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  1. I really like the ramped lander but it needs some decent legs to go with it squad legs are terrible they just dont look good
  2. Awesome work I guess when your done with this and you have discovered all the nuances KSP 1.12 has to offer you will probably have an easier time looking and understanding the strobe - O-Matics issues
  3. I to have no clouds there are no other visual mods except EvE and Scatterer but I have beautiful sunset launches
  4. @CaelReader the central cores all self land the module are dropped in by Drop Ship, the rover is used to push them around then the docking ports take over and pull them together. It takes a bit of finessing but i make sure i use F5 alot and its doable if your patient This is the drop ship
  5. After some user error with the extender tubes I give you MUN Base
  6. Thankyou all for the answers greatly appreciated If you used the ground anchors as chocks would this help with ground drift put them strategically in front of the legs
  7. Hi guys I have a bit of question when you arm the extend a tube its supposed to grab the object it connects to thus joining it to the parent object is that correct @Nertea question for you I know you don't do requests but is it possible to make extender tubes with docking ports or is the graber effectively a docking port
  8. @JonnyOThanjust enquiring if this is getting updated to the latest release ( Please Please)
  9. @Mecripp thanks for the link I use the Aset rovers, thankyou @benjee10 for this awesome mod and the amount of work you put into it
  10. I wish there was a Landing Legs mod as I struggle to find decent landing legs, those ones look like there from the Martian pack. Squad never really improved the limited selection of landing legs, Aset produced a nice set and the AIES pack had some great landing gear but author never came back. .
  11. Still using this in 1.12 still works better than stock I have a bad habit of killing my kerbals so the respawn is awesome if it was to be updated that would be awesome if not will use till it doesnt work
  12. @Nertea love the new upgrade awesome work I give you Ice Station Zebra Is anyone else having the feet pads not sit right
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