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  1. I assume it is a fastest time to moho orbit challenge, with video proof. But, seeing as how horribly worded this is, I may be totally wrong.
  2. Well, 100 m/s is roughly 223 mph, or 360 km/h. That is much faster than the speeds at which most planes land. Furthermore, it is landing on uneven terrain, which only makes things worse. Since you are only landing at a 5 degree angle of attack (flight angle), you may want to try to slow down an pitch up more. If your plane can't do that, try either moving the center of lift slightly forwards, or give the plane more control authority (maybe some canards at the front of the plane may help). Remember, also try to keep your final descent rate under 5 m/s, that should lessen the shock of landing. I hope some of that helps.
  3. Those are from the Kosmos pack, as the OP said.
  4. Thanks for the info K3|Chris and Taverius. I do wish it worked for everyone, but as you said, random is random, and you can't fix that.
  5. One Question, is this supposed to NOT work in 64 bit, because I have had no problems so far. Anyways, great job guys for bringing back B9, and fixing all the part clutter. You did well.
  6. I've experienced 3.2 G for over 30 seconds in a centrifuge, and I didn't have any trouble remaining conscious, and neither did anyone else there have any problems with blacking out. However, those cosmonauts are experiencing 3+ G for much longer, so that might make a difference.
  7. I remember this recently happened to me when I was trying to go to eve, the closest approach got smaller and smaller, until I would have gotten an encounter. However, no encounter was displayed. My advice is to quicksave, then just warp, you should get an encounter at the point where the closest approach disappeared. The only problem is that you will have no control over what kind of encounter it is. If that doesn't work, just load your quicksave. Other than that, I have no Idea what is wrong.
  8. I have seen the whole thing once, in the middle of winter on a trip to the catskills (mountains in new york). However, it was extremely dim, and only appeared as a glowing smudge in the sky. It was amazing.
  9. The poison happens to be bacterial in nature (i.e. Anthrax), and since I happen to be taking antibiotics because of an infected cut, the poison has no effect. I swap all the atoms of iodine in the next poster's body with astatine, making them radioactive. EDIT: Ninja'd
  10. I think you can press left and right bracket to switch vessels in game, if that is what you mean.
  11. One question lack: What were those other buildings at the space center, and where would the download be for them?
  12. I have been having this REALLY annoying graphical bug recently. It seems that the clouds are offset in a VERY strange way. Screenshot: If anyone could tell me hot to fix this, or if it even is a bug, help is much appreciated. Thanks Spica
  13. Maybe MMH/N2O4 will five you a few more m/s (I learned this from experience)
  14. A while back I made an alright replica of my favorite plane, the XB-70 Valkyrie: and the craft file: NOTE: This is an old craft from 0.22, it may have errors, or maybe a sneaky mod part that I don't know about. http://www./download/dikx8mz3ce9e9pw/XB-70.craft.zip Nice thread Spica
  15. So, when i saw http://i.imgur.com/kDOluZS.jpg <--THAT I thought THIS --> http://tf2wiki.net/ww/images/2/29/SaxxyAward.png You MAY get this, but if it is what I think it is, a few people may be receiving some 3d printed stuff soon (No actual gold). THIS IS ONLY SPECULATION, and what came to mind immediately.
  16. For me, It loads fine, however, whenever I try to load a ship, the game crashes. Totally stock install. If I need to say the specs of my computer, just tell me. Furthermore, if you need the logs, do the same. Thanks Spica EDIT: It fixed itself, and I am getting better performance with ships like the Munbug, now I don't even enter the red zone for lag.
  17. I used the stock version, so i have no idea what is wrong... Ill validate my game cache later today to see of I am missing any stock parts. EDIT: SOLVED While nuking mods, I accidentally deleted the NASAmission folder, which has the 3.75m parts.
  18. So, when I download this rocket, i have all the necessary mods installed, and am in a sandbox save. However, it says that the vessel contains locked or invalid parts. Help would be greatly appreciated in solving this problem. Thanks Spica
  19. How did you make it possible to launch from KSC2. If it is a mod, please tell me which one. Thanks
  20. This Guy: (Its a VERY obscure reference, and a STUPID ONE) So, Why does the fiery end of a rocket have to point down?
  21. For a possible fuel for an NTR, I might use water. Its quite dense, and contains plenty of hydrogen. Furthermore, it is VERY storable, and can be used for radiation shielding and life support. To use it as fuel, I would just use electrolysis to separate out the hydrogen. The power would come from the nuclear core of the NTR. The remaining LOX can be used for oxygen, or also used in the NTR, for more thrust when needed.
  22. Well, lets just say... Counting KSP and the forums, Over 3,000 hours
  23. Well, thanks czo, it has been a pleasure reading this story. Anyway, I would buy this in book form.