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  1. I am also getting that with a stock install. Great job on the project guys by the way !
  2. Eh, nuclear engines are nuclear engines, no wonder why they are somewhat similar in shape with Kommitz's work. They're looking nice on these sketches anyway, looking forward to your work once again.
  3. Hey Proot ! Just passing by to say that your mod is fantastic looking, really impressed by your work, it's also running surprisingly well with my setup. Only thing is that I still prefer Ven's models and textures over yours, but other than that great stuff !
  4. Very nice, I really liked the lander design in the movie and it seems yours is very close to it.
  5. Well, some of them show no staging at all when launched
  6. Really nice work ! I can however confirm that most of the provided craft files do not work.
  7. Oh, this is definitely nice, looking forward to your work (reallty curious about the HL supersonic cockpit).
  8. This is fantastic looking, can't wait to see the rest of it.
  9. I could help with the french translation, and good thing that you use MM
  10. As you said there are a lot of SLS projects out there, but it seems they were (most of them) cursed and never got a proper release, so I'm looking forward to this as the models seem very nice already.
  11. That's very good for something you see in Add-on development, keep it up
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