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  1. Hey, I'm having issues with the clouds in this mod, and possibly some other things, not sure since this is my first time using it I have all of the dependencies installed as well, except I used texture replacer replaced instead of the regular texture replacer because I saw a comment that said you needed it. I have no other texture replacing mods active that would override this EDIT: nevermind, I just suck at using github, finally found those different sized texture packs you were talking about
  2. Starwaster, I was posting a ksp.log file to another modder because I had some issues with his mod, and I was told by him to post the log here as well because he suspected that the log showed some issues with your mod that you might want to see
  3. Alright here is the video and here is the ksp.log
  4. alright, I'll try to record it as well so you can better see what's going on and see if I'm just doing something wrong
  5. are you sure you did this? the kerbalstuff one is still a bunch of loose files with no module manager dll for me, but the curse download has it in it's own gamedata older, kerbalkrashsystem folder and module manager file awesome mod btw also, how does this mod base it's destruction on the original files? All of the 80 crash tolerance parts I have seem really resistant to damage, getting only small dents after smashing them into the ground at relatively high speeds while everything around them explodes. would going into their cfg files and bringing down their crash tolerance make them more squishy?
  6. how do you release the ship? I googled and it said to right click the pad, but when I finalize the ship it only lets me click on parts on the ship and not the station and doesn't let me use the [ and ] keys to change to the station going into map view and clicking on the station and to swap to it there works, but right clicking on the pad still has no release option and opening up the pad menu lets me press finalize again, which then throws me back into the empty built ship that I can't do anything with edit: I was looking through some other bugs and found this I don't have the mod that's supposedly causing the issue, but might have a mod that does something similar, although I don't know what to look for as far as mods that break it. I do have RPM but this is an unmanned probe so idk if it's causing the problem
  7. I'm having an issue with the mod When I queue up a ship to build on the orbital launchpad and select it to be filled with fuel and electricity (and have enough of both to fill it) the ship builds fine but has no fuel or power on it Am I missing some step? does the bottom of the ship need a docking port or something for it to fill the resources?
  8. I'm having some odd issues with this mod that I've never had the last time I used it (version 1.02 of KSP where I took a break waiting for 64 bit to be released, then got tired of waiting and just came back) If I turn the structure option off for the wedges, the game starts freezing constantly whenever I rotate a part, touch a surface attachable part to a surface or touch a node attachable part to a node at intervals of about once a second. It happens most with the food, waste and water wedges. The other wedges seem to freeze the screen a tiny bit if you have a lot of overall parts and a lot of structureless wedges You know you're getting the bug if the first time you interact with a part you want to place or move, the game freezes for a second. You can constantly rotate and move the part along a surface as much as you want after that for one second after it unfreezes, at which point the game freezes again the next time you rotate a part or try to attach it. turning the structure option back on for all bugged wedges or removing the wedges from the root part so they're just floating unconnected somwhere in the hangar makes the weird freezing go away the number of bugged wedges with the structure turned off does seem to make a difference in how long it freezes or how much "free time" you have before it freezes again, and having a lot of overall parts does seem to make the game also freeze when you right click parts as well. Opening or closing the structure doors does not cause freezing. Removing wedge locks does not cause freezing Having a single bugged wedge with the structure turned off causes barely any noticeable freezing. Having a full octo-core with a couple of the wedges having structure turned off makes it pretty noticeable, and having a 100+ part vehicle makes the freezing unbearable with even just one bugged wedge having structure turned off It also seems to affect vehicles outside of the assembly buildings, with a single 3 man capsule that has two octocores filled with either water, food or waste wedges freezing for 5 seconds in the hangar whenever you try to do anything and outright crashing the game on launch, and ships with less structureless bugged cores freezing constantly in flight and also eventually crashing the game not sure if it's just on my end or if it's just a bit tedious to reproduce so not many people have noticed so I tried my best to make it as reproducible as possible
  9. Hey, I can't really tell what the metal ore to stock conversion does from the main post Does it turn metal ore into stock ore and let the ore be turned into metal by the convert-o-tron, or do you still need to use the smelter to turn ore into metal? edit: guess not, had to edit the cfgs to get it to work like that, but at least now I can get rid of a lot of the parts that were clogging up my massive parts list
  10. Hey, awesome mod I've been looking through a bunch of mods I could use to turn KSP into a space colonization game where you slowly build the tech up to have self sustaining colonies on every planet that mine and transport up fuel and rocket parts to the stations in orbit above them, that you can then ship back to kerbin for money while the stations produce science for you, and this is a great fit, can't wait to test it when KSP version 1.1 comes out with 64 bit and I can actually load half of my planned mods before the game crashes I have a few questions. First, I heard that growing plants in space is pretty difficult, since the lack of gravity means plants, soil and water have issues staying together, probably among other things that are past my understanding. I don't know if this is a problem with algae, but it would be a cool extra challenge if the panels only work at a certain minimal gravity level (pretty much any planet or moon other than gilly), meaning you have to have the food shipped up from colony base "farms" and can't have "free" production in space, with it being optional of course Besides that, I honestly don't really like the current trifold biohazard artwork on the algae panel housing (sorry :/, it looks threatening as hell for something your kerbals are supposed to be eating) I made you a "soylent green/red" logo that I think will look like it fits in pretty good on the stock parts, you might like it more (made it pretty high res just in case, so it's hidden in the spoiler. Background should be transparent)
  11. Heh, I used to play 64 fine back when they still released the 64 bit version, with the only mods that didn't work on it being people who made their mods just not load if they detected the 64 bit version because apparently they thought this would have people not come to their mod posts and complain (which in most cases backfired, since in cases like ferram aerospace that modified content instead of adding it, that just meant that now none of my parts had any aerodynamic properties since he disabled them, so I went on his topic to complain when I wouldn't have otherwise if my game just crashed or something) Currently with the 32 bit version, I had to remove half of the mods I had in my 64 bit version, and I still only have a 1 in 10 chance of the game actually loading, with it just crashing the other 9 times I try to boot it because of too many mods If it does load up, I can do maybe one or two flights before my spacecraft just explodes on the launchpad (killing all crew, which sucks in hardcore mode where it autosaves as soon as you launch meaning every time it bugs out I lose a ton of money, rep and experienced crew and have it autosave right after it happens) or my hangar's UI just bugs out and becomes unusable Can't hold all these crash logs, waiting for the second coming of our lord and savior 64 bit
  12. "You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to Daishi again." Welp
  13. hah yes I copied over the part from one of my old versions because it looks cool as hell, but it's basically impossible for it to attach the right way on Also are there any plans to add surface mounted universal storage parts for things like food and water? We already have one for oxygen but for the rest we have to use the giant inline attached parts which are generally hard or impossible to fit on things like landers or buggies without making them really oversized and imbalanced while having way more life support resources than you need I mean I could just copy the food and water wedges and edit the CFGs to shrink them and make them surface mount somewhere in the center, but that would leave half of the wedge sticking out the back of whatever I mount it on, which would be a problem if I mount it somewhere like on the floor of a buggy under the seats or some other stuff
  14. Having trouble getting an encounter at all or having trouble getting a fast encounter? Maybe send some pics of the problem node?
  15. Awesome mod but I'm having a few issues I can't seem to get the alt-f11 settings to stick (just want post processing alpha to be 60 instead of 78) and changing them every time I lauch the game is a bit annoying, is there a file I can edit to have 60 be the default for that setting instead of 78? Also the clouds mod I have looks like it's being covered up by your effect, at least from below. I can see the clouds from above and from orbit, but from below they're completely invisible except for when backdropped by mountains