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  1. @linuxgurugamerIts not a big deal all the parts load ok and the texture switching works fine the mod is fully functional, its purely aesthetics and I don't want to waste you time on those as I know your probably flat strap updating mods which I really appreciate you doing I tried his first patch and created DKSalvage_Colour.cfg and copied these lines into it @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[ModulePartVariants]]{ @MODULE[ModulePartVariants]:HAS[#baseVariant[Search?Rescue],@VARIANT[Search?Rescue]]{ @baseVariant = Search?Rescue // the possible variants are // CamoNature, Urb
  2. @Corax trying to change the default colour to search&rescue cant seem to get it to change used the ? like you suggested but still have a camo default any ideas
  3. @TriggerAu If its not to much trouble could we get an update for the new version please
  4. No problem, you cant fix it if you dont know about it, no hurry cancelling allows it to work so all good
  5. Hi Lisias I guess this isnt supposed to happen Tweakscale Tweakscale Companion
  6. @Nertea I think there is a typo in one of the parts in NFLV as i couldnt find it but its in the active parts list in the folder it doesnt seem to show up in either configuration // Near Future Launch Vehicles 1.0.0 // 5m to 3.75m adapter, flat PART { name = nflv-nflv-fueltank-adapter-5-375-4 module = Part author = Chris Adderley should this be // Near Future Launch Vehicles 1.0.0 // 5m to 3.75m adapter, flat PART { name = nflv-fueltank-adapter-5-375-4 module = Part author = Chris Adderley This is the part i am l
  7. @prinjrius Decq is no longer modding or doing support, but is still around if you wanted to take it over you could contact him.
  8. @BIOZ I went to download your link but it doesnt seem to work
  9. @Bobcat is there any chance you would come out of retirement and revive your awesome Home mods
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