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  1. Orbital_phoenix

    [WIP][1.6.0] Integrated Phoenix Industries - Space Tug [v0.03]

    Just giving a progress update: The next update is going to be delayed for a little while, while I work on a new exciting system for my mod development. I'm now moving my entire texture pipeline from just Photoshop, over to Substance Designer, and Substance Painter. The key idea for this is to move a lot of my texture work over to procedural materials. Most of the work I was doing in Photoshop was very repetitive and time consuming, with Substance Designer I can create pre-made materials that be edited and changed to suit each model, while taking the time consuming aspects away from texture making. So, currently all part work is on hold while I work on building up a material library to use with my parts, I am still learning and experimenting so the early work probably will be bad at first, then improve with experience. Experimented here a bit with normal's and specular, it's very overpowering and a little off-putting but interesting to see the effects small things like bumps in the normal maps. This is very grungy and too strong contrast, but an interesting experiment of working out how realistic I want this to be while trying to fit it roughly with the KSP Style, by starting at the extreme end I can now dial back the effects to find the perfect middle ground. The experiments continue, and will help me to learn more about material study and how to use Designer to create the textures I want.
  2. Orbital_phoenix

    [WIP][1.6.0] Integrated Phoenix Industries - Space Tug [v0.03]

    Not a stupid question at all, I'm still using the part exporter from before that version currently if it makes a difference, so I can't see any issues with the latest update with earlier versions. I've only found issues with versions 1.3.x and before that might create issues, but 1.5.1 should be completely fine.
  3. Orbital_phoenix

    OrbitalPhoenix's Screenshot Settings and Collection

    You Only Kerbal Twice Full album here: https://imgur.com/a/U1AynLM
  4. Orbital_phoenix

    OrbitalPhoenix's Screenshot Settings and Collection

    Bluedog Design Bureau - Apollo stuff Coatl Aerospace ProbesPlus
  5. Orbital_phoenix

    OrbitalPhoenix's Screenshot Settings and Collection

    Space Tug meets Skylab
  6. Requests are Welcome Latest Images: A few people have asked me about my visual settings after my latest screenshot round, so I thought I would make a thread to keep all my screenshots in one place to see, as well as provide information about how I create them. Visual Settings: The biggest mod I use is Spectra It's a really really good visual mod pack and provides settings for most of the other visual mods: Scatterer, PlanetShine, Environmental Visual Enhancements, DistantObject, and Kopernicus. I like using PlanetShine to change the ambient light during flight quickly to suit the scene. It's really well rounded and fits all the visual mods together nicely, but if it's not for you then there is a few other visual packs that are just as good, for example: For post processing ingame, I use KS3P It is a very powerful mod and provides Ambient Occasion, Depth of Field, Bloom, Eye adaptation, Lens Dirt, and others. I've made my own config which I've worked on over time and can be downloaded here, although it is still a bit WIP: https://www.dropbox.com/s/6d0pzt1sjoaoh66/Config.cfg?dl=0 I've also increased the sunlight intensity to create those more realistically contrasted shots, which I edited in the Kopernicus Settings: Like this mod: https://spacedock.info/mod/874/LightFixer! Tricks: The Field of View (FOV) can be changed in KSP during flight by holding down the Left Alt key (for Windows) and scroll with the mouse wheel. It helps creates those focused shots and makes it feel more like a photograph than a game screenshot. And finally, to get that crispness in screenshots, I use the secret built-in feature of KSP, the super-sampler I then take each screenshot into Photoshop afterwards and down-sample back to 1920*1080. That's it for the visual stuff, the only thing left to say is practice, practice, practice, and experiment Best of luck!
  7. Really love the mod and enjoy the progress being made! I put together a few screenshots:
  8. Playing around with visual settings, I took some screenshots of this wonderful mod as well as AlphaMensae's Launch pads. Visual mods is Spectra and KS3P. More Screenshots:
  9. Orbital_phoenix

    [WIP][1.6.0] Integrated Phoenix Industries - Space Tug [v0.03]

    Does the style not work with the Apollo capsule, or is there technical reason? also the space tug lunar base is coming together
  10. Orbital_phoenix

    [WIP][1.6.0] Integrated Phoenix Industries - Space Tug [v0.03]

    Decoupler is on the list, but capsule and heat shield I think is outside of the current scope for this mod, maybe after release I might work on one if I find the time. But I think the Bluedog Design Bureau Apollo parts work well alongside this mod, and can function in the same roles with the same style.
  11. Orbital_phoenix

    [WIP][1.6.0] Integrated Phoenix Industries - Space Tug [v0.03]

    Now released my first video on my speed modelling series for making models: I've also wrote some additional information about my work that can be found on my Patreon: IPI Speed Modelling: Flexible Solar Array - Part One https://www.patreon.com/posts/ipi-speed-solar-24081302 Mod Pipeline: Programs I use https://www.patreon.com/posts/mod-pipeline-i-23562925
  12. Orbital_phoenix

    [WIP][1.6.0] Integrated Phoenix Industries - Space Tug [v0.03]

    For the space tug solar panels, I decided on doing a flexible solar array. According to the Rockwell study, they wanted to pursue three options for the solar power system. Two of them were flexible solar arrays being worked on by Boeing and General Electric, the other was the solar panels from the Apollo Telescope Mount to be used with Skylab. Current progress: