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  1. im sorry to ruin your page by this stickhuman




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  2. How do you recover from radiation buildup?
  3. Hey love the mod but I'm getting an issue where I'll set a node to get the perfect trajectory after an aerobrake, but as my ship turns around to do its usual alignment stuff the trajectory will start changing. I tried pressing the "Retro" button it still doesn't stop the trajectory from waving around while I change attitude.
  4. As far as we know the only other alternative is to press the "PAUSE/BREAK" key to mute all Kerbalism notifications. (This will screw you over if you have crew and something goes wrong with their vessel)
  5. Sorry! By promote I really just meant put it in the first post just so it's easy to find. I apologise as I didn't fully read the previous posts to see that user posted patch, thanks for pointing that out. I fully respect RD's decision to maintain his design decisions, and my post in no way suggested he should compromise for something he disagrees with. EDIT: No need to put it up if you don't want to. I was just asking if it was okay.
  6. @RoverDude I 100% fully appreciate the reasons why you want to keep the mod as-is, but is there any chance you could please promote a MM patch to achieve the requested "mine for ExoticMatter" feature?
  7. @Drew Kerman Interesting - is this just for Kerbalism or will it affect other mods like Kerbal Alarm Clock? EDIT: Perfect this is just for Kerbalism! Wish there was a way we could cycle through different options though - all I'd really like to do is just kill timewarp for minor malfunctions. If life support cut out somewhere I would want Kerbalism to kill my timewarp as that's pretty damn important. Any chance @ShotgunNinja?
  8. @Pand5461 If you click on the Kerbalism GUI toolbar on the top right, click on the ship in question, then press the CFG text on the bottom of the little window. It'll have four options for notifications that you can turn off.
  9. Is there any way we can keep failures but adjust timewarp killing by the mod? I have lots of satellites and stations so if I timewarp at full speed to just get to Duna or something my timewarp gets interrupted 5-6 times. Turning off notifications for EVERY vehicle is a bit cumbersome as well.
  10. Any chance you got a backup of that DLL download? Link doesn't work anymore.
  11. What is the point of using Science Labs in Kerablism? Converting samples to data for transmission doesn't really seem worth it when you need Kerbals and normally plan for return anyway?
  12. Sorry! I said in the post that it was a manned pod but I definitely should have included the portraits - that was misleading. Thanks, I'll try patching the command modules with kOS in that case.
  13. You're right, adding a probe core fixed it. Is there any way I can just make the kOS parts probe cores so I don't need to do this every time for manned misisons? (Also BTW adding an antenna doesn't fix the problem.)
  14. Need help, kOS doesn't seem to work with RemoteTech at all. Testing with a manned 1-man capsule, see setup below. Console returns "Signal lost. Waiting to re-acquire signal." Adding antenna changes nothing. KSP 1.3.0, tested with ONLY: - kOS (v1.1.2) - RemoteTech (1.8.7) - ModuleManager (2.8.1) Notes - KSP Stock CommNet is disabled in difficulty settings. Tried new game as well. - kOS difficulty settings -> Connectivity Manager set to RemoteTechConnectivityManager. Tried switching back and forth and still nothing. Changing to "PermitAll" does nothing. output_log.txt (x64) dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/s/cwbt90is1895bau/output_log.txt?dl=0
  15. Hi! Thanks again for taking over I'm sure you'll take this little mod to great places.
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