the forum crash, I will introduce myself again Hi, I'm turbu from France. Space made me dream since as long as I can remember, and I jump on every occasion to play a game about it. Some of them are good, some of them are, unfortunately, really bad. But I have to say Kerbal Space Program is definitly one of the best of them, if not THE best. I play KSP since 0.18.2, and I'm loving it ! Fly safe fellow kerbalnauts ! (Pardon me if my english is not perfect ^^)