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  1. Still works in 1.7 but the roll is too sensitive on planes and you get a bad wobble. A simple fix for this is to remove roll functions on some of your rudders.
  2. I need a tilt meter so I know if im on level ground for my base building.
  3. Would like to see more base building stock parts, terrain deformation so we can dig and make caves, and a stock hinge part that could move 90 degrees would be useful.
  4. Game crashes now more than my rockets do...
  5. 1.4.1 Changelog +++ Improvements * Jet Engine Sounds. * Further Improvements to landed vessel ground positioning. * Vessel Naming is now enabled by default on the external command seat. * Improved suspension oscillations. +++ Localization * Revision of several translation strings for German, French, Italian and Portuguese. * Corrected Kerbal Parachute KSPedia page for Japanese being in a different language. +++ Parts * Fix Mk1-3 IVA model. * Fixes for drag cubes for new decouplers. * Fix drill animation. * Fix ISRU bug with core heat. * Re-introduced side piping to the Rockomax-64 * Corrected wet/dry masses on the foil tanks * Removed the Entry Cost values for deprecated parts +++ Bugfixes * Fixes music briefly playing in loading screens after exiting the Editor. * Fix parachute deployment when JetPack is active. * Fix ability to repack personal parachute where kerbal is on EVA with cut parachute. * Fixes to KSPedia loading order. * Fix variant themes being listed as a custom category. * Fix KSPedia not showing correctly on Linux. * Fixes parts with variants affecting equal child parts in some cases. * Fix Variant switcher icon in advance mode in the VAB/SPH editor.
  6. Looking up delta-v made me even more confused. Guess i'll just wing it and hope for the best...
  7. What engine and how much fuel is required to get off of Duna and into orbit?
  8. https://www.dropbox.com/s/dbgtjv8dcozhmvl/Test.craft?dl=0 Chatterer CollisionFX DistantObject DockRotate EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements KerbalReusabilityExpansion Landertron MouseAimFlight NavBallDockingAlignmentIndicatorCE ScifiVisualEnchancements TweakScale WaypointManager ModuleManager.3.0.2