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  1. I decided to add some more fuel giving me 2395 dV while staying near to my desired dimensions and have successfully made some flybys using a mixture of launch windows and small correction burns along with returns to Kerbin. I'm still experimenting but I found myself making very small correction burns around the time I left the Kerbin SOL to be the most helpful and I got myself to within a hair of Duna's atmosphere so I think I'm on the right track.
  2. Ok I'll play around with it, I'm familar with the AN/DN guideline for changing planes and that you make a bigger effect with other changes the earlier you do them in the trip but my experience is largely just Kerbin/Mun/Minmus.
  3. Oh I definitely agree I need to do some correction burns, the real question is where there's the best place to do that in my orbit of Kerbol (The Sun).
  4. Possibly, although I have to get alot closer to Duna to do an aerocapture which is the first part of my problem.
  5. My builds are essentially based on the proposed Apollo flyby vehicle which was essentially the S-IV with a habitat module and some other modifications, one of them uses BDB while others are just using stock parts. This restricts the size and mass of the overall vehicle so I need to work within certain dimensions. I know from playing around with the plots that at least 1000 dV was reasonable to make the flight to Duna although it restricted me to certain launch windows which was ok. I was regularly able to make an intercept with Duna for about 1030-50 dV but decided I needed dV to make the return so was able to get my available dV up to about 1800 while keeping my builds' basic dimensions. I've been trying to fine tune with additional nodes but it only helps so much and I'm really unsure where I should put these fine tune nodes, from what I've read I've seen people mention 2-3 different nodes to really fine tune the intercept but the details on when to make them seem sparse. The larger problem is that doesn't seem like any of the tutorials are based around manned flybys and the ones that mentioned manned flybys don't seem to give enough information.
  6. Hello, I've played KSP for many years but for the most part have been confined to Kerbin, Mun, and Minmus so I don't have a lot of experience with interplanetary transfers but I'm trying to break through that and having some difficulties. I do use a number of add-ons such as MechJeb and the addon version of alex's interplanetary transfer calculator. I want to start with manned flybys in the same vein as the proposed Apollo flybys and I've built my current vessel to give me about 1800 dV and about 200-300 kN of thrust (I've played around with a couple of different engines). I've watched a number of videos and read some tutorials on interplanetary transfers but they're either not very helpful or I've obviously missed something. My closest success so far has been a flyby of about 11-20 million km from Duna using about 900-1200 dV however I feel completely clueless on how to get back to Kerbin from a flyby or how to get in for a closer flyby. My mission goal with the current vessel is for a Duna flyby of under a million km and then return in a reasonable time back to Kerbin although I want to do it without having to double my current craft. Suggestions, pointers, etc would be helpful and as I said before I have read and watched a couple of tutorials to get the basics of interplanetary transfers and I've handled hops back and forth between Kerbal, Mun, and Minmus pretty successful for many years now.
  7. My builds on KerbalX include Mechjeb instructions actually.
  8. gc1ceo

    [1.5.x] CSA Contares 'CORE' 2.0.9

    Will everything be also uploaded for CKAN?
  9. My personal preference and what also seems to be the census is to eject the escape tower once you are completely out of the atmosphere. However for practical purposes it no longer serves much of a purpose as a fairing past 45/50km.
  10. gc1ceo

    [1.3.x] CONTARES 1.8.9 closed

    Very nice, loving the screenshots.
  11. I ran into the same problem and apparently it might have some other effects on my rocket flipping, some issues with the decouplers, etc because they all disappeared when I deleted Smokescreen (but not other adds since as RealPlume).
  12. On another note, I figured what you mean by ETS Apollo and so I now understand what you also mean by Spacelab.. I was really confused thinking you were now including Space Shuttle modules.
  13. Excellent about the update news, especially given its the holidays I'd understand if a hot fix wasn't out immediately but I definitely want to be able to play with my Saturn I/IB again.
  14. Yep, the issue has been brought up a couple of times on the github so it's not just you.