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  1. As far as I can see, 2 of the required mods are already missing: Firespitter and CommunityCategorieKit. Can you send a screenshot of your GameData folder? Or post the complete log. It looks like the mod might be installed incorrectly.
  2. This seems to be a problem throughout the forum. Many more threads are affected, but not all.
  3. Last post is 3 years old and @Nittany Tigerwas last online in April 2022. So this Mission Report should be dead.
  4. This sounds very much like the classic error: docking port attached on the wrong side. With these docking ports in particular, it is very difficult to distinguish between the mounting side and the docking side.
  5. I used the HT-240B. Only for a testflight. It is docked to the shuttle via C-200 CBM. I have installed IR + DockingFunctions + IRConnectionSystem + PayloadRetentionSystem.
  6. Were switched on. Can try more if you like. Edit: The consumption of EC is so high that the batteries are drained very quickly. The Fuelcell cannot compensate for this. It works with more batteries. Another problem arises here. I docked a payload (Habtech module) to the arm and then detached it from the shuttle. I didn't move the arm but the whole thing immediately started to rock. After a while I had to disconnect the payload from the arm, otherwise it would have torn everything apart.
  7. I have now used IR again after a long time with SOCK and Benjee's robotic arm. I have switched speed and acceleration down completely. But whenever I use a joint, the whole shuttle turns around slowly. Is there any way to prevent this?
  8. Latest release of restock was for 1.12.3 but it works in 1.12.5 because this were minor updates.
  9. So, what do you mean with "older Soyuz"? Tantares and Intercolor has the classic green, black and the mint one of Apollo-Soyuz. As far as I know there were no more colors in real. Tantares and Intercolor didn't have more colors before either.
  10. In Tantares-thread you say "color", here you say "textures". The textures are set by tantares. Intercolor has only colors.
  11. The color-options are from this mod (tantares itself has only some basic Colors): It´s updated in December for the new Soyuz-parts.
  12. Are the craft-files outdated? For example: Tianwen can´t load because part KCDE_Tianwen1_ZhurongQXB is missing. There is only a part KCDE_Tianwen1_ZhurongXB (wirhout the Q in name) in KIU\KIU_Chinese_Deepspace_Exploration_pack\Parts\Tianwen1\ZhuRong. Other craft-files like all CZ-4 and CZ-11 are empty (crafts have 0kb).
  13. They are there. However, not directly in the mod folder but in an Extras folder. There are also instructions on where to put which folder.
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