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  1. I'm trying to get back into playing KSP after being gone for a LONG time. I made the mistake of letting my steam KSP update without first backing it up. Now I'm struggling to get my mods correctly working. The problem of the moment, is that I am trying to load a craft and it won't load because it cannot find the part "JSIPrimitiveExternalCamera". I have checked, and I DO have the part "ExternalCameraPart" Can someone help me make sense of this? Thanks
  2. I do not think that there is any method to initiate warp using just the props available in the IVA. I always flew IVA using an Xbox controller, so I mapped a couple of buttons to accelerate and decelerate time. Would you mind offering guidance on how to get setup in VR. I have an Oculus Rift and have never tried to play KSP.
  3. I am not aware of a comprehensive list of the mods that use aset props in their IVAs More are popping up all the time.
  4. I've been using this for a few hours and I do not see any problems with lag or poor performance. It compares to other IVAs performance wise. The navigation through the MFD2 screens is very complicated, but not too bad (this is rocket science, after all). I have been unable to locate a screen that has the old "top-down" orbital display. Will there be a MAS analog of this display for developers?
  5. I can read them if I try. What I'm really looking for is to be able to zoom in on those buttons and the bottom of the screen. Presently, you cannot "focus you view" any lower than the center of the screen. When you zoom in, the bottom of the screen (and the buttons) go out of your field of view. Also: The "Next / Previous" buttons on the small monitor do not seem to function. They switch cameras on the large monitor, but not on the small one.
  6. WOW! Very well done! I cannot wait to learn all the ins and outs of the props Trying to zoom in to read the bottom buttons on the two large MFD2's. View will not aim down far enough. Is that something you can change in your IVA of the Yarbrough?
  7. Did anyone ever figure out the cause of this problem? Note: it affects standard RPM MFD's as well as the ASET ones.
  8. @chimpbone This looks perfect for a video I am working on. Do you have a download I can try? Thanks
  9. It comes with a camera. I've never had to use hullcam. BTW, ALCOR comes with a better looking camera
  10. I think @RoverDude has received requests to utilize RPM and ASET parts before; but I don't recall his reason for not doing so. I also wish that he would incorporate the IVA enhancements brought by these parts.
  11. Thanks. When I do this, the camera follows the target as it follows the prescribed path. But the camera rotates in sync with the target as it flies the path. (The target is a rotating station). I'd like to have the camera fly past the target but not rotate as it flies by.
  12. I would like to figure out how to fly past an orbiting, rotating object (like a rotating space station in orbit) without the camera rotating in unison with the station. Does anyone know if this is possible? Thanks
  13. On-Screen artifacts are sometimes caused when Scatterer is also installed. For me, removing Scatterer got rid of the artifacts.
  14. Thank you. Of course, it worked. I wish I could have figured it out.
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