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  1. EVA cable so my kerbal wont drift off into space. Attachable fuel pipes/ electrical lines.
  2. Great mod! works well with boosters but not so much with my hopper though. Didn't get close to the target... had a soft landing in the ocean though.
  3. Nevermind... Seen it's listed as a bug. https://bugs.kerbalspaceprogram.com/issues/25930
  4. There's so many possibilities with robotics!
  5. I tried to use a tail rotor at first but had mystery roll that I couldn't figure out how to get rid of.... Ended up with this, seems surprisingly balanced and flies great.
  6. My ground experiments disappear when picking them up and aren't visible in my backpack. But when I get into a ship they get added to storage. It seems bugged like they're hidden in the backpack... Anyone else have this problem and how do I fix? EDIT: only the first experiment I pick up gets put in the backpack correctly, after that all others are hidden until I enter a ship.
  7. I will probably just skip the DLC and buy KSP2 if that's the case...
  8. Had this happen to me today, I had a fairing but my rocket kept pushing to the side until it flipped over... I reloaded the launch and everything was back to normal again...
  9. BG is on sale for $11 but I only have $10.50 in my wallet.. why cant it ever go below $10?
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