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  1. I'm not sure a screenshot is really necessary here? The issue is the volumetric clouds do not display, but the cloud layers are visible. That said, if it helps then here is a screen shot without volumetric clouds: The cloud layers display, but the volumetric clouds do not. It's hard to see in this picture because they aren't there, but the clouds overhead still fade out as if the volumetric ones were being drawn but they aren't. Again, multiple texture packs, etc...
  2. I'd like to throw my cards in the "I'm not seeing volumetric clouds" hat as well. I tried Spectra and Astronomer's pack and neither of them display volumetric clouds. It looks like Spectra doesn't have layerVolume defined, but Astronomer's does and still nothing. I also tried the original BoulderCo and ... still nothing. For clarity, as far as I can tell, all other effects are present. There are the 2d layer clouds, and when you pas near to them they fade out as if the particles are being generated, but there are no particles. Is there an option somewhere I'm overlooking to turn them
  3. Yes, that did it. Disabling steering on the rotor blades was definitely the issue. They are still difficult to fly, but in a way that doesn't feel like something very, very wrong is happening. I'd still love to be able to fix that, but hey, I can fly a helicopter now! Thanks! EDIT: More fiddling and ... I dunno. It seems like helicopters are broken. Not completely but there are definitely some odd interactions. It seems that particular issue I was having was localized to the rotor I was using. Using the dual rotor, things control mostly as I would expect, so much so it's even poss
  4. Are they just impossible to control without SAS? The reason I wasn't using it is because you get stuck trying to face whatever direction it was enabled at. So do you have to continually reset the SAS while flying? I mean, I can fly planes without SAS. You just have to build them well. In this case, that doesn't seem to be an option then? Turning it on seems to HELP, but it still seems utterly uncontrollable. Like, tilt forwards shouldn't be illegal, but I press forwards and I start to lean right. Again, I stress this isn't a "I don't know how to touch controls." situation. If it w
  5. That reminds me, last question I hope, and I feel I have to ask: do the firespitter helicopter blades work? I see you have that V22 design, which I'll assume flies. In my case, I set the props directly over the center of mass but it behaves like there are phantom forces. If I tip to the left, the helicopter shouldn't swing back to the right... maybe? Like, if I touch nothing, it will be out of control. If I touch anything to try and correct it, it ends up even more out of control. They feel completely uncontrollable. Could just be my design of course, but you solved my cargo conundrum,
  6. I can certainly appreciate that but if I may ask a question, why not just make an offset that doesn't require doubling them up? I appreciate the "because it's more work than zero" reasoning, but it might be a nice part to have even outside of this particular niche (it's just this niche certainly adds to it's desirability). Amusingly the first thing I tried was that offset thinking maybe it had an alternate version. I was not clever enough to consider just stacking it.
  7. In that first plane it appears you are using a smaller spacer, do you recall what the name of that part is? Also, thank you for the feedback. I tried moving some stuff around and deleting parts, but it seems like the space is too tight. I'll have to give LGG's topic a try at some point, but if it's as simple as adding a spacer I'm not going to be upset. Edit: And yeah, adding a cargo tube seems to have added the necessary space. Apparently that part by itself is just a wee bit too small. If it's possible to tweak it, that would be awesome, but I'm glad it's functional nonetheless.
  8. So, this isn't a phenomenal picture, but last time I played you couldn't do this. Any of this. Well, flags have been around for quite a bit, but it's crazy how many things that used to be mods are now stock in one way or another.
  9. Oh, you are a dear sir indeed. Yes, that worked quite fine! Good news indeed. I will gladly share my snacks in thanks!
  10. Color me surprised, but I get to necro my own thread because it seems nearly ... seven years later I have the same question. Tab now doesn't select anything but celesital bodies, backspace still does nothing and clicking anywhere near a planet still focuses on that planet. Look, if it's a mod that fixes this behavior (despite being a tad shocked this problem is still a problem) then that's fine, but my brain won't let me believe there isn't a better option than reloading the scene to get the map to refocus on your vessel. So, for the second time: is there a simple, vanilla, built-in way to
  11. I tried searching through the topic, and I don't see anything. Perhaps this is related to the 1.11 update (sorry, haven't been playing for a few years so it's all new to me), but the passenger door Mk1 doesn't seem to work. I have it set up as indicated, but I get the "Hatch is obstructed, can't exit" error. I'm not entirely surprised, I imagine this is a tight fit, but I definitely like the idea and if I can get it working I'd really like to.
  12. I had no idea this was coming, I knew the DLC was but this feels a little like a gift since I had no idea. Thanks!
  13. Really? GTAV is a massively popular cash cow for Take Two. The mods they attacked were direct competitors that threatened their bottom line. Whether or not I respect them, and I don't, for going after the modders is irrelevant (and not for reverence of modders either, but in the corporation v user I tend to vote user). Kerbal Space Program is not a billion selling cash cow fueled by in-game sales. Not last I checked. Now, according to Steam Spy it is a decent seller, pushing quite a few more copies in the last three months than I would have guessed. So my question is who exactly are
  14. Well, I got a crash. When I open up the data manager on my probe core, then toggle the map, the game crashes. Using 64-bit KSP, Windows 10, 16gb. I wanted to see if this also happened in 32-bit but ... well, KSP won't even load my save. So, I can't seem to pin down if it's 64-bit related or not. The output_log.txt and error.log. EDIT: I would love if there was a disable WYSWYG view, this forum software drives me nuts. Anyways, I tried again and well ... it appears that wasn't the issue. The issue was TRANSMITTING science and going to map mode. I suppose I'll keep dabbling with it
  15. Hah, well that fixes that issue! I hadn't tried Kerbalism before so it's impossible to tell what's missing or not at a glance. Real Chutes has the same issue apparently, but that was a bit more obvious since missing parachutes is ... quite obvious. Thank you for the help. Then if I may ask another question, does Kerbalism also disable the 'toggle batteries off to put probe to sleep' behavior? I saw I can change signal behavior to limited which apparently should mimic the base game, but it still wouldn't let me toggle the batteries back on. I haven't played since 1.1 or so, if there was a
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