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  1. Jivaii

    [1.4.5, 1.5.1, 1.6.1+] REKT Escape Pod Mod

    Thank you for taking this on! I loved this mod long time!
  2. Jivaii

    [KSP 1.3.0->1.5.*] Mod Pods

    It's not in CKAN is the reason I ask =) If it's working, awesome!
  3. Jivaii

    [KSP 1.3.0->1.5.*] Mod Pods

    Is this working in 1.4.3?
  4. @Nertea So, you don't intend to buy MH, what if...we were to gift it to you? Do you have the game through Squad's storefront or Steam?
  5. Jivaii

    [1.2.*, 1.3.*, 1.4.*, 1.5.*] RLA Reborn

    Does tweakscale play nice with this?
  6. Jivaii

    Kerbalized SpaceX

    I love your mod, but sadly it drives me up the wall that it seems like you use TAC-LS for your crafts, while I use USI-LS
  7. Could we get a scansat integration? Or is it as simple as adding the scansat modules into the SSR scanner part?
  8. The micro channel radiators, are they supposed to not be able to rotate?
  9. Was saying it couldn't modify the BahaSP folder contents, as they are owned by another mod. It wasn't liking that I had the animation module installed, and when it tried to install it itself, it'd make itself fail
  10. I can't get the Critter Crawler to install via CKAN =( Manual installation ftw
  11. I just find the shiny things, then show them to people. I love linking Kattabo's videos to the mod maker of the highlighted mod to let them know
  12. You got noticed =D
  13. Jivaii

    [1.4.1+] SelectableDataTransmitter

    I have not seen any of my antennas have this module avaliable to them yet for the selection between direct and relay. Ok, didn't see that I had to make the patch myself. I remember this mod use to come with a patch for the stock antennas. My bad.
  14. Jivaii

    [1.4.2] Almost Free Launch Clamps [0.2.2]

    Now just to wait for CKAN to see it =D