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  1. OK, Color me confused! I'm using V 0.31.4, which is the latest release of RPM Adopted. https://github.com/JonnyOThan/RasterPropMonitor/releases/tag/v0.31.4 dated July 12, 2020. The fix you linked to, was committed on September 29, 2020. What is the difference between a release and code that is committed (in GitHub language, which I am not fluent in?) And do I simply take the two .cfg files and put them in like any other MM config file? Thanks
  2. I thought I was using the latest but must not have been. It seems I probably wasted several hours figuring out how to do it.. But at least now I (sort of) know how to write an MM config file.
  3. There is a discrepancy between RPM and ASET somewhere that causes the Radial-In and Radial-Out pushbuttons to function backwards. I wrote this Module Manager config file to correct this by changing the labels on three different styles of pushbuttons. This covers all of the ASET IVA's and several of the IVA created by others. I hope you find this helpful.
  4. I've created an Apollo-like vessel that uses two command pods (MK1-2 and ALCOR), each with an ASET IVA. I've created custom labels for the action buttons (see pictures 1 and 2 below). Actions 1-6 are to be initiated while in the MK1-2 pod, and actions 7-10 are to occur in the ALCOR pod. The actions WORK just fine from both pods, but when I separate the two vessels, the custom labels in the ALCOR vessel default back to AG1, AG2, etc (picture 3). Is it possible to create custom labels that stay-put when the vessels separate? If so, could someone please describe how it is done? Th
  5. I believe that the issue that the ASET props are not in the correct directory. For ASET mods to work, there needs to be only an ASET folder in Gamedata. Inside THAT FOLDER is where the ASET Props and ASET Avionics folders go. (Example: Gamedata/ASET/ASET Avionics)
  6. I'm pleased to report that I've "fixed" the problem described above with the docking screen on the ALCORMFD60x30. The problem was that the "/ " and "\" characters used to create the vector arrows were causing problems. I modified the file ALCORtarget60x30.txt and replaced the symbols with "<" ">", "v" and "^" as a work-around. I also fixed the problem with the "NO DOCKING PORT SELECTED" warning always being present (even when a docking port was selected). Here is the modified file (should be saved as: ALCORtarget60x30.txt.) [hw][#CEE3F6FF][font0] RESOURCES ST/TOT |
  7. Has anyone seen this issue with the ALCORMFD60x30 docking screen? There is supposed to be arrows which flash (up, down, left, right) when RCS is applied during docking. In the newest version, they're garbled (first image). The second image shows how they are supposed to look (from KSP 1.3). Thanks
  8. @Lisias Your instructions worked, and I was able to successfully re-compile the mod in question. You are right, it wasn't as difficult as I had been thinking it would be. For any that were wondering, I wanted to see if a problem I was having with SCANSat was able to be fixed with the proposed solution suggested in the issues section of GitHub. (Issue #401). Thanks to Vulcans22 for the fix to the problem in question.
  9. At least I know that I'm not going crazy. The problem is with chrome blocking mixed content: https://www.searchenginejournal.com/chrome-81-will-not-load-mixed-content/358298/#close
  10. Thanks. Something wrong on my end. When I use Firefox (rather than Chrome) the pictures work just fine.
  11. @Lisias You obviously put a lot of work into your reply to my question and that is very much appreciated. I want to get the full benefit of all your effort. Is there supposed to be pictures embedded in your post? I am presently only able to see a URL for each picture, and upon clicking, nothing comes up.
  12. THANK YOU for the detailed how-to! THANK YOU for the detailed how-to. This will be very helpful!
  13. I have downloaded the source code mod. I would like to make a minor tweak to the code and then recompile it to make it useable in the game (for my own personal use only). How do I go about with the recompilation?
  14. I now see that this issue has been identified, and a potential fix suggested in issue #401 on github.
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