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  1. This rover is gold thanks for the revival of it
  2. Will all the configs stay within tweakscale or will I have to go and get the configs from other people because that would be a huge pain in the butt, being an end user all you want to do is download install and play not search for the configs you need for the 100 plus mods you may have. Or have i got this completely wrong
  3. Thanks for that I have most of it together with the various mod packs I will head over and grab the redirect mod most appreciated VG
  4. Hi I have been reading the BDB unofficial wiki on the various craft and wanted to replicate the Delta IV cant seem to figure out the upper stage can somebody please help with a craft file or a list of parts PLEASE ! Thanks in advance VG
  5. Does anyone have a craft file for this i would like to use it for my game. Thanks in advance
  6. @alexustas did you ever create a dedicated lander stage for Alcor
  7. is there a craft file for the electron cant figure out where the batteries go and can only get the central engine to fire
  8. @bcink that HAB looks awesome great compliment to the existing parts cant wait to use it
  9. @sciencepanda that would be awesome thanks
  10. @sciencepanda I too would be very interested in your dragon capsule have you got it finished
  11. Awesome you guys have addressed these issues this is a great little rover hopefully the ERS rovers will be restored to there full functionality as well