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  1. Gemini and Cygnus were part of Tantares in the early days. Later Cygnus was transfered into a separate mod (special delivery) and Gemini was removed when Beale focused on USSR parts, while Bluedog focused on US parts.
  2. Wrong area. Here is the developement area. You should ask here: https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/forum/70-ksp1-technical-support-pc-modded-installs/
  3. I think the updated only the Gameversion from 1.3.x to 1.12.5.
  4. beta-2 doesn`t have shuttle-c parts. beta-2 is a release but Shutlle-C-parts are in the experimental branch here: https://github.com/EStreetRockets/ORANGES
  5. No, all of the capsules in your pic are from Near Future Spacecraft (not all of them are shown in imgur). The SpaceX-like capsule too. SSTU and Wyvern looks different.
  6. This mod isn`t made for RO. If you want RO-configs then ask in the RO-Thread.
  7. Do you mean the Launchpads at page 1? They are included in this mod.
  8. As far as I know every part of htRobotics is compatible with Infernal Robotics next.
  9. Just like any other mod. In the first post in this thread is a link to the download. In this case spacedock.
  10. You didn`t say that you use Realism Overhaul. This changes everything because this mod per se is not intended for RO and @Raidernick does not provide any configs for it. These come from RO itself. So you should rather ask in the RO thread. You should also generally check your installed mods as your log has >60MB. That is already very large.
  11. I never had such problems. But here too: we need the log and other information, e.g. whether it was installed via CKAN etc.
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