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  1. My builds on KerbalX include Mechjeb instructions actually.
  2. gc1ceo

    [1.4.x] CSA Contares 'CORE' 2.0.8

    Will everything be also uploaded for CKAN?
  3. My personal preference and what also seems to be the census is to eject the escape tower once you are completely out of the atmosphere. However for practical purposes it no longer serves much of a purpose as a fairing past 45/50km.
  4. gc1ceo

    [1.3.x] CONTARES 1.8.9 closed

    Very nice, loving the screenshots.
  5. I ran into the same problem and apparently it might have some other effects on my rocket flipping, some issues with the decouplers, etc because they all disappeared when I deleted Smokescreen (but not other adds since as RealPlume).
  6. On another note, I figured what you mean by ETS Apollo and so I now understand what you also mean by Spacelab.. I was really confused thinking you were now including Space Shuttle modules.
  7. Excellent about the update news, especially given its the holidays I'd understand if a hot fix wasn't out immediately but I definitely want to be able to play with my Saturn I/IB again.
  8. Yep, the issue has been brought up a couple of times on the github so it's not just you.
  9. gc1ceo

    KerbalX.com - Craft & Mission Sharing

    How long does it take for the database to identify parts that have identified with PartMapper? For example, Vostok Continued spun off from Tantares a while ago but KerbalX doesn't recognize the new mod.
  10. gc1ceo

    [1.3.x] CONTARES 1.8.9 closed

    I added a set of four River fins at the bottom of the main stages and a t-configuration of three fins for each booster to bring the CoA down as far as I could. It's actually worked and somewhat stabilized, EUREKA! Thanks for the explanation and advice!
  11. gc1ceo

    [1.3.x] CONTARES 1.8.9 closed

    Ok good that I'm not completely crazy, I'll give it another try with some fins then. I did find that I had better luck reaching orbit with a steep ascent but I still had to be at weird roll angles to accomplish that. I think the issue is with the CD-HERMES more so than the ALIYANA 5 because other payloads I do on the ALIYANA 5 don't give me near the trouble.
  12. gc1ceo

    [1.3.x] CONTARES 1.8.9 closed

    Anybody had any luck with using the Hermes? I mounted it on an Aliyana 5 per the manual and its incredibly unstable and flips most of the time unless I roll it to some really odd angles.
  13. gc1ceo

    KerbalX.com - Craft & Mission Sharing

    I have used the Part Mapper a couple of times, I'm curious how long the parts database simply detects and lists those parts when it comes to new uploads?