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  1. Here is the original MIR assembly instructions if anyone is interested https://www.dropbox.com/sh/xzlzws29nol9kxp/AAByXPEZl1ap94Kr-TKcEek2a?dl=0
  2. Mir was a great mod I still have it somewhere
  3. Awesome I have the CBM port now and its exactly what I was looking for. If you revamp it it would be the perfect inclusion Is there a trick to the servo I cant seem to get it to turn
  4. OK cool thanks would you consider making a larger version of the c100 for the buildings or is it too much of stretch I will seek out the habtech one for the time being thanks for the quick reply its a very awesome pack
  5. @benjee10 there seems to be only a small one c100 for the rover is there a larger one for the buildings available or do we use standard docking ports or scale that port down to use the supplied apas Sorry to be such a pain in butt its an awesome pack and just trying to get my head around all the awesome parts
  6. I cant seem to find an APAS docking port of the right size does @benjee10 have one in his other mods that could be included in the shared assets
  7. I cant seem to get the camera window to pop up using AVP and wondering if anyone else experiences it
  8. @sumghaiDid you ever get chance to resolve the issue with these they are very good
  9. I really like the ramped lander but it needs some decent legs to go with it squad legs are terrible they just dont look good
  10. Awesome work I guess when your done with this and you have discovered all the nuances KSP 1.12 has to offer you will probably have an easier time looking and understanding the strobe - O-Matics issues
  11. I to have no clouds there are no other visual mods except EvE and Scatterer but I have beautiful sunset launches
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