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  1. I've had a number of crashes. The autosave has prevented them from being disastrous. My crashes have happened on 32bit when opening the map. I hit M and nothing happens then thinking I don't quite hit M hard enough... I hit it again and crash... The last crash report said something about memory out of bounds... so I've switched to 64bit. Bone stock. zero mods.
  2. Not right now. The SSS linked in the first post has issues. (Florida under water, Saturns rings not showing up, sinking through the ground when trying to land on various bodies) Another person is working on a regular Kerbal scale RSS... http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/138572-112-12-stock-size-real-solar-system/&page=1 Just looked and looks like he just put up a download link for it.
  3. Right now I have s^3 working. Only needed 2 tweeks to get Florida out of the water and get Saturns rings to show up. I'm curious what you mean when you say it's very broken... wondering if I missed something somewhere. Is it just not being maintained anymore? I guess I wouldn't have had to make those tweeks if it was... I'm trying to nail down a good KSP scale Real solar system set up so I can stream in a realish system. I want my Niece to be able to watch and be learning about the real solar system. I don't want to confuse her and anyone else who watches by having the Kerbal system which is similar to but not really like our real system. Right now I have KSP installed on my system 4 times over as I'm trying to check out different mods and compare and verify that they're scaling things right. In RSS... SSS and now your mod Venus doesn't look right. Shouldn't be able to see the surface at all... atmosphere is too thick for that.
  4. I've been messing with the ring values trying to get the rings to show up... I put in the rss values into sss and bam rings. and they look right... which doesn't make sense. If I understand what's going on... which I probably don't... with the default rss values in sss they should be huge... filling the whole Saturn system. But they aren't... they're right where they should be... I don't get why it's working now... but it is. so... Hurray! Though... I now I'm wondering if SSS is actually down scaling Saturn correctly... or any planet really...
  5. Thanks. -610 looks pretty much right. Close enough for my purposes. Now I just have to figure out Saturn's rings and I'm all good.
  6. You also need the textures. 1 of the three different resolutions which are linked in the first post. That then needs to be unzipped in the gamedata folder like rss was.
  7. I'm using Small Scale Solarsystem as linked in the first post to get planets in KSP scale so I can use stock parts. so my values for the rings are 250 and 125. Also rss has unlit set to true where as sss has unlit set to false. That's the only other difference I see.
  8. there's no readme in the textures pack. But I think I have it working... mostly. My 2 issues at the moment are that Florida is water... and Saturn doesn't have rings.
  9. So the instructions in the first post tell me to download the textures but neglect to tell me what to do with them now that I have them. So since the texture zip has the textures in a file folder Named gamedata... I've assumed they go in KSPs identically named file. I think it may have worked... it's just that using the KSP size planets... Florida is water except for the launch site until you zoom out far enough and it appears. does it do this with out the addition of the Small Scale Solarsystem mod?
  10. Does RealSolarSystem scale up the power of the stock parts to work with the new sizes? if it does then that's fine too.
  11. So all I want is the real planets textures on stock Kerbal size planets with the rest of the planets at that same scale so I can use all the stock parts as normal. I want to have real looking places to go so I can teach people about the real system. I don't care about all the rest of the realism stuff... Will this mod do that? Will the first post be updated with 1.1 compatibility or is that buried somewhere in all these pages of replies?
  12. You do need missions when it's early game and you don't have the funds to waste on a non-mission related flight and you have a wall of missions unrelated to what you want to do. After you make orbit you should get a bunch of Science from orbit... rescue from orbit... put satellite in orbit... Dock 2 ships... or if you don't have the tech, get 2 ships close to each other... leave a kerbal up there for X amount of time... build a station with X parts... missions and those missions shouldn't dry up and go away ever. There should always be Kerbin orbit missions. Each new SOI you go to should add their related missions to the list without removing the previous SOI's missions. So if you want to go to the Mun and then spend the next 10... 20... 100 missions just exploring the Mun... there should always be Mun missions available to you if you choose to use them. Once you're late game and have a surplus of cash then you have the luxury of doing flights without a mission. But Early Normal mode is not that time.
  13. Finally got a flyby of Mun mission. Sent up a Stayputnic with a bunch of batteries 2 goos a thermometer and a transmitter... Got up there and thought... what the hell, I've got enough fuel lets go into orbit. Did that. transmitted thermometer and 1 goo ... and realized I didn't have enough battery to last till I was low enough to get the other goo... let alone transmit it. So I put it on a collision course with the Mun. Now here's the mission part... after all that I look at the missions... What do you think I found? What do you think I should find? If it's more missions to explore the Mun... you'd be wrong and right respectively. What I got was one mission to do temperature scans of Minmus... Nothing about the Mun... The flow of career... the direction players in career get is from the missions. They should flow naturally... and they don't right now. I don't expect this to change right now... prerelease doesn't seem the time to make major modifications to core systems... but if somethings can be tweaked a little for now so you can look at it in more depth later then that would be good. Edit to add: I do like the idea of sorta pre weighting certain catagories of missions so they come up more often.
  14. How fine are the weighting categories... Like If I accept single passenger tourist contracts and decline the multipassenger ones? Or accept the landed part testing and decline the inflight ones?
  15. There's a shortage of missions I want to do... I'm basically stuck... I've got a wall of focus survey missions and orbital tourists... and orbital part testing... missions that I either don't want to do or don't have the tech to safely do. What's missing are return science from X and Suborbital tourist and launch pad part testing. Tourist missions should always be a step behind what you do with a full astronaut. I barely put one kerbal in orbit. Tourist missions should not be orbital at this point. They should be suborbital to allow you to repeatedly practice. I have the tech to put one Kerbal in orbit... not one and 2 passengers... I should be getting more put 1 kerbal in orbit missions... maybe with different altitudes and inclinations... With all the changes I'm relearning how to do things... and one orbital mission does not make me an expert... I need several repeats to practice and gain confidence before moving on to the next... and the missions available to me should support this learning without me having to do launches with no missions associated with them... And now that declining missions costs you reputation... I can't decline everything until I get what I want. I'll have to timewarp until they expire... I'm on normal difficulty without any modifications. I'm trying to see what the normal career experience would feel like to a new person. I thought the missions were supposed to give you things you've done and evidently like not fill up with things you avoid... My tech level is into the third tier. I've got batteries and struts.
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