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  1. Chaka Monkey - Closed Development Thread

    Pretty much, just some photos I put together and some light and colour adjustments. I do plan on doing some more if I can find the time.
  2. Chaka Monkey - Closed Development Thread

    The level of detail in the texture and models in this mod is amazing, and is one of my favourite mods. I used the EMLV II to make an interesting composite image.
  3. Valentina's Day community contest

    This is my post for the contest.
  4. Eyes Turned Skywards UPDATE now with Signup Sheet

    Thanks e of pi, was struggling to figure out how that worked.
  5. Eyes Turned Skywards UPDATE now with Signup Sheet

    Just a quick question about the Spacelab Solar Panels. Do they fold in on themselves, because it doesn't seem like the outer panel can fit inside the inner panels shroud?
  6. Eyes Turned Skywards UPDATE now with Signup Sheet

    Just a heads up, I'm still currently working on Spacelab, just a bit delayed with .24 being released and having to transition to a new 3D Modeling program for Uni. Not sure about everyone else, but I'm hoping to have Spacelab done completely by the end of the month, including IVA and science experiments.
  7. Eyes Turned Skywards UPDATE now with Signup Sheet

    Right finally finished on working on the Radiator-base of Spacelab, It comes in 2m and 3m flavours. You can download it here https://www.dropbox.com/s/fo0uo598cnrxbr2/Spacelab-Radiator-base.rar Things to note: The model and textures are quite bad at the moment, I would like to improve them to a much better standard but I need to get on with the rest of the models so this will be the first version, once everything is done I will go back and improve everything. Anything else wrong with it let me know. Now to start work on the Orbital Workshop and Instrument Unit parts...
  8. Eyes Turned Skywards UPDATE now with Signup Sheet

    NoMrBond, If you are still having problems with the part being always up in the VAB editor. In Unity, did you add the part tool component to the top of the hierarchy or to the actually part it self? because if it's on the part it will add the rotation that's already added to it making it face upwards, you would need to add the part tools to the top one. Took me a little while to figure it out.
  9. Eyes Turned Skywards UPDATE now with Signup Sheet

    Just a update on Spacelab, texturing is almost done for the Radiator Base, just needs some touching up in parts. I'll upload the 2m and 3m versions of this later tonight. My current plan for Spacelab development is: - Radiator Base - almost done - Orbital Workshop - Modeled, just needs texturing and exporting - Instrument Unit - Modeled, just needs texturing and exporting - Multiple Docking Adapter - Solar Arrays - Airlock Module - European Research Module - Scientific parts/ Antennas - Interiors Steadily getting through it all, shouldn't be a epic amount of time to do this all, but if anyone needs my help with anything let me know.
  10. Devnote Tuesdays: The Info-Packed Edition

    Great Devnote, the fact that the game is almost becoming feature complete which seemed so far away when it first started is pretty awesome. also can't wait to find out this surprise...
  11. Eyes Turned Skywards UPDATE now with Signup Sheet

    Thanks and it's getting there . I tried out the HRS and it's looking really good, the deployment is nice to watch and the animation is smooth although maybe could be a little bit slower when it speeds up, but that's just my preference. Only problem I can find so far is when selecting the part in the editor and placing it on a part it is always facing up. Something to think about when your finished the model is having the panel move according to a sun tracker like the ones used in Near Future Technologies http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/52042-0-23-5-Near-Future-Technologies-%2831-05-14-new-tanks-new-curved-solar-panels%29 or having a separate rotation part behind it connecting it to the truss?
  12. Eyes Turned Skywards UPDATE now with Signup Sheet

    Just a small progress update. Modelling and texturing is going well for Spacelab. I should have the Radiator Base part done soon which I'll upload for play testing, I'm going to release it in 2m and 3m versions. On the real Skylab that part housed the nitrogen gas used for the altitude control, so these will contain monopropellant for the RCS on your own space stations. Also NoMrBond, the HRS panel is looking really nice, I can't wait to see it completed, I think it will be a good addition to the normal game outside of this mod as well. Never can have enough radiator parts .
  13. Eyes Turned Skywards UPDATE now with Signup Sheet

    Hey guys, I've been a fan of Eyes turned Skyward for a long time and have been constantly amazed by the level of work of both story and the epic artwork, so to be able to reenact these in KSP would be a dream. I've started work on Spacelab and the files nixonshead have posted have been a massive help. Very WIP untextured Renders: I'm going to try to make it as modular as possible to allow the parts to be used with other creations. So the main Spacelab would be made of the Radiator Base, Spacelab Laboratory, Multi-Docking Adapter, antennas, and science experiments parts. The sizes are scaled so they can be used with FASA. After this I'll start working on the Airlock module and the European Laboratory. If you need my help with anything just let me know
  14. Ad Astra - KSP Cinematic Series

    I've finally decided to try and make a Youtube series about the history of the Kerbal Space Program, which will try and parallel (somewhat) the history of our real life space programs. Synopsis: "After many years, the Kerbal people have finally banded together to create the Kerbal Space Program. Using the scientific knowledge of their people and guidance of Wernher Von Kerman, they set out to achieve their dream of exploring the universe around them, taking one step at a time, through both success's and failures." The first episode is a pilot episode to showcase some of the ideas I have for the series. It follows the launch of the Bifrost-1 rocket into space, where it took the first images of Kerbin from space. Pilot Episode: You can see the rest of the videos when they are released on my youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheOrbitalphoenix Season 1 Current Schedule: Episode 0 - Launch of Bifrost - Released Episode 1 - Flight of Beowolf - TBA Episode 2 - Odin's Test Episode 3 - Selene's Journey Episode 4 - Cerberus Soaring Episode 5 - Griffin's Escape More episodes TBA. This is my first time making videos and I hope the more videos I make the better I will become, so I hope you enjoy them. I look forward to reading all your thoughts and opinions