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  1. Honestly? Doing it slick is nice, but maybe just ask the user on boot or on creation of a savefile? Glad this is back, I'm setting up the modlist for my next career run, might add this as my tech tree mod.
  2. You know...this is beautiful. I might have to uninstall procedural tanks and start using these, they're so good looking! Amazing, amazing job.
  3. We discovered that on a livestream this morning, actually in the prerelease. Are you using 64-bit or 32-bit ksp? EDIT:Let's not call it a bug, actually
  4. That's probably it. He said something about the release, and the people in the chat went crazy. He joked that we would start seeing all over the place people saying he leaked the date. Can't wait for 0.25, hope Shimmy flies some more VTOLs.
  5. Maybe I'm thinking of someone else. I vaguely remember a stream and some jedi mentioned something about the release. This "jedi" was skyping, I believe it was on shimmy's famous vtol flying last night.
  6. I may abandon that idea, now that I realize that would be really hard to do. Simple is the way to go!
  7. Hey does anyone remember the revelation of the jedi on the stream the other night?
  8. I'm really looking forward to the ALT key disabling surface connecting
  9. Thanks for the help, I'll try that. And I thought that RT2 did that for directional antennae?
  10. I'm working on starting modding, developing another resource system(similar in idea to Kethane and others). One thing I'm working on in the plugin is only being able to scan if the scanning dish is pointed at the planet. Is there a way to do this?
  11. hey thats a great idea, I was rthinking at the time having cows wandering around, and adding parts to be able to abduct them and do science with them.
  12. What are everyone's thoughts on an animal mod, do you think it's possible? I mean, I could probably write the AI code fairly easily, but one a bunch of cows wandering around slow the game down? I guess I would have to test it out for my self, but does anyone know if it has been tried before?
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