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  1. ISS in RSS More images here: https://imgur.com/a/u9lWWye Orion in RSS
  2. RSS - Asteroid Survey Mission More images here: https://imgur.com/a/juw3r7U
  3. Now playing around with RSS More Here: https://imgur.com/a/TJzy9be
  4. For the KS3P config? Just overwrite the existing config file in the KS3P mod folder.
  5. Development has been slow because of IRL work and my holiday to New York I've just returned from, but now ready to start cracking back on with the next parts for the mod. Not much now really now, I would say the cargo modules, robotic arms, IVA and attachment rings would complete the basic part list. Hmm I will check this out and see what's going on.
  6. Somewhat beasty, I might put together a video showing what regular gameplay looks like soonish. I haven't tested it with large part loads but for all of it, I'm just using the normal visual mods with my own settings, the biggest change would be using KS3P for in-game post processing which is lacking from stock but unity can fully support. Try putting: within the brackets of ScaledVersion under Sun, should be the top segment of the System config. So it should look like this: Hope this helps! It's from my mod!
  7. Hmm not sure, it might not be reading it correctly, if you have another Kopericus config in your Gamedata, try putting the code snippet in there or into the main settings config and see it if it works, then it might be your settings file that's causing the issue.
  8. Just posting my love for this mod. Keep up the good work!! My screenshots can't live without it This is the config I use for my screenshots: https://www.dropbox.com/s/6d0pzt1sjoaoh66/Config.cfg?dl=0
  9. Two new changes to my visual settings: The addition of footprints provided by this mod: https://github.com/StollD/KopernicusExpansion-Continued/releases and my current progress on making Mun surface textures for a possible visual pack.
  10. Just giving a progress update: The next update is going to be delayed for a little while, while I work on a new exciting system for my mod development. I'm now moving my entire texture pipeline from just Photoshop, over to Substance Designer, and Substance Painter. The key idea for this is to move a lot of my texture work over to procedural materials. Most of the work I was doing in Photoshop was very repetitive and time consuming, with Substance Designer I can create pre-made materials that be edited and changed to suit each model, while taking the time consuming aspects away from texture making. So, currently all part work is on hold while I work on building up a material library to use with my parts, I am still learning and experimenting so the early work probably will be bad at first, then improve with experience. Experimented here a bit with normal's and specular, it's very overpowering and a little off-putting but interesting to see the effects small things like bumps in the normal maps. This is very grungy and too strong contrast, but an interesting experiment of working out how realistic I want this to be while trying to fit it roughly with the KSP Style, by starting at the extreme end I can now dial back the effects to find the perfect middle ground. The experiments continue, and will help me to learn more about material study and how to use Designer to create the textures I want.
  11. Not a stupid question at all, I'm still using the part exporter from before that version currently if it makes a difference, so I can't see any issues with the latest update with earlier versions. I've only found issues with versions 1.3.x and before that might create issues, but 1.5.1 should be completely fine.