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  1. is there a craft file for the electron cant figure out where the batteries go and can only get the central engine to fire
  2. @bcink that HAB looks awesome great compliment to the existing parts cant wait to use it
  3. @sciencepanda that would be awesome thanks
  4. @sciencepanda I too would be very interested in your dragon capsule have you got it finished
  5. Awesome you guys have addressed these issues this is a great little rover hopefully the ERS rovers will be restored to there full functionality as well
  6. This is awesome I would love to see this little rover back and the ERS rover as well hopefully the wonderfully clever people on the forums help @alexustas to get it all back in shape
  7. A habitat module would be an awesome addition to this
  8. Page 61 there is a dropbox for them they are the best legs in the game
  9. is there a version of KJR that works with 1.6.1 using ferrams original code I have tried following this thread but its really confusing on what your supposed to use, I would just like to keep it simple and download the original version that works for 1.6.1
  10. Have you tried using a new install on a Stock Game ( no other Mods) to see if it works, then add TWB and see if it breaks then you will be 100% certain then.