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  1. The issue was real and was apparently due, of all things, to a min and max value being flipped on a remap-range call, leading to negative damage being applied. No idea why that crashes KSP, but it seems to (but, annoyingly, only for some people--and clearly not for me or Starwaster). But thankfully (a) @Al2Me6got the crash, and (b) they were kind enough to be a guinea pig and test a bunch of different changes until we figured out what the issue was. In the process I fixed some other issues regardinig casting potentially-null Unity objects to base object and then either accessing them or trying to free them.
  2. Sorry, I haven't patched stock stuff in literally half a decade at this point, if not more. Your best bet is asking on the Stock Configs thread.
  3. v13.2.0 * Switch to showing effective tank volume, rather than liters at STP, of propellants in the autofill buttons. Solves the "autofill with 99% pressurant" UI bug. * Improve the value passed to MJ/KER regarding predicted residuals.
  4. Please use MM patches to make the edits and just have a RealFuels dependency? Everything you'd want to edit, short of requiring recompiling the dll, you can patch with MM.
  5. I looked into this, and per the issues I just updated it looks like the actual problem is the tagged release on GitHub lacks an actual release zip (and thus lacks a dll, since the dll is not in the repo's GameData directory AFAICT), so I'm not sure it's compatible with any version of KSP. :] If you do plan to make changes that break compatibility with KSP 1.10 going forward, I would beg that you apply a version override to and dot9 to let them, at least, be marked as 1.10 compatible, since I have neither experienced nor heard of any 1.10 issues with them.
  6. Do want to clear up that I'm one of many, though my name remains on the OP.
  7. And yet the cfg was unchanged from when you committed it. My guess is you did not test all cases (i.e. multiple upgrades in an active career where you create something in the editor, give it max MLI layers, save it, load it, exit scene, launch, quicksave/load, etc--the ordering of ConfigNode loading may change in those cases) and thus missed that you had set them to be additive upgrades incorrectly. EDIT: It is of course possible that how KSPFields load ConfigNode values has changed during your absence, and its prior behavior masked the incorrect use of IsAdditiveUpgrade, but what seems more likely is that you were not able to trigger the edge case in your testing. As to what IsAdditiveUpgrade does--as I wrote the feature in question (Part upgrades, not RF's use of them, to be clear), I feel I'm on pretty firm ground when it comes to understanding its use. Though it is on me if the demo I released regarding upgrades left that unclear.
  8. v1.10.3: Avionics Lower the volume required by early-game science cores to allow matching the volume of the WAC Corporal telemetry unit. Deprecate most non-procedural avionics. No vessel will break, but the old non-procedural guidance rings, 20in X-Ray core, etc. will no longer appear in the tech tree and part list. KCT Fix issues with not stopping warp when another mod (like KCT) lowers warp rates. The Upgrades panel is now available in flight as well as space center view. Contracts Phobos and Deimos flybys now require having electricity remaining on the probe, not transmitting science from Phobos and Deimos; Kerbalism science is acquired too slowly to be able to complete that parameter in a flyby of Phobos or Deimos. Fix the resource consumption parameter on the First Solar Satellite and Station Power Module contracts. Parts Move the ROTanks Hollow Interstage to the Starting Parts node. Deprecate stock battery parts and the Procedural Battery; use Service Module tanks instead since they vary with materials science level. Hide the (unsupported) Procedural SRB. Other Kerbals may now bail out of aircraft even at the first level of Astronaut Complex, and their parachute is available from the start. CONTRIBUTORS Thank you to everyone who contributed to this release!
  9. Nothing to see here, see below for changelog.
  10. Looks like CKAN still has 3.4.3 as `ksp_version_min 1.8.0` though. https://github.com/KSP-CKAN/CKAN-meta/blob/master/EditorExtensionsRedux/EditorExtensionsRedux-3.4.3.ckan
  11. Fix released. v13.1.0 * Fix B9PS autoswitching when the part in question has resources (#268) * Ignore residuals requirements with ignoreForIsp propellants. * Fix bug with the implementation of MLI upgrades that led to the total MLI layers being broken on craft load in career. * Support showing rated continuous burn time as well as rated burn time in the module info text.
  12. This is a bug from when the UPGRADES were introduced. They are set to additive, which means every upgrade gets added together, meaning you get multiple values in the ConfigNode of ` maxMLILayers = <whatever>`. So if you have multiple of these upgrades unlocked in the tech tree, you get multiple maxMLLayers lines in the module that MFT loads, meaning one of them (probably not the one you want) takes precedence on load. Fixed by removing the "IsAdditiveUpgrade" flag. You should only use that if the upgrade is additive on previous upgrade confignodes (i.e. say you have a module that has a bunch of OPTION nodes, and each upgrade adds another OPTION node. You use the flag then to say "don't remove previously added OPTION nodes when you add this upgrade's.)
  13. Ugh somehow I posted without refreshing the page and missed siimav already replied. Whoops.
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