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  1. Hey @keptin I'm back re-developing GAP. Are you still around for KAX?
  2. my sound was off. still. any consideration for making a wooden propeller part in the future?
  3. I can modify configs, but the part would be just a part with no sound. Short of making some weird buzzing sound with my teeth as I fly, do you have time to create a propeller part with sounds as part of this mod? Maybe just copy the current rotor part, and give it thrust, and sound?
  4. I don't think this is what you had in mind for the Control Rotors. They are perfect size for re-creating the Wright Flyer, however they don't work as thrustable props. Is there a way you can make these thrustable so I can use these smaller propellers on lighter aircraft, ultralights, and airboats? Or just make a wooden propeller part that could serve that purpose. It needs to be almost as small (or slightly bigger) as your RR K250-S Control Rotor if you do, since that size fits perfectly at these scales. I mean I can just kill all steering on the craft and throttle ...sideways to move this thing forward... a bit funny to fly. Edit: here's a vid of me flying. I added wing warping... er ailerons to induce roll so there's some sort of control in the air. But throttling sideways is a bit disorientating, and there's no sound for these rotors. Fun though. If you can modify or make a part to do this with sounds and thrust, then thank you! Building these kind of craft is just absolutely fun. I will be happy to feature it in a video guide I'm making for my contract pack KSP GAP.
  5. They are farming contracts. Pardon the pun. Barn, farm? Get it? The whole idea of GAP was for me to make money, science, and reputation, so I could progress my career the way I wanted to. And besides it filled a gap in no stock contracts regarding aircraft. I could come up with additional barns, locations, etc... but in all honesty, GAP was only meant as a proof-of-concept mod, meant to inspire others more dedicated than I, and not for any serious updating. Heh. Maybe that's why I shelved it for the past year. Anyways, I have a hankering to play a career game in KSP 1.3.1, so I better squish some bugs so I can enjoy it. o7 To be honest, I sorta hoped Squad would have adopted the ideas GAP offered into Stock so I wouldn't have to maintain it. heh. Ah well.
  6. Unfortunately no support for RSS. Too complicated on my end to both develop and maintain support for it. I am however more than open to someone else going through all GAP contracts and making it work with RSS.
  7. Ok folks, I have the time, energy and focus. I'm actively working on GAP 1.3 now. Feel free post/repost any and all bugs you've encountered while playing in KSP 1.3. I want to go squishing. Please post your bug reports here: Please check other issues first before posting, as your issue may have already been reported. I'll be going back over this thread in the next day or to to glean what bugs I can. I want 1.3 to be bug-free. Submitted:
  8. Awesome mod idea. Will use! Thank you! I wanted something like this.
  9. I love it! Great thread and has my full support! You guys are doing amazing work. I love all the shuttles and challenges!
  10. Edit your own tech tree?

    Would be soo much cooler if the tech tree could be edited in-game.
  11. Yes. The mods listed are just the minimum required, but you can add any other mods that you think work well with these existing.
  12. Interestingly enough, I've checked all the mods in the OP, and this game play appears to be valid with KSP 1.3.x. I'll be play-testing to confirm.