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  1. Hi @RoverDude any chance we could get an updated firespitter.dll for 1.9.1 pretty please
  2. I vote for rutherford that would have a lot of other applications for things as well
  3. Any change a moderator could ask @TriggerAu if he will be updating this
  4. Awesome stuff your attention to detail is amazing
  5. @poodmund thank you so much I think it would be a great bonus if they can be added to the pack full time I think people would get great usage from them as they are the best fairings in the game in my opinion
  6. @Zorglooking at the footage of the plume its opaque with a hint of orange they ran like 8:1 mix HTP to Kerosene if i get the plume right and peeps are happy is it ok to get it added to the pack or add it to the cre pack
  7. @Nertea was wondering if you would consider making wings for this mod stock sucks as in butt ugly and choices are limited or patched together and not a fan of procedural
  8. @Foxxonius Augustus that was fine no issues here, I picked the hypergolic as it was the closest i got get to almost clear the next closest one was alcolox still trying to master the real plume configs the black arrow ran a really high concentration of htp to kerosene. I might try alcolox see what it looks like
  9. I created a real plume for the liquid stages and resized a KW Fairing from simple adjustable fairings for looks what do you think
  10. Looks good any intentions to create the original orange fairings that are not procedural
  11. Hi I was wondering if you would consider creating fairings and bases like the KW ones as I am not fan of procedural ones they just dont look right or the work to create them is prohibitive you could create a separate fairing pack to be used by all Regards, VG
  12. @Jimbodiah was wondering if you had some updated craft files I keep getting parts missing on some of the ones I downloaded