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  1. I have complete coverage. Inclination is 90 degrees. EDIT: my bad... turns out my inclination was wrong.
  2. I love this idea... However: I accepted the 1st contract to do a low resolution altimetry scan of Kerbin and have been scanning for ages in a polar orbit. I have complete covereage of ScanSat map. It is stuck at 94.4% and will not go any higher. The threshold for success is 95%. Really annoying! Any ideas?
  3. Awesome mod. Landing is better but "Moving to Low orbit deorbit burn point" doesn't auto-warp to burn point. Also, Ascent Guidance does loop-the loops in the low atmosphere until it's in the upper atmosphere.
  4. I tried this mod and it was nice... However... What put me off was: 1: The mapping system - Deposits disappear even though you have scanned them. Why? Why not have a persistent map that you can refer too. Scansat maps are way too vague to rely on a landing spot. 2: Huge ugly orange blobs all over the planets/moons that appear for a bit, then disappear leaving no good reason to send a mapping probe. 3: I don't want to compare to your competition, however, Kethane interface and parts are more elegant, more refined, easier and more intuitive. Re-do the mapping functions, scanning results and I would use this in a heartbeat. Just not as it is. Thanks for all your brilliant work.
  5. Really nice so far. A bit of right click delay but nothing that's too annoying. Lot's of mods and no issues apart from Mod Usage Plugin crashing - deleted all bits of it and no crashing.... hmm.
  6. really... Sarcasm seems to be an unknown feature on this forum. Thanks though....
  7. Ahh, come on folks... the boy has come on and contributed. You're all being a bit harsh on a wee bit of enthusiasm , albeit not the best publication ever. Still... Harsh.
  8. Totally agree with this. Couldn't have put it better myself. Looking forward to having useful moving parts again.
  9. I went to Pol for the first time today. It's full of spikey things ready to shred a lander. Luckily I missed them all during a scary landing. Patmal Kerman took the opprtunity to do a dump on the surface (at least that's what he looks like he's doing) mmm... spikey.
  10. Edinburgh to... San Fransisco... A wee bit too far maybe. Have fun and enjoy though!
  11. Inter ® Core i7-3770K CPU @ 5GHz Geforce GTX 680 16 GB Ram Windows 7 SSD Hard drive - this makes loading a dream
  12. I use 21 Mods. They spice up the game and give me more things to do.
  13. Docked all my current ships together at Minmus Station. 2 Transfer tugs, A probe & mapping ship and a Kethane Miner.
  14. £17 after reading an article in PC Format by the ever sarcastic Luis Villazon and his adventures with KSP. The Funniest trouble shooter ever. My interest was piqued, the rest is history.
  15. My latest Science station in orbit around Ike. For Fuel and.... Science. Docked on the station is a Miner craft and transfer tug waiting for their next mission. It uses a (as far as I know) unique docking stability system. A large 3.75 toridal hub with 8x Qauntum struts on the host ship to eliminate all docked ship wobble. Seriously, it doesn't wobble at all! Currently mining Kethane to refuel and go beyond the Duna system.
  16. Ready Player One, Ernest Cline. Nice reference. Good book. Well done.
  17. No. Why? What can they do that rockets /landers etc can't do?
  18. Jeb mining on the Mun. He looks like he's seen a... a.... it's full of stars!
  19. Thanks. No it corners quite well as the fuel tank is empty landed, so not much weight is involved. I've never moved it full.... I'd be too scared!
  20. Yes i do "space station": Minmus Fuel Station for refueling interplanetary crafts:
  21. Thanks Captain Sierra, but in the pictures they are clearly rectangular floodlights. Maybe I just used too many of them. Better to see than be stuck in the dark.
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