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  1. Here is start for my submission: 1. Normal mode with some additional options, like "Plasma blackout", "Kerbal G-Force Limits" and so on. 2. Mods used: a) Set of visual mods b) Set of editor mods: EditorExtensionsRedux and RCSBuildAid c) KerbalAlarmClock, TransferWindowPlanner, WarpEverywhere Imgur album with first 3 missions:
  2. Here is my entry: Odin ship - Apollo scheme of expedition, fully reusable launcher, 3 crew members (all landed to Dune), crew has additional living space. Maximum payload mass (five launches) - 4.600t (main ship has 4.577t, lander at launch time - 4.6t and 3 similar tanks with mass of 4.6t each). Bonuses: On Tongues of Fire (10%) + Old School (3%) + Slow Climb (4%) + Elon Style (25%) + Stayin' Alive (18%) + Loop The Loop (15%) + Consistency, Good Sir (6%) + They See Me Rollin' (15%) = 96% Total Score: 4.6 * 0.96 = 0.18428 Imgur album:
  3. And last one report, challenge done with more then 7000 SP overshot (sorry for delay, I was distracted so many things from KSP).
  4. It is very easy rocket, can deliver 10t to 100x100 km orbit with ~300 m/s dV spare, see picture: After takeoff wait for vertical speed 30/s, then set pith to 70. When direction of speed point will be same as direction of nose set SAS to prograde. Drop first stage after all solid fuel depleted (core solid buster burned first). Wait until rocket reached desired AP and circularize in AP.
  5. And could you say level of your launchpad and VAB?
  6. Part 7: "Enyo" refueling operation on Ike orbit, Dune and multiple Ike manned landings, "Hermes" expedition was implemented finale correction before enter Moho SOI and prepared Moho lander for action
  7. Part 6: Preparation "Ares" to departure (delivering additional expandable fuel tanks), departure "Ares" to Dune and "Hermes" to Moho, touristic and rescue contracts, opening technologies for ship to Dres. Part 7: Launch and departure "Demetra" to Dres, Dune arriving for tanker "Enyo" and space lab "Ares", both with propulsive injection to Dune orbit (to high speed for air brake without heat shields)
  8. Part 5: Atmospheric and seismic sensors testing, assembling big ship to Dune, 2 more ships were departed to Dune and ship for Moho was arrived parking orbit
  9. Sorry for delay, I was slightly busy on work. Next part will be tomorrow (I hope): first mobile lab in Sun space, new antennas, new conception of space exploration and big scandal in Kerbin space agency with interplanetary relay satellites program (some misappropriation founded). Launches to Dune (expedition "Ares") and Moho (expedition "Hermes").
  10. Part 3: returning from Sun SOI, relay satellites interplanetary rings, buildings were upgraded to optimal state (tracking center to maximum level), taking asteroid samples, middle range antennas and mobile lab
  11. Second part: contracts, contracts, contracts. Upgrading buildings, first expeditions out of Kerbin SOI (first short touch for interplanetary space) and new kerbonaut - scientist Paola.
  12. I also decided to participate in this competition as Normal mode player, also I am trying to finish to opening science three as fast as possibly. Here is first steps in career:
  13. Liquid only, single "Panther" small mid-tech Mun capable SSTO (two NERVAs included), on orbit has almost 2800 m/s of dV. Probe equipped, can fly with scientist alone, full science pack is onboard.
  14. We need more light ship . Let me introduce "Sun Shark" - with start mass is only 6.174 t. Only 2 engines: RAPIER for ascent and ion for another all needs. One brave woman is against hot planet and cruel deep space wilderness: