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  1. The advantage is that cryogenic engines have a significantly higher ISP, which makes them much more efficient. This means that less fuel is required. Secondly, hydrogen is significantly lighter, which makes the rocket much lighter overall.
  2. The log is not usable for me. I only ever get about 200 lines displayed and then nothing more. However, it should be possible to upload the log in one piece. How big is the log?
  3. Can you change the download from .rar to .zip? It`s way easier for windows-user because .zip must not be unzip for use.
  4. No need for B9 compatibility because there are no other textures or designs which can be switch.
  5. As far as I can see the config isn`t updated for the new Gaira-Parts. The Sat-parts should work.
  6. I recommend Kerbal Engineer. It can show you geostationary Orbit. I use it with Sigma/Sigma Dimensions/Rescale 2.5x. There are ready to use configs for 2.5x.
  7. Well, as an example: Build a Saturn V with stock parts and see how far it flies in a stock system. As far as I can remember with stock, you can fly much further than Minmus. In reality, this would not have been possible in the configuration flown with the Apollo spacecraft.
  8. No because they are "overpowered" for Stock-system. Mostly mods are orientated on the stock parts. So they work very well in 2.5x.
  9. The Konstellation-Mod has a modified Photon Corp. Booster with 5.5 Segments (Photon Corp. is a dependencie).
  10. I second this. This would also be better for O.R.A.N.G.E.S. Here you have a similar problem when using 2 RS-68 with the NLS3 Engine Mount.
  11. You need to download the dev-version. Here you go: https://github.com/EStreetRockets/ORANGES
  12. No help without log. I can confirm that MJ works well in 1.12.x
  13. Why is there Cryo Tanks AND Cryo Tanks Core installed? There should only Cryo Tanks in your folder. Cryo Tanks Core is only a standalone version of the plugin without the Tanks. But the plugin is included in Cryo Tanks.
  14. Do you have another mod for fuelswitch like interstellar fuelswitch or real fuels?
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