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  1. Just recruited Hairy Kerman. She's an engineer....
  2. Yes, almost certainly wrong. I'm no rocket scientist. It did get me a lot closer, though, and make it easier to get encounters. A lot easier when paying attention to the nodes. In effect, I was trying to match inclinations before ejecting. Now, I pretty much do as you described above and correct half way to target.
  3. I agree about KER. I realized after I posted that Minmus wasn't a good example, since you asked about planets...sorry. The concept I was trying to point out is the same though. You can find the info on nodes in the wiki, if I remember right, but I personally don't. To explain my earlier comment, what I used do is to look and see that Eve, for example, has an orbit that is inclined 2.1 degrees. So, while in Kerbin orbit, I'll make small normal/antinormal burns until KER tells me that I'm plus or minus 2.1 degrees. There's no specific readout for it, but if you watch the numbers once or twice
  4. One thing that can make and encounter easier is to target the planet you're trying to get to and plan your maneuvers from the ascending or descending nodes. It can be tricky, because they won't always line up with the proper phase angle for your target as given by the alexmoon planner, but if you have enough time and dV you can adjust your orbit to get close to a match. That way, at least your intercept will be crossing the target's plane and you'll be close enough to see the encounter and adjust from there. I know you said mods are a no-go, but KER can also help. It has a readout for o
  5. Well, I can give you some simple ideas. It's not a tutorial by any means, though. #1; build a rocket. Ok, so your rocket needs enough fuel to produce enough dV to get to orbit. There are formulas posted to calculate it manually, or you could check out Kerbal Engineer Redux mod, which will help. 2- how you fly your rocket will depend on the design, but in general, pointy bits on the top, maybe fins or heavy engines on the bottom to keep it oriented towards where you want to go. In general, don't make large fast maneuvers in the lower atmosphere. keep the nose of the marker pointed into or
  6. I bet Jeb doesn't even have one of these...
  7. Do some things from the Challenge thread. They can be surprisingly entertaining.
  8. 2 new ones: Derman Kerman and Theory Kerman. I think Theory's parents might have been scientists?
  9. I think I'd do a mod that had different natural resources that could be mined/gathered. Those resources would then need to be researched or refined into new materials that could be used to build better or different parts. It would expand the R&D part of the game.
  10. Here's a method: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/88881-Trick-For-Properly-Spacing-Satellites-in-Kerbostationary-Orbit?p=1318160&viewfull=1#post1318160
  11. I did my 2nd KSP challenge- the Elite Circumnavigation-Reloaded.http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/25884-Kerbin-Circumnavigation-Challenge-Reloaded-New-Rules-Once-More?p=1319184&viewfull=1#post1319184
  12. Ok, here's my submission. Officially it is only my second KSP challenge. Made it home with 5 or 6 units of fuel left because Jeb likes to go really fast or something. Luckily, the plane glides well so I saved some fuel that way. Took out all my plugins except Alarm Clock since I saw that one was allowed. Almost managed to exceed max altitude while having snacks, but caught it just in time.
  13. A couple of firsts today. I did my first challenge (K-Prize) and finished it with my first SSTO mission. As a bonus, launched a satellite from it in the process.
  14. Hi all, I've been lurking around this forum and launching Kerbals for nearly a year now and have finally decided to participate in some challenges. Naturally, this one is the perfect place to start. My submission isnt' a grand as many, but it went very smoothly for someone who usually doesn't do planes, and has NEVER before done one as a single-stage ship. So, apparently we had to put a kradio satellite into NKO for KPR (Kerbal Public Radio, of course). It's a pretty tiny satellite because they don't have any money, having had their budget cut by the KEA (Kerbal Endowment for the Arts...).
  15. Just had one yesterday. Sent a probe to Duna to collect science and was tweaking the orbit to get closer. Saw a puff of dust and then nothing...My probe and Ike had arrived at the same place at the same time. What are the odds? Also lost a probe around Jool once, similar thing. Probe was there, then it wasn't. I'm pretty sure it hit one of Jool's moons.
  16. Dudster Kerman. I had to hire him.
  17. Hard to say without seeing your ship, but throttling down a little might help the overheating. Sometimes adding a smaller fuel tank directly above your engine helps too. Landing on a flat spot on the Mun might keep it upright, or adding more lander legs might help. Good luck.
  18. I just watched a youtube video about this. Maybe it will help.
  19. And a big Howdy from New Mexico too. Ditto on what zx said.
  20. Not sure what it is I'm talking about. I don't have anything in my parts list that is orange, so was wondering if I have an incomplete download or it's a mod. Thanks for the tip about the flag and plaque.
  21. Since this seems to be the place for raw newbie questions, I'll ask one: I see screenshots showing spacecraft with orangeish bodies, yet I don't find any parts that color in my inventory. I'd have to assume this is a mod, but can someone point me to which mods they are. I've heard about Spaceport, but have not really investigated yet. Also, I saw some reference to leaving plaques on the Mun, etc. Where do I find them? Ok, 2 questions....
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