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  1. Sorry I missed a dependency spacetux library completely all my fault have had a break from the game for a while just catching up
  2. Hi has anyone experienced the settings window for mechjeb not showing, when I remove click through blocker it works Ksp
  3. Just install manually its very quick and you know your not getting anything else added by mistake
  4. @FrodoSaggins I have resolved things like this in the past by simply doing a basic install then installing the mods manually then when you can confirm that its working fine start adding in additional mods So I would start with just the squad folders and the station parts expansion mod directly downloaded from spacedock then testing it in sandbox mode Hope that helps
  5. When is the flag plant bug expected to be fixed
  6. @linuxgurugamerIts not a big deal all the parts load ok and the texture switching works fine the mod is fully functional, its purely aesthetics and I don't want to waste you time on those as I know your probably flat strap updating mods which I really appreciate you doing I tried his first patch and created DKSalvage_Colour.cfg and copied these lines into it @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[ModulePartVariants]]{ @MODULE[ModulePartVariants]:HAS[#baseVariant[Search?Rescue],@VARIANT[Search?Rescue]]{ @baseVariant = Search?Rescue // the possible variants are // CamoNature, UrbanCamo, green, Hot1, Stockalike, DKSalvage, HighVisibility, USI, Search&Rescue, RacecarRed, Sandstorm // you may have to use "Search?Rescue" instead of the ampersand, i haven't tested that particular case. All others should work as is. Nobody should ever use special characters for internal IDs. Period. } }
  7. @Corax trying to change the default colour to search&rescue cant seem to get it to change used the ? like you suggested but still have a camo default any ideas
  8. @TriggerAu If its not to much trouble could we get an update for the new version please
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