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  1. Thanks for your comments, I'll get to them now. Rescue contracts are tough, and require more advanced engines or parts, or force players to look at mods for solutions. The goals are simply set. How you figure out how to accomplish them inside or outside the box is up to you (and really the fun that makes GAP ... well GAP). Even I admit I've only been successful once with the K2 rescue contract - and this was a few years ago. The goal is there though. How you accomplish it is pretty open. I think a GPP patch isn't out of the question then. I'll have to take a look. FAR is not required to play GAP. It appears the requirements may not have loaded correctly if the contract fails to appear without FAR installed. I tested and played GAP 1.6 with no mods except Airplane Plus. FAR was not installed. You may need to look at reloading your game. The circular intake is only intended if you have an engine that doesn't trip the air intake requirement for a contract. You are correct in that jet engines are not available in the prototype market. This is intentional. GAP in its pure vanilla design is not intended to be an airplane-first set of contracts, with the exception of the glider contract. This is because the default game only gives you jet engines or rocket engines. Historically, rockets were first, then jet engines. Because KSP does not provide a propeller engine yet, then GAP was not intended to circumvent this default game design at the vanilla level. GAP is actually designed to encourage players to explore and use part mods. If you want airplane-first parts, mods like Airplane Plus and others that provide propeller engines are supported by GAP. Modded tech trees could also be a solution, but if you have a modded tech tree, you probably have modded parts, which is what GAP attempts to allow for anyways, so modded tech trees are not required (I wanted GAP to be as KISS as possible). By allowing GAP to prototype mod parts for propellers, I circumvented the need for finding and using a modded tech tree. But all this to say that GAP with vanilla game is not intended to be planes-first since KSP is not planes-first yet, but it is intended to be planes-first with mods. That said, I see a prob with the helicopter pad requirements... Glider should not be repeatable. I'll look into it. Barnstorm is repeatable. I think switching to the SPH helipad requirement is a great idea. I think though, that the contract allows for any helipads, including SPH, so if its cheaper, do that. If SPH pad is not an option, I'll have to code it in for next release as it should be allowed for. Science node in vanilla game to get jet engine is annoying but doable. I'll have to confirm SPH availability though. Thanks for the heads up!
  2. Go to the Prototype Market, and you will need to purchase tech to unlock what you need to unlock the first contract. You will need an air breathing engine, wing, and wing control tech at the minimum. This will unlock the glider and first airplane contracts. Feel free to check out the basic start here (this is an old video, as SSI Member Services was renamed to Prototype Marketplace, but same contracts there still exist to get you the tech you need to unlock):
  3. Contract Pack: Giving Aircraft a Purpose (GAP) 1.6.1 Edit inigmatus released this 6 minutes ago Requires the latest version of Contract Configurator from Requires Module Manager from Published: 2/9/19 GAP 1.6.1 compatibility fixes for KSP 1.6.1. GAP will adopt KSP versioning going forward to make it easier to confirm compatibility. Releases will instead be tracked via builds appended to the version number. tested compatibility with KSP 1.6.1 and latest version of ContractConfigurator
  4. Same here, should be a simple process of updating version files after running some basic playthrough checks in GAP. I have time this weekend to keep working on the playthrough testing.
  5. Woot, Contract Configurator is out for KSP 1.5.1. Time to update GAP to reflect this. @nightingale
  6. Free free to create additional contracts using the Contract Configurator wiki, and examples from the Sounding Rockets contract pack, and I will be happy to include them. You can create a fork on GitHub.
  7. New video! GAP is working fine in 1.5.1. I'll post an updated mod shortly, for now, enjoy!
  8. You are totally free to do anything you wish. Feel free to copy GAP contracts for use in your pack. No credit necessary. I consider GAP an open source project. If you want to submit contracts for use in GAP, feel free to do so too. We can always do a NEEDS: statement for contracts to require certain mods before being made available. Either or, anyone has permission to use/expand/duplicate GAP or even fork GAP or any of its contracts into a new mod, no credit necessary. GAP contracts are stock + dlc and were originally intended for proof of concept. I guess it sorta just expanded from there. heh. Here's a link to the open license if ever anyone was wondering:
  9. Version 1.4.1 for Kerbal Space Program 1.4.5 Released on 2018-10-14 Requires the latest version of Contract Configurator from Requires Module Manager from Published: 10/14/18 GAP 1.4.1 fixed flag icons for contracts fixed versioning for GitHub, CKAN, SpaceDock, and AVC
  10. Contract Pack: Giving Aircraft a Purpose (GAP) 1.4 inigmatus released this 3 minutes ago Assets3 GAP.1.4.zip223 KB Source code(zip) Source code(tar.gz) Requires the latest version of Contract Configurator from Requires Module Manager from Published: 10/14/18 GAP 1.4 all KSC Airline flight contracts now check for launch site. added Dessert Airfield as a destination for KSC Airline contracts. (requires Making History DLC) added KSC Airline round trip contracts originating from Island Airfield (Flights 2xx) and Dessert Airfield (Flights 3xx). (requires Making History DLC) added one-way contract from Dessert Airfield to Island Airfield (Flight 30) added multi-leg round trip to all locations (Flight 360 - of course!) (requires Making History DLC) removed all annoying preflight checks requirements before completing contracts. updated Rescue at K2 contract with better instructions. updated text and corrected many embarrassing spelling and grammar mistakes. fixed newlines in contract descriptions. added AirplanePlus integration (thank you DrRaphello) added Atmosphere Autopilot compatibility (thank you theonegalen) added compatibility for Advanced Jet Engine (thank you damowang2) removed requiring a crew cabin for KSC Airlines contracts for greater freedom of design
  11. Now THIS was fun. From the Dessert Airfield to the Island Airfield - for a night landing no less! Next up... drafting a multi-leg flight... perhaps Dessert to Island to KSC and back? Such a mission might require you to refuel somehow. Hmmm..
  12. I finally got a Launch Site check that works. annnnddd...... Flight 201... the first round trip flight that originates from the Island Airfield. Its in the github. I'll flesh new flights from Island and Dessert now that I have a working prototype. Feel free to test whats on GitHub and let me know. I'll wrap this up tomorrow night.
  13. its a long flight. took 2.5 hours round trip per the game time clock. I'm having an issue trying to force recognition of one's launch site. Still waiting for Contract Configurator to implement a Launch site check before loading passengers, else through the magic of selecting the wrong launch site, you could end up delivering the very passengers to their destination straight from the space plane hangar (express service anyone?) Regardless, flying is so much fun that I will be releasing a new GAP so everyone can join in on the fun.